Invincible - Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man?


Make trouble?

Your blinded dog eyes?!

Look around and see where this is?!

Fei Hou was floored being treated this way in his own home; anger and frustration bubbled inside him whereas Huang Xiaolong behind him was shaking his head while smiling bitterly.

“Impetuous!” Fei Hou bellowed; his right hand suddenly waved forward, bringing a violent gale that whirled at the two guards away, throwing them heavily onto the ground.

The two guards screamed at the top of their lungs, raising a commotion the in mansion’s surroundings. Passersby and nobles who came to send congratulatory gifts nearly jumped out of their skin, and they instantly retreated.


At this time, loud footsteps were heard rushing to their direction from the inner yards of the mansion and a group of mansion guards appeared, around twenty of them.

Leading the group of guards was a thick-bearded, middle-aged man. A thick, black beard covered three-quarter of his face, making him look particularly fierce and vicious; judging from his attire and demeanor, this middle-aged man must be the guards’ captain.

“What is happening?” The moment this thick-bearded man rushed to the scene, he shouted out the question as he came beside the two miserable guards.

Struggling to get up, the two guards said to the middle-aged man: “Captain Lin, it was these two people! They came to make trouble at our Fei Mansion; he berated our Patriarch and attacked us first!” A finger pointed towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

That thick black-bearded spun in Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s direction, and his expression sank. His mouth opened and a cold voice sounded, “Did you two eat a bear’s heart or leopard’s gallbladder? You dare come and make trouble in our Fei Mansion? Do you know what kind of place is the Fei Mansion?”

Huang Xiaolong rendered slightly helpless with the situation; it seems this black beard middle-aged is also someone who doesn’t recognize Fei Hou. Fei Hou was away for seven years, so how much did the guards change in during this period of time?

Fei Hou also was speechless.

“Tell Fei Rong to come out!” Fei Hou stated bluntly with a nerve twitching on his forehead.

The thick black-bearded man was angered hearing Fei Hou refer to their Patriarch by name as this was naked disrespect towards their Patriarch, and his face darkened considerably: “Go! Capture these two people, let the Patriarch to judge their crime!”

“Yes, Captain Lin!”

The Fei Mansion’s guards acknowledged loudly in unison, and all of the guards rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou. However, just when the group of guards wanted to make their moves, Fei Hou’s palms slapped the void before him gently.

“Seal of Thunderstorm!” Tens, no, hundreds of handprints flew out like rain during a violent thunderstorm right onto the bodies of the Fei Mansion’s guards, sending them flying off in all directions.

Over twenty of Fei Mansion’s guards lay groaning on the ground.

Captain Lin’s face changed for the worse; Fei Hou’s strength had far exceeded his estimation as he himself was a Ninth Order, and he guessed Fei Hou to be, at the very least, a Tenth Order.


While this was happening at the front, Fei Rong was sitting in the main hall chatting with several other families’ Patriarchs.

“Patriarch Fei, congrats, congrats ah; your dearest son and Miss Tao are getting married-- this is a great event in the Royal City ah!”

“Yes ah, Miss Tao is the pearl of Duke Tao’s palm and the famous number one beauty in our Yuwai Royal City. Fei Ming, this kid really knows how to win the beauty’s heart, even this Uncle Chen is feeling envious of him!”

Fei Rong chuckled, and just when he was about to speak, suddenly, loud shouting came from outside, and this realization surprised everyone sitting in the main hall. Is there still someone who dared to come and make trouble in the Fei Mansion?

At this point, a loud miserable scream resounded in the air; Fei Rong could tell it was Captain Lin Chenghu’s voice, and his brows creased. Lin Chenghu was a Ninth Order expert: who could the person that injured him be, a Tenth Order?

“Everyone,” Fei Rong stood up: “Please excuse me for a moment.”

The several Patriarchs in the main hall and exchanged looks among themselves, and one by one stood up with Fei Rong.

One of them said: “We will go out together with Brother Fei and see what’s happening. Let’s take a look who has such big guts to come and create trouble here in the Fei Mansion!”

Fei Rong smiled, “Okay, I thank everyone here.” Fei Rong stepped out of the main hall with the Patriarchs, heading towards the Fei Mansion’s main door.


Moments later, Fei Rong and the group behind him arrived on the scene.

When Fei Rong reached the entrance area, his steps suddenly stopped and his body trembled. Noticing the silhouette near the entrance, Fei Rong was taken over by happiness and surprise.

The Guards Captain, Lin Chenghu, that was slammed away by Fei Hou earlier saw Fei Rong came out, and joy bloomed over this thick-bearded face as he scrambled to get up and reach Fei Rong’s side: “Patriarch, it is these two people! They came to cause trouble in Fei Mansion!”

However, Fei Rong didn’t look like he heard a word Lin Chenghu said, pushing him away to the side. Fei Rong walked and reached the middle-aged man who hit all the mansion’s guards in a few brisk steps. Fei Rong shocked everyone present when he suddenly knelt down: “Father, you have returned!”

Father, you have returned!

Lin Chenghu’s jaw dropped.

The several Patriarchs that came with Fei Rong were stunned.

The passersby and noble families that came to send congratulatory gifts were shocked, and the initial two guards that blocked Fei Hou’s path stiffened on the spot.

Father?! The two guards turned deadly pale in the blink of an eye. That means this middle-aged man was really Patriarch’s Old Man?! Not someone here to make trouble?!

Thinking of this, even their lower part shrunk in fear.

Fei Hou turned around, seeing saw his son, his solemn face relaxed: “Stand up!”

“Yes, Father!” Fei Rong answered respectfully, standing up. Fei Rong was full of smiles. “Father, you finally came back!” Seeing his Father back, Fei Rong was truly delighted from the bottom of his heart. The day after tomorrow is his son’s wedding day, and Father rushed back in time to join in on the ceremony-- this was the greatest gift of all.

Fei Hou grinned, and then his expression suddenly became solemn as he said to Fei Rong: “This is Young Lord, quickly come and greet him!”

Young Lord?!

Fei Rong was greatly surprised as he inspected Huang Xiaolong visually. He looked at his Father with a puzzled face; why would Father recognize a fifteen, sixteen-year-old boy as Young Lord?

“What are you dilly-dallying for?” Seeing his son rooted there with hesitation, Fei Hou’s voice grew solemn and he snapped.

Detecting the vast difference in his Father’s expression, Fei Rong’s heart nearly jumped out from his throat. Evidently, his Father wasn’t playing a joke on him.

“Fei Rong greets the Young Lord!” Fei Rong no longer dared to be slow.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and helped Fei Rong up, “Patriarch Fei, no need to stand on ceremony, please stand.”

This turn of event greatly baffled the Fei Mansion guards and the nobles around.

Fei Mansion’s legendary Old Man was finally back, but he recognized a young man as Young Lord?!

What was this young man’s identity?!

At this point, the Patriarchs of other families behind Fei Rong hurried to pay their respects to Fei Hou: “Greeting, Senior Fei Hou!”

Fei Hou nodded.


“Father, let’s return inside the yard?” Fei Rong asked Fei Hou.

“Okay.” Fei Hou agreed, and to Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou made a ‘please’ gesture and invited Huang Xiaolong into the mansion: “Young Lord, please!”

Huang Xiaolong can do nothing with Fei Hou’s gesture and became the first to walk in and he was followed by Fei Hou, Fei Rong, and the Patriarchs of other families.

When all had left, the guards and Lin Chenghu were still standing in the same spot in a daze.

In the Fei Mansion’s main hall, Fei Hou requested Huang Xiaolong to sit on the main seat whereas he sat on his side. Fei Rong and the others can only sit in the normal seats in the hall.

Although Fei Rong has many questions and doubts about Huang Xiaolong, he didn’t dare to ask about it in the open.

“Where is Fei Ming, that brat?” Fei Hou asked after taking a seat.

Fei Rong replied respectfully, “Father, Fei Ming went out with Miss Tao. I will send someone to inform him of your return, and tell him to come back!”

Fei Hou nodded his head in consent.

However, at this time, a Fei Mansion guard ran in abruptly in panic, hollering “Patriarch, it’s bad. Young Master Fei Ming was beaten until he was injured!”

“What?!” Everyone in the main hall’s expression’s looked ugly.

“What happened exactly? Who did it?!” Fei Rong’s fury erupted.

That person simply does not put the Fei Mansion in his eyes.