Invincible - Chapter 1097

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Chapter 1097: 1097

While Song Chengli, Liu Zhui, and Li Yangmin were still in shock at the speed ‘Tang Hong’ awakened the white dragon soul, another burst of bright light appeared above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple as the shadow of a fire dragon appeared .

“The fire dragon soul!” Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, and Li Yangmin let out an incredulous shriek .

Barely a minute had passed since the white dragon soul appeared, yet this Tang Hong had already awakened the second one!

'His grandmother ah!'

'This is really too damn…!' Song Chengli couldn’t help swearing in his heart, ‘Fortunately, this old man’s heart is still strong . ’ Just now, he almost pissed himself when the second dragon soul suddenly appeared .

Liu Zhuo and Li Yangmin were standing there stiffly with their heads tilted toward the sky, looking at the two dragon souls . Obviously, they were overwhelmed as well .

Song Chengli’s neck craned slightly . The three of them were staring silently at the space above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple; would the third dragon soul appear as well?

One minute, two minutes…

One hour passed, but the sky above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple remained tranquil . This made the three high strung individuals gradually relax .

However, just when the three of them released a long exhale, bright light rippled across the sky as the shadow of an azure dragon soared up from the temple right before their eyes .

The azure dragon was the third sealed soul inside the dragon pearl!

The three spectators were dumbstruck, a twitching pain pulling at their heartstrings .

In less than a day, no, in less than three hours, three dragon souls bad been awakened!

Thinking of this, all three felt that what they witnessed today was surreal .

Awakening three dragon souls was the achievement of most Golden Dragon Gate disciples after spending five days inside the temple, while Hu Dan spent a total of thirty-three days to awaken six dragon souls!

Comparing thirty-three days with three hours, Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo only had a feeling that this matter was completely absurd . In front of Tang Hong, Hu Dan was probably worse than shit .

Subsequently, almost at an hour interval, the shadow of a new dragon soul would appear above the temple .

The white dragon, fire dragon, azure dragon, giant dragon, hump dragon, and black dragon . Six dragon souls hovered above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, forming a ring, exuding majestic dragon might .

The layer of burning Golden Dragon Divine Flames doubled in size, resonating with the layer of golden glimmer around the six awakened souls .

Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, and Li Yangmin were already speechless and numb staring at the six dragon soul shadows high in the air . Six dragon souls had awakened in a short six hours, just one more dragon soul and Hu Dan’s record would be broken .

The three stared fixedly at the sky above the temple, as if they were afraid they would miss one of the most important moments in their Sect's history .

Liu Qingyang sat on the main seat in the hall with an astonished expression looking at the core disciple who had just reported to him, “You’re saying the Ancestor himself issued an order to lockdown an area of ten thousand li around the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple?”

“Yes, Grand Elder Liu . According to several nearby Elders, not long after the Ancestor issued the lockdown order, golden lights were seen shining from the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, there was even the fluctuation of dragon might . ” The core disciple elaborated .

Liu Qingyang’s personal disciple Zhu Haishen spoke, “Master, do you think this matter is related to that punk Tang Hong?”

Deep creases appeared on Liu Qingyang’s forehead, “It’s only been six hours, are you implying that Tang Hong kid has already awakened a dragon soul?” 

Zhu Haisen nodded, “Though it is very unlikely, this is the only logical explanation for the appearance of dragon might . Too bad the Ancestor has ordered a lockdown, otherwise, we could send someone to confirm it . ”

Hearing that, Liu Qingyang looked at the core disciple again, saying, “You go back, report to me any changes at the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple . ”

The core disciple respectfully acknowledged and left .

“That kid has once again attracted the Gate Chief and Ancestor’s attention, it looks like we need to quickly deal with him . ” Liu Qingyang’s face darkened .

First, it was grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills, followed by the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task, and now it was the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple!

He had already decided to go all out as long as Tang Hong came out from the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple . Regardless of method, he must kill him .

The day soon passed .

On the second day, before Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, and Li Yangmin’s eyes, the shadow of an ice dragon appeared .

The seventh dragon soul!

Barely two days’ time passed, yet Tang Hong had awakened seven dragon souls!

The three main spectators’ heartbeats quickened .

However, when the three of them thought that the eighth dragon soul would be awakened on the third day, nothing happened when the day actually arrived .

The fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day… all the way to the tenth day when the Golden Dragon Divine Flames burning around the temple intensified and the three people were forced to retreat another thousand li away .

Seven dragon souls’ radiance had taken over half the sky above the temple . Although ten days had passed and Huang Xiaolong was still unable to awaken the eighth dragon soul, the three people waiting outside did not feel the slightest hint of frustration, persistently staring at the sky above the temple .

It was on the fifteenth day that a burst of light appeared above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple as the eighth dragon soul awakened, the buddha dragon!  

“The eighth one, the eighth dragon soul!” Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo both were quivering with excitement, muttering the same words .

Li Yangmin was filled with an indescribable feeling .

Inside the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, Huang Xiaolong was still sitting cross-legged in front of the dragon pearl as he did fifteenth days ago, enshrouded in the rippling radiant light emitted from his three supreme godheads .

Water, fire, metal, darkness, light, ice, and other myriad elements flowed around him . Above his head hovered a blue dragon .

Every time Huang Xiaolong awakened a dragon soul, he would receive a portion of its soul force, therefore, after awakening the white dragon, fire dragon, azure dragon, giant dragon, hump dragon, black dragon, ice dragon, and buddha dragon, a total of eight dragons' soul force, Huang Xiaolong’s strength rose at a terrifying rate .

Although only fifteenth days had passed, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation had risen from mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm to peak mid-Fifth Order, he needed just a little bit more to advance to late-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm .

This kind of speed was simply never heard of .

If it was any other mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple, after receiving eight dragon soul’s force, they would have broken through all the way to late-Sixth Order, maybe even Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm . Then again, a common Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple would not be able to endure the influx of energy from eight dragon souls in a mere fifteen days .

Huang Xiaolong sat quietly in front of the dragon pearl, he had long entered into a selfless state . Unknowingly, his soul has left his body, arriving at a  golden shining world .

‘Is this the world inside the dragon pearl?’ Huang Xiaolong thought as he saw nine dragons hovering in the air above . Those nine dragons had actual physical bodies instead of being mere pale shadows like the ones above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple .

All of a sudden, all nine dragons flew toward Huang Xiaolong, entering his body one by one, including the last dragon soul .

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong’s soul left the dragon pearl world, returning to his body . Inside his mind, there was now a technique named Golden Dragon Divine Art, at the same time, popping noises could be heard from all over his body as he finally broke through to late-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm!

Outside the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, and Li Yangmin looked with awe at the nine dragon soul shadows hovering in place . After twenty million years, at last, all nine dragon souls had appeared!