Invincible - Chapter 1092

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Chapter 1092: 1092

The Nefarious Devil Tribe’s ancestral burial ground wasn't too far from the current city he was in . It was in the southeast direction, on a plain named Yama Plains . Huang Xiaolong roughly estimated he’d be able to reach it after three days of travel .

The other troubling point was that the burial ground was guarded by twelve guardians, and each one of them was peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, this complicates things .

Even though Bing Jiuyi could deal with the twelve guardians, the energy fluctuations caused by their battle would definitely alert the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s Ancient God Realm masters .

As powerful as Bing Jiuyi might be, it was silly to think he could fight alone against four Ancient God Realm masters .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered as he ran through various ways of sneaking into the ancestral burial ground and lastly decided to hide within a space pocket using his Space Concealment martial ability . It was naturally good if he could avoid alerting the twelve guardians while doing so .

Hence, early next day, Huang Xiaolong left the city, flying toward the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s ancestral burial grounds .

Upon stepping onto the Yama Plains where the ancestral burial ground was located, Huang Xiaolong converged all traces of himself before hiding deep in the void with Space Concealment, carefully treading closer to the burial ground .

High in the air above the Yama Plains, a kind of death qi was floating around, nefarious and sinister . At the same time, there was also a gray-colored miasma .

Dull, desolate, and barren; these were the feelings the Yama Plains evoked at first sight .

There was no trace of life at all on the plains, not the faintest fluctuation of vitality, as if the whole Yama Plains were cut off from the rest of the world .

As Huang Xiaolong got closer to the burial ground entryway, the death qi and nefarious aura became heavier and stronger, pressing down on him . He quickly circulated his godforce feeling his palms turn sweaty from the oppressive force . The golden luminance from his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead wrapped Huang Xiaolong in a cocoon, causing golden light to expand outwards and disperse the death qi and nefarious energy .

Several thousand li before the burial ground entryway, the death qi and nefarious energy were so dense that they existed in liquid form, mixed with the gray miasma in the air . Huang Xiaolong couldn't even see his own five fingers right in front of him .

The range of his divine sense was significantly reduced over time, barely covering a hundred li around him .

Huang Xiaolong even resorted to opening his Eye of Hell . When he did so, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that his Eye of Hell could easily see through the dense death qi and nefarious aura up to a thousand li away, as clear as day .

At the same time, he counted twelve vague shadows scattered around the entryway . No doubt, these twelve figures were the ancestral burial ground's guardians .

A frown appeared between Huang Xiaolong’s brows, these twelve guardians were hiding in close proximity to the entryway, if he made the slightest noise when flying past them, he was certain all twelve guardians would swarm him .

What to do?

Huang Xiaolong ran the possibilities through his head, then he manipulated the darkness force from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead to wrap around himself like a second skin . His Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s darkness force felt similar to the surroundings’ death qi and nefarious aura; this way, the chances of the twelve guardians sensing something were greatly reduced .

However, for safety’s sake, Huang Xiaolong had Bing Jiuyi perform short distance teleportation while bringing him there, greatly reducing the ripples in the surrounding energy .

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong somehow made it past the twelve guardians safely, entering the burial ground .

The twelve guardians remained at their positions, hardly detecting anything abnormal .

But Huang Xiaolong’s problems didn't stop here . Another frown wrinkled his smooth forehead looking at the end of the entryway . A restrictive formation was hindering his path; if he dared to rush through the entrance, he would trigger this formation .

He was truly vexed . At this moment, he felt admiration toward Hu Dan . How did she get past the twelve guardians, successfully break into the burial ground, and obtain a Nefarious Devil Gold Core?

More importantly, how did Hu Dan get into the burial grounds without triggering the restrictive formation?

“This is the Imperial Great Killing Formation . ” Huang Xiaolong heard the little cow’s voice in his mind .

“Imperial Great Killing Formation?” Huang Xiaolong dazed for a second before delight rose to his face, “Xiaoniū, you recognize this formation? Then do you know how to pass through it?”

The golden horns little cow puffed proudly, “Do I need to spell it out? Even though this is a wicked old divine formation, it still can’t stump me . ”

“Then quickly tell me how to break it . ” Huang Xiaolong urged .

“It’s useless to rush,” The little cow supplemented, “I still have a lot of incomplete memories, let me think some more . ”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist rolling his eyes, but he tactfully kept silent .

Some time later, the little cow opened its mouth, spitting out a small purple light that contained the method of passing through the formation, sending it into Huang Xiaolong’s mind .

Huang Xiaolong paid close attention to every detail as he studied the information . After determining he had understood everything, following the method the little cow provided, he flew into the Imperial Great Killing Formation .

Huang Xiaolong’s body turned and twisted, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, even crouching to the ground on occasions . Every movement and every step were made with twice the caution .

Half an hour later, he finally made it through the sinister killing formation, entering the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s ancestral burial ground .

After taking one step into the burial ground, giant waves of death qi and nefarious energy swallowed Huang Xiaolong, one stronger than the last .

Overwhelmed for an instant, Huang Xiaolong hastened to circulate his godforce to the limit as his supreme Buddhism godforce wrapped his entire body in a protective cocoon while creating a layer of vajra barrier in the outermost layer . Only then did he manage to keep out the death qi and nefarious energy .

The Imperial Great Killing Formation at the burial ground's entrance isolated the inside and outside of the formation . Now that Huang Xiaolong had entered the burial ground, those on the outside weren't able to detect the energy fluctuations within, allowing Huang Xiaolong to slightly loosen his tensed nerves .

Following this, he surveyed his surroundings . Both the death qi and nefarious energy formed a sea of roiling clouds akin to waves . Listening carefully, one could hear howling noises from the depths, sending goosebumps down their back .

This level of death qi and nefarious energy exceeded what Huang Xiaolong imagined, it was at least ten times worse than outside . On top of this, it seemed to Huang Xiaolong that, because this death qi and nefarious energy had been here for so long, they had given birth to some kind of awareness .

However, with Bing Jiuyi here, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t overly worried as he flew in .

Needless to say, the burial ground was big, perhaps even bigger than the Golden Dragon Gate and Barbarian God Sect’s headquarters .

Ten minutes passed and the first lines of tall, thick tombstones higher than a hundred zhang came into sight . They looked more like huge coffins that grew out from the earth .

Although it was hard to tell at a glance how many tombstones there were, Huang Xiaolong believed there were at least a thousand of them . All the Nefarious Devil tribesmen buried here had been Ancient God Realm masters!

As Huang Xiaolong flew forward, the thick death qi and nefarious energy continued to attack him but were fended off by Bing Jiuyi before they could come close to Huang Xiaolong . Parts of black roiling gas were now frozen into lumps of ice .

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of a particular tombstone’s entrance . He had yet to enter, but the death qi and nefarious energy rushing out from the entrance were enough to send a cold shiver down his back despite the thick layer of supreme Buddhism godforce protecting him .

He had Bing Jiuyi freeze the death qi and nefarious energy rushing out from the inner tomb before flying inside in a flicker .

Upon entering the tomb, the large coffin within captured all of Huang Xiaolong’s attention . When he found Bing Jiuyi, he was sealed inside an enormous ice coffin, while the one in front of Huang Xiaolong now was a wooden coffin!

However, this entirely black wooden coffin actually exuded an astonishing vitality .

That’s right, there was life force .

“That is Undying Black Wood . ” The little cow’s voice sounded in Huang Xiaolong’s mind again, “Although an Ancient God Realm is powerful, their physical body will rot one day . This coffin made from Undying Black Wood can delay the decomposition of an Ancient God Realm body . ”