Invincible - Chapter 1094

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Chapter 1094: 1094

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply . In the past, even with Bing Jiuyi at his side, he needed to exercise caution when infiltrating the hegemon force of an island, like the Golden Dragon Gate, but now he was worry free .

An early Third Order Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil puppet could easily defeat both the Golden Dragon Gate Chief and Ancestor . Even if the Golden Dragon Mountain Grand Formation fully activated, Xie Du could still leave with ease .

If he managed to refine a Fourth Order Ancient God Realm puppet, Huang Xiaolong had the confidence to flatten the entire Golden Dragon Gate!

It took Huang Xiaolong quite a while to calm down the surging excitement coursing through his blood . Leading the little cow, Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du out from the tomb, their group headed to the next tomb .

Having a Third Order Ancient God Realm puppet made their time further into the burial ground much easier compared the sixty-fifth tomb . But Huang Xiaolong was disappointed when they opened the coffin lid of the sixty-sixth tomb, revealing an incomplete corpse .

Based on Xie Tu and Xie Du’s broken memories, some of the Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil masters died in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield and had their bodies brought back by other tribesmen, while others were killed by the Buddhist-Demon Clan .

The Buddhist-Demon Clan was also one the old ancient races, an archenemy of the Nefarious Devil Tribe that transcended the generations . Not to mention the fact that Nefarious Devils' gold core was a beneficial supplement to the Buddhist-Demon Clan members . This explained the reason why most of the buried Nefarious Devil masters here had incomplete corpses and missing gold cores .

A hundred million years back, the Nefarious Devil Tribe ruled over millions of miles of the sea, several hundred islands in the archipelago were under its dominion . Amongst the ten thousand island forces in the Vientiane World, the Nefarious  Devil Tribe was absolutely one of the top ten powers!

However, the tribe’s momentum began to decline starting from the death of their Ancestor, while generations of feuds with the Buddhist-Demon Clan had accelerated the tribe’s fall . Over time, the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s territory had massively shrunk, so much so that they now lived around the ancestral burial ground .

Were it not for the powerful divine formation around the ancestral burial ground, the current Nefarious Devil Tribe would have most likely been wiped off the map by the Buddhist-Demon Clan . This powerful formation was left behind by their Ancestor a hundred million years back, then was strengthened many times over the years by the tribe’s Ancient God Realm masters . Once the divine formation was fully activated, it could easily kill a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm master and above .

Within the ancestral burial ground, the biggest tomb belonged to the Nefarious Devil Ancestor .

At this point, despite knowing that the Nefarious Devil masters buried here had mostly incomplete corpses, Huang Xiaolong insisted on probing deeper into the burial ground .

The sixty-seventh tomb, sixty-eighth, sixty-ninth…

By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the ninetieth tomb, even with Xie Du’s help, it had become too hard for him to venture deeper, for the death qi and nefarious energy at the entrance to the ninetieth tomb were simply too devastating, strong like a wall of unbreakable Ancient God Realm masters .

In the end, Huang Xiaolong could only give up here and turn back .

Although disappointed, Huang Xiaolong gained a bountiful harvest coming to the Nefarious Devil Tribe this time, more than he had imagined .

Two powerful Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil puppets and eight gold cores! 

Two cores were to be handed to the Golden Dragon Gate as completion of the task while the remaining six gold cores would be used for Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation .

As for the other tombs in the far back of the burial ground, Huang Xiaolong planned to return here after his cultivation advanced to Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm . At that time, if he could refine a few more Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil puppets, he would consider subjugating the entire Nefarious Devil Tribe .

This Nefarious Devil Island was a good option as the first base to develop his own power .

Although Huang Xiaolong was feeling quite triumphant after refining two Nefarious Devil puppets, Xie Tu and Xie Du, he wasn't so silly as to put himself on display when exiting the burial ground . Similarly to how it was when he entered, Huang Xiaolong converged his aura and cautiously made his way out according to the method the little cow had provided earlier .

After a day of rest in the same city, Huang Xiaolong rushed back to the Golden Dragon Gate .

“I wonder if the Three Evils and Wei Chao found the Ancestral Dragon Fruit . ” On the way, Huang Xiaolong sent a message to the Three Evils and Wei Chao, asking them about the Ancestral Dragon Fruit .

He had been away from the Golden Dragon Gate for three months .

Huang Xiaolong soon received a reply from them, reporting that they had determined the Ancestral Dragon Fruit to be at the Hidden Dragon Mountain Range . However, finding the exact location still required time .

His brows creased when he received the reply . The Three Evils and Wei Chao were taking more time to determine the location than he estimated . Then again, it wasn’t like Huang Xiaolong had a better choice other than praying for them to find the Ancestral Dragon Fruit as early as possible and report to him .

‘It’s not too bad like this, I can first return to the Golden Dragon Gate to hand in my task and enter the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple . ’ Huang Xiaolong thought himself .

On the way back, Huang Xiaolong had no scruples about traveling on the Third Order Ancient God Realm puppet Xie Du, his speed was naturally much faster than Bing Jiuyi’s .

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Big Cloudy Island, but he didn't stop, having Xie Du fly straight toward Dralion Island .

Five nights later, moonlight rippled over the dark sky like the surface of a lake .

On an uninhabited island close to Dralion Island, golden, rippling waves spread and expanded more than a hundred li .

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on a small hill as a Nefarious Devil gold core floated in the air in front of him . The glistening gold core emitted waves of aureate light that rushed into Huang Xioalong’s body .

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong’s aura rose sharply, causing crepuscular rays of light to explode from his body as a small crackling noise was heard .

Late-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm!

But Huang Xiaolong did not stop here, continuing to absorb the pure energy every coming from the gold core .

Another four days passed .

The Nefarious Devil gold core had finally lost it brilliant luster before it exploded and disappeared . Only then did Huang Xiaolong slowly open his eyes and stop cultivating .

After these days of cultivation, with the help of a Nefarious Devil gold core, his True Divine Dragon Physique had grown more powerful still, even the godforce within godsea seemed more abundant .

“Liu Qingyang should already know that I'm on my way back to the Golden Dragon Gate . He would like nothing more than to chop me into mincemeat . ” Huang Xiaolong was inwardly gloating as he thought of this .

He did not converge his aura when he was passing by the Big Cloudy Island, therefore he believed the Golden Dragon Gate disciples stationed there had sent back news of him returning to the sect to Liu Qingyang .

One month passed and Huang Xiaolong finally made it back to the Golden Dragon Gate, going straight to the Grand Dragon Hall to hand in his completed task .

Coincidentally, when he got there to turn in his task, Tian Juaner was there as well . It looks like she was also there to hand in her task .

 “Tang Hong, what are you doing at the Grand Dragon Hall again? Were you unable to complete the Nefarious Devil Tribe task, hence returning to change it?” Tian Juaner immediately taunted seeing Huang Xiaolong .

The disciple in charge of recording the task, Li Yahong, frowned hearing Tian Juaner’s words . “Tang Hong, I have cautioned you at that time . If you cannot complete the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task, you are prohibited from changing or taking other tasks . ”

The slight commotion here quickly drew the surrounding disciples’ attention, all throwing strange looks at Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong walked past Tian Juaner, arriving at the counter . Right in front of everyone’s eyes, he took out a glistening gold bead .

When Tian Juaner saw Tang Hong ignore her, she was prepared to continue ridiculing him, but in the next second her eyes were dazed looking at the glistening gold core in Huang Xiaolong’s hand .