Invincible - Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057: 1057

As Huang Xiaolong reached the thirtieth heritage tablet, in the hall outside, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan looked extremely gloomy . From time to time, a hint of malice flickered in the depths of their eyes .

Lu Zhuo pretended to not notice these two people’s mood as his laughter echoed in the hall on more than one occasion .

In the past, there were also times when the top ten disciples were rewarded with the opportunity to comprehend these heritage tablets, but the record in reaching the thirtieth heritage tablet was fifty-three days .

A person like Huang Xiaolong who had reached the thirtieth tablet in twenty days was something that had never appeared before .

Moreover, at this point, Zhao Wuya was still at his thirteenth heritage tablet .

“Lu Zhuo, aren’t you laughing a little too early?” The Elephant Genesis Sect Ancestor finally ran out of patience . Lu Zhuo’s laughter sounded increasingly harsh to his ears in these twenty days . “Huang Xiaolong might comprehend the first thirty heritage tablets at amazing speed but that doesn’t mean he will be as fast in the following tablets . ”

Zhu Huan also chimed in, “Who knows, maybe Huang Xiaolong’s progress will stop here at the thirtieth tablet . ”

There had been examples in the past of disciples breezing through the earlier heritage tablets, but their progress slowed significantly in the latter stages . Some were stuck at the thirtieth heritage tablet until the end, unable to proceed any further . There were also disciples who started slow but grew progressively faster after the first thirty tablets .

It wasn't a rule that the comprehension of these heritage tablets became more difficult as one progressed, it depended on the person comprehending them .

Lu Zhuo was unperturbed . With a smile on his face, he suggested, “How about we make a little bet?”

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan were surprised .

“What are we betting? What are the terms?” Ren Changhai asked, a faint frown between his brows .

“Hmm, let's bet a grade four spiritual vein . If I lose, I will give you each one grade four spiritual vein, if you two lose, each of you gives me a grade four spiritual vein . ” Lu Zhuo grinned, “If Huang Xiaolong can reach the sixtieth tablet before two months are over, I win . If he cannot do it, then I lose!”

One shouldn't forget that twenty days were already gone . In other words, Huang Xiaolong had to reach the sixtieth heritage tablet in the remaining forty days or it would be Lu Zhuo’s loss .

Comprehending sixty heritage tablets in two months’ time was an impossible feat .

However, with Huang Xiaolong’s performance so far, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan couldn’t help but hesitate .

After all, a grade four spiritual vein wasn't the same as a grade three spiritual vein . Under normal circumstances, one hundred grade three spiritual veins couldn't be traded for a single grade four spiritual vein .

Some time back when the three of them were at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, they stumbled upon a cultivation dwelling left behind by an ancient master .

According to the joint training’s results, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan received one grade four spiritual vein each . Both of them were treating the grade four spiritual vein in their possession like a precious treasure .

“What, you don’t dare?” Catching the hesitation in Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan, Lu Zhuo taunted .

“Fine . Lu Zhuo, we’ll make this bet with you! I don’t believe Huang Xiaolong can truly comprehend the sixtieth tablet in a mere two months!” Ren Changhai’s facial muscles tightened as he gritted his teeth . Zhu Huan clenched his fists and agreed as well .

Lu Zhuo merely chuckled and did not say anything to refute, placing his attention toward Huang Xiaolong’s room .

In all honesty, Lu Zhuo had no confidence at all in winning the bet . He had no idea if Huang Xiaolong could comprehend sixty tablets in two months . Thus, he was feeling pangs of regret the moment the words came out of his mouth, anxiety and tension gripping his heart .

It was related to two grade four spiritual veins ah!

If he lost, it was almost the same as asking for his life!

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan were just as nervous and tense while watching the steel door .

One day had passed, yet there was no movement from room number one .

As more time passed, the steel door of room number two released a bright light, indicating that Zhao Wuya had comprehended his thirteenth heritage tablet and advanced to the fourteenth .

Another day passed without any movement from steel door number one .

Two days! It appeared as if Huang Xiaolong was unable to comprehend the thirtieth heritage tablet!

Seeing this, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan began to relax . Gradually, their gloomy expression was replaced by radiant smiles .

“Lu Zhuo, didn’t I say it? You were happy too soon . ” Ren Changhai exploded in laughter, “It's been two days now, it seems Huang Xiaolong is unable to pass the thirtieth tablet, if this continues, forget the sixtieth tablet, he might not even reach the fortieth tablet!”

“Hehe, those two grade four spiritual veins, you brought them with you, right?” Zhu Huan chimed in, “Don’t shrink off later on saying that you didn't bring them . ”

Lu Zhuo kept mum, his gaze fixed on the calm steel door, hands clenched into fists .

The third day passed without any changes, causing regret and disappointment to gnaw at Lu Zhuo . Three days went by, yet Huang Xiaolong couldn’t get past the thirtieth heritage tablet!

Just like Ren Changhai said, at this rate, when the two months deadline arrived, Huang Xiaolong wouldn't even be able to comprehend the fortieth heritage tablet .

On the other hand, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan laughed even louder and became merrier when they saw no movement from Huang Xiaolong’s room as the third day came to an end .

By this time, Zhao Wuya had started on his fifteenth heritage tablet .

On the fourth day of the bet, the steel door of room number one that had been silent for so many days finally emitted a bright light . However, Lu Zhuo inwardly shook his head .

Spending four days to comprehend the thirtieth heritage tablet… At this rate, within two months, Huang Xiaolong could at most reach the fortieth heritage tablet .

This scene prompted another burst of laughter from Ren Changhai, “Lu Zhuo, don’t be so discouraged . Who knows, maybe Huang Xiaolong can comprehend one heritage tablet every day in the remaining time, pulling another miracle!”

“Haha, that’s right, maybe he’ll comprehend one tablet in half a day’s time . ” Zhu Huan ‘praised’ agreeably .

The satire continued .

Half a day passed .

All of a sudden, room number one once again shined brightly .

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan stiffened .


Subsequently, in the latter half of the day, there was movement from room number one again . Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan were stupefied . Even Lu Zhuo’s eyes widened in disbelief .

Following that, the steel door of room number one would emit a bright light averaging once per half a day’s time . In a short ten days, Huang Xiaolong had reached the fiftieth heritage tablet at a terrifying speed .

Finally, the smile returned to Lu Zhuo’s face, becoming increasingly brilliant .

Ren Changhai spoke sourly, “Lu Zhuo, it’s still too early for you to feel happy, he’s only at the fiftieth heritage tablet and has twenty-five days remaining . I don’t believe he can comprehend the remaining ten tablets in twenty-five days!”

As if Ren Changhai’s words were a prophecy, there was no movement from Huang Xiaolong’s room for a full day .

When two days passed, Ren Changhai thought that Huang Xiaolong was stuck like earlier, but before he could say anything, the door emitted a bright light .

In the remaining time, Huang Xiaolong took two days to fully comprehend one heritage tablet .

When the fifty-ninth day arrived, one day from the stipulated two months deadline, Huang Xiaolong started on his sixty-first tablet .

Staring dumbly at the shining light on the door, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan were filled with unwillingness, fury, hatred, and deep regret .

“My friends, please take out the grade four spiritual veins . ” Lu Zhuo smiled sheepishly, “Don’t tell me you didn’t bring them with you . ”

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan’s faces twitched .

At this time, inside room number one, sitting in front of the sixty-first heritage tablet, Huang Xiaolong was enshrouded in dazzling light . The ethereal images of his black and blue twin dragons hovered behind him .