Invincible - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure Appears!

Yang Dong and his group left awkwardly whereas the festive wedding atmosphere in Fei Mansion was not affected in the least by the incident. Instead, it became livelier, more vibrant, and nearing noon, some of the super families made an appearance, personally bringing gifts over for the occasion.

The Fei Mansion turned into a land of joy for the day.

Both father and son, Fei Rong and Fei Ming, can’t stop smiling from ear to ear.

The wedding celebration continued late into the night before it gradually quieted down.

And the land succumbed to the dark silence of the night.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard, staring at the distant night moon. It was shining brightly that night, bright and beautiful with the random wisps of clouds floating by, which added a touch of hazy beauty to the night sky.

Recalling the merriment in Fei Mansion during the day, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help reminiscing his previous life’s parents and his current parents in the Luo Tong Royal City. His thoughts drifted far, far away.

A long while later, Huang Xiaolong returned to the room, entered the Linglong Treasure Pagoda space, and started his routine cultivation.

After swallowing a Fire Dragon Pearl, Huang Xiaolong ran Asura Tactics as the black and blue dragon emerged, hovering above his head. They began devouring the netherworld spiritual energy greedily that came gushing down from the void and transferring them into his body.

The battle qi in Huang Xiaolong’s meridians surged and rolled violently, especially in the Qi Sea. When Huang Xiaolong initiates his battle qi, the netherworld spiritual energy resonated like a giant tsunami.

These past few years, after using the Fire Dragon Pearls to enhance his netherworld battle qi, the quality of netherworld battle qi has improved significantly. However, what level it has reached, Huang Xiaolong had no way to gauge it.

The netherworld battle qi gathered in the Qi Sea like a vast black ocean. After years of being amplified by the usage of Fire Dragon Pearls, Huang Xiaolong’s netherworld battle qi has turned into a pure black color. Not only that, within the alluring blackness of the netherworld battle qi, it gave off a smooth crystalline feeling.

The netherworld spiritual energy that was absorbed into his body continued to be refined. The twin dragons coiled behind him devoured at great speed, greedily with a black and a blue light shimmering on their bodies, lighting up the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s space.

One night passed, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and ended his practice for the day, and he came out from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

When Huang Xiaolong came out from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, an emissary from the Yuwai Kingdom Royal Palace arrived at the Fei Mansion, informing Fei Hou that he was conferred with the title of a Duke.

The title one rank above the Marquis position − a Duke. Every time a Marquis warrior of the Kingdom broke into the Xiantian realm, the King would confer the title of Duke.

What Huang Xiaolong did not expect was, the Yuwai Kingdom’s King not only ‘upgraded’ Fei Hou to a Duke, but he was also given a Duke title!

It must be emphasized here that only Xiantian experts were given the privilege of being conferred the title of a Duke. Furthermore, the native Yuwai Kingdom’s geniuses like Yang An only had the title of Marquis, not to mention Huang Xiaolong, who is not even a subject of the Yuwai Kingdom.

When Huang Xiaolong courteously informed the emissary that he is not a Yuwai Kingdom subject, the emissary smiled, “His Majesty is well aware Young Master Huang is not a Yuwai Kingdom subject, but even someone who is not a subject of the kingdom can still receive a Duke title from the Yuwai Kingdom!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at Fei Hou.

“That is true, Young Lord!” Fei Hou nodded, affirming the palace emissary’s words. He cautiously said, “Since it is the His Majesty’s good intentions, why doesn’t Young Lord….?” Fei Hou’s words trailed off here.

Regarding Fei Hou’s meaning, Huang Xiaolong understood. Although with his identity, he doesn’t care much for a noble Duke title, but having it is also not something bad. It adds some convenience when moving around in the Yuwai Kingdom in the future.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong received the Duke title from the emissary’s hands.

Moments later, the emissary bid farewell joyfully to Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong and returned to the palace to report his successful task.

After the palace emissary had left, Huang Xiaolong decided to take a stroll in the city.

He had been in the Yuwai Royal City for a few days, but he had yet to take a good look around the city. He and Fei Hou would be heading back to the Luo Tong Kingdom in a few days, so he wanted to see the city before that.

Accompanied by Fei Hou, Huang Xiaolong left the Fei Mansion, strolling in the streets.

Fei Hou had left for seven years, and there were many changes around the Yuwai Royal City.

It was already noon when they had scoured the city, and passing by the same Absolutely Luscious Dish Floor, the two of them went in, ordering two jugs of Fiery Wine and some side dishes while sitting on the first floor.

Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong’s visit were warmly welcomed by the restaurant boss, who was much more enthusiastic and respectful compared to last time.

Fei Hou advanced into Xiantian realm while Huang Xiaolong defeated Yang An, and this news had reached the boss’s ears.

Lastly, when they were about to leave and wanted to pay, the boss adamantly refused to take their gold coins, saying that it doesn’t matter when Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou come over because their expenses will be free of charge.

Since it was the boss’s hospitality, both of them did not decline.

Peacefully, three days passed.

During these three days, other than practicing inside the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s space, Huang Xiaolong would train his Asura Sword Skill in one of the Fei Mansion’s yards.

The Tempest of Hell, Tears of Asura, Wrath of the Nether King, and State of Abundant Lightning were continuously displayed by Huang Xiaolong, and mournful cries with intermittent lighting strikes and rumbling thunders reverberated from his yard.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong was practicing the Asura Sword Skill in the yard when all of a sudden, a vigorous earthquake strongly shook the ground for a second.

Huang Xiaolong was startled, and the tremors happened again. The stone mountain decoration in the yard crumbled to the garden floor.

The strong earthquake came five to six times before it ceased altogether.

Then, in the distant horizon, a burst of burning flames appeared out of nowhere, casting a fiery ember shadow in the sky and it exuded a scorching heat out in the four directions like rolling tidal waves. The people of the Yuwai Kingdom were astounded watching this glorious sight in the sky.

As the waves of heat hit the Yuwai Royal City, the temperature shot up like crazy, making everyone feel like they fell into a hot furnace.

“This is?” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed.

However, at this point, the heat waves receded just abruptly in the way it came, faster than the evening-tide.

In that split second of change, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the Linglong Treasure Pagoda in his body shook violently as if something in that direction attracted it. Yet, at the same time, Huang Xiaolong sensed the Linglong Treasure Pagoda was trembling at its core, a feeling of fear like it was facing an existence that scared it.

The bustling Royal City quieted down.

Not long afterwards, Fei Hou walked into Huang Xiaolong’s yard, reporting: “Young Lord, the King has decreed that the city is on lockdown and that no one is allowed in or out of the city!”

“City lockdown!” Huang Xiaolong was surprised. Under normal circumstances, only when a kingdom faces a crisis will the Royal City be in a lockdown situation.

Maybe it is related to the vision in the sky just now? Huang Xiaolong’s mind whirled and he asked, “Fei Hou, what do you think of the vision earlier?”

Fei Hou pondered in silence for a moment before answering solemnly, “It should a treasure being born that would cause a scene like the one we just saw.”

The birth of a treasure!

Huang Xiaolong thought of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s strange reaction; maybe, it is a Heavenly Treasure that is about to appear?! And if he guessed correctly, it should be a treasure that has a higher ranking on the Heavenly Treasure List than the Linglong Treasure Pagoda he possessed. Only this explanation made sense that it would cause the Linglong Treasure Pagoda to tremble just now.

A Heavenly Treasure!

A Heavenly Treasure that ranked above the pagoda!

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and he took a deep breath.

Judging from the vision earlier combined with the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s response, it can be determined that a Heavenly Treasure is about to appear here; he didn’t expect that an impromptu trip to the Yuwai Kingdom would let him encounter a treasure being born.