Invincible - Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Leaving In Embarrassment


Yang Dong had just finished speaking yet Fei Hou already made his move.

Before anyone could blink, Fei Hou was in front of Yang Dong. A fist punched out, roaring across space; and the might cause Yang Dong’s heart to tightened. He swiftly struck out his own fist to counter Fei Hou’s.

A deafening explosion resounded, and two silhouettes flew back from the rebound impact.

“Xiantian Second Order?” Fei Hou’s eyes held contempt, “Yang Dong, you and your grandson Yang An are the same, your brains are made out of your ass.”

“Brain made out of ass?!” Yang Dong was perplexed for a second.

However, the crowd watching from the street outside burst out in laughter.

People from the Yang Mansion had an ugly expression on their faces.


When the crowd laughed, the noise jolted Yang Dong back to reality; just as Yang Dong’s anger was about to erupt, Huang Xiaolong suddenly waved his hand: “Surround them all, don’t even let one go!” As Huang Xiaolong’s voice fell, silhouettes shifted. Five to six hundred guards were seen stampeding out from the Fei Mansion in an encirclement over the Yang Mansion’s guards.

Although Yang Dong brought many guards with him this time, it only totaled up to three hundred at most. In his opinion, relying on his Xiantian Second Order strength, he alone could flatten the entire Fei Mansion; it doesn’t matter if Fei Hou had broken through into the Xiantian realm because Fei Hou is not his opponent.

But, that punch just now… it was as if Fei Hou’s strength is?!

“Kill for me!” Yang Dong glared at Fei Mansion’s guards’ encirclement and bellowed in fury. Then, a dazzling light burst out from his body as he called out his martial spirit.

Yang Dong’s martial spirit was actually an enormous black bottle!

This black bottle was more than a dozen meters in height, and from top to bottom it was pure black except for some strange red runic patterns that glittered sinisterly, giving an eerie ghost-like feeling.

Yang Dong instantly soul transformed the moment his martial spirit materialized. The surface of his skin turned black like his martial spirit black bottle as if it was coated with a layer of black paint, and at the same time, black fog danced around him, allowing Yang Dong to hide inside the black fog substance.

Yang Dong flashed and appeared in front of Fei Hou in the next moment. A black arm abruptly shot out from the thick black fog, targeting Fei Hou’s chest; however, Fei Hou was prepared. With a silver flash, his martial spirit came out and turned into a Silver River that spiraled up Fei Hou’s body in defense, blocking the enemy’s attack.

After blocking the enemy’s attack, the Silver River continued to twist around Fei Hou, growing larger and stronger with each complete turn. The battle qi sphere shrouding Fei Hou’s body followed and grow a diameter bigger. At the same time, the sphere of battle qi shrouding Fei Hou grew a diameter bitter, exuding a stronger atmosphere.  

Martial Spirit Strengthening!

After Fei Hou broken through to Xiantian realm, his martial spirit strengthening has enhanced from five times to seven times.

Sensing the difference in Fei Hou’s power after martial spirit strengthening, Yang Dong’s face changed drastically; the thick black fog protecting him suddenly expanded, rolling like angry black clouds, emitting an aura that makes hearts palpitate.

“Black Cloud Palm!”

A gigantic black palm print flew out from the midst of the black fog, hovering in the air.

Fei Hou leaped up.

“Heart Shattering Fist!”


A fist punched out, puncturing space and slamming into the black cloud palm. A palm print and a fist print blew up in the collision.

Yang Dong battled Fei Hou, and below them, a different battle erupted between the Fei Mansion guards and Yang Mansion guards.

Fei Rong versus Yang Zheng.

Fei Ming versus Yang Zhanfei.

Initially, Yang Zhanfei thought he could easily and swiftly defeat Fei Ming just like he did two days ago, and give Fei Ming a beating worthy of a dog, however, today he noticed not only has Fei Ming’s injuries healed thoroughly, even his cultivation has advanced! He was using a very strange type of fist battle skill that Yang Zheng can’t seem to avoid, and he ended up in a pitiful state.

This realization terrified and angered him.

Huang Xiaolong watched the battles taking place around the Fei Mansion, and then he disappeared in a flash. Appearing again, he was right in front of a Yang Mansion guard, and before the guard could react, Huang Xiaolong sent him flying with a palm.

Huang Xiaolong continued to flicker around the ‘battlefield’, and every time he appeared, a Yang Mansion guard would be sent flying.

These Yang Mansion guards, other than Zhu Yi and several others, were mostly Seventh Orders; Eighth and Ninth Orders numbered very little. Relying on these levels of strength, how can they take an attack from Huang Xiaolong?

Yang Dong noticed something strange below and saw Huang Xiaolong’s actions clearly. Watching Yang Mansion guards one after another be sent packing, his heart boiled with fury. Unfortunately, he was hindered by Fei Hou and he could not find an opportunity to deal with Huang Xiaolong at this moment.

As the battle with Fei Hou wore on, Yang Dong grew more anxious and scared. Fei Hou was just a Xiantian First Order but his physical defense, power, and battle qi grade was no worse than him, a Xiantian Second Order!

Not to mention Fei Hou’s attacking power received a boost from his martial spirit strengthening ability and there were even signs of overpowering him!

Tragic screams around came like waves on the seaside as the Yang Mansion guards fell one by one.

The number of Yang Mansion guards that came this time wasn’t much, and on top of that, Yang Dong was held back by Fei Hou, resulting in the Yang Mansion guards’ bludgeoned fate. In less than an hour, two-thirds of the three hundred guards that came were wounded, and roughly around a hundred guards were desperately resisting and defending.

Yang Zheng and Yang Zhanfei perceived their side’s unfavorable situation and their expressions were ugly. If this continues, their Yang Mansion guards faced annihilation.


After Huang Xiaolong sent more than thirty Yang Mansion guards flying, he arrived before Yang Zhanfei that was battling Fei Ming. Seeing Huang Xiaolong in front of him, Yang Zhanfei was aghast.



“Save me!”

He cried out in a quivering voice.

Yang Zheng and Yang Dong heard the cry, and when they turned around they met with the scene of Huang Xiaolong striking Yang Zhanfei’s chest.

“Little doggy surnamed Huang, you dare!” Yang Dong roared furiously: “You dare to touch a hair on my grandson, I will cut you into a million pieces!” However, Huang Xiaolong’s attack coincided with the moment Yang Dong’s voice ended. One palm struck Yang Zhanfei’s chest, and Yang Zhanfei cried out in an exaggerated manner akin to the sky is falling. Yang Zhanfei felt Huang Xiaolong’s palm had overturned his internal organs, and he spewed greenish bile fluids mixed with blood, some tiny lumps can be seen scattered on the on the patch of red. He did not know whether these were part of his crushed liver or lung.

Crashing to the ground, Yang Zhanfei curled up in pain.

This palm, Huang Xiaolong struck with full force unlike two days prior; Yang Zhanfei not only vomited blood, even his tears flowed out, nearly peeing in his pants.

“Fei’er!” Yang Zheng cried out and his heart bleeds for his son. Fists clenched in anger, and he struck at Fei Rong as if he went berserk, forcing Fei Rong back; he flashed and came beside Yang Zhanfei’s body.

At this time, strong tremors came from the ground. Everyone looked for the source and saw several squadrons of soldiers in steel armor heading towards the Fei Mansion’s direction riding on sturdy warhorses.


Several thousands of soldiers, the Yuwai Kingdom’s Royal City Defense Guard finally arrived!

“Stop your hands!” The City Defense Guard team arrived and a middle-aged man wearing General rank armor shouted.

The Fei Mansion and Yang Mansion guards could only stop fighting and retreat to opposite sides. In mid-air, Fei Hou and Yang Dong made their last attack and came down.

“Duke Yang Dong, Marquis Fei Hou!”

General Jiang Ling walked up and greeted the two of them.

Since the City Defense Guard has arrived, this ‘war’ could only end here.

Although Yang Dong was a thousand times unwilling and anger was still boiling in his heart, he knew nothing could further could be done today; he resorted to glaring coldly at Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong: “I will spare both of you today, but next time, I will let you die without a burial place!” He flicked his sleeves, shouting: “Go!”

Those from the Yang Mansion hastened to follow, leaving in an embarrassing state.

Seeing this scene, the Fei Mansion broke out in cheers and laughter.

Die without a burial place? Huang Xiaolong stared at Yang Dong retreating back and sneered.