Invincible - Chapter 1209

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Chapter 1209: 1209

Huang Xiaolong entered the duel field first, followed by Wangu Dongchen . Both of them stood facing each other in the air . With these two people at the center, strong energy swirled around them .

A crowd gathered, intently watching the two of them .

Wangu Dongchen sneered coldly, "It’s really unfortunate that Fortune Mainland has unexpectedly fallen so far down— even a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple can win first place in the All-Islands Great War . Looks like the Dragon Origin Sect, Twin Cities Sect, Heavenly Dan Sect, and whatever other sects are all useless waste!"

Huang Xiaolong chuckled indifferently, asking, "Does that mean you are stronger than those Dragon Origin Sect wastes?"

Wangu Dongchen was taken aback, but there was a sharp gleam in his eyes as he realized that Huang Xiaolong was actually taking the roundabout way to say that Wangu Dongchen himself was a slightly stronger waste .  

“Huang Xiaolong, very soon you will know whether I am a waste or not . ” Wangu Dongchen snorted . All of a sudden, his momentum rose to a peak .

The strong energy swirling around the duel field’s perimeter came to a sudden halt for a few seconds . Then, it started moving increasingly faster with Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Dongchen at its center, expanding outwards .

As Wangu Dongchen’s momentum broke out, his entire body was enshrouded by flowing golden flames . The golden flames caused space around Wangu Dongchen to warp unsteadily .

“Mid- Fourth Order Ancient God Realm!”

"Golden qilin flames! Wangu Dongchen's strength actually reached golden qilin flames!" .  

Infinite Circles Commerce Hall's Meng Yuan was astounded; not only Wangu Dongchen had advanced to mid-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, but he had also successfully cultivated golden qilin flames!

Highly talented Wangu Clan disciples who had awakened their qilin bloodline were able to cultivate their Wangu Clan's Qilin Divine Art, enabling them to form qilin flames from their bodies .

Even so, there were grades to qilin flames . From low to high were red qilin flames, blue flames, golden flames, white flames, black flames, and purple flames!

Some Wangu Clan disciples were only able to form the red qilin flames throughout their lives .

Yet, red qilin flames were effectively powerful and the disciples from the same realm could rarely withstand them . In comparison to red qilin flames, blue qilin flames were stronger but golden flames were the third strongest in the ranks of qilin flames!

And Wangu Dongchen's qilin flames were golden in color!

"Haha, yes, golden qilin flames!" Wangu Dongchen let out a burst of complacent laughter . He said to Huang Xiaolong, "My golden qilin flames can even turn a Fifth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator into ashes . Huang Xiaolong, don't assume you're the greatest after breaking through peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm . In my eyes, you are no different than the Dragon Origin Sect, nothing but a waste!"

"Naturally, I will spare your life out of respect for Golden Brow and Blood Knife!"

"I heard that during the All-Islands Great War, you made Tan Lin and Yang Liming kneel on stage? Today, I will make you kneel on this duel field!"

As Wangu Dongchen said this, the golden qilin flames enshrouded him and became more vivid and vigorous condensing into a qilin flames armor on his body and exuded the might of a qilin Divine beast .

Infinite Circles Commerce Hall Head Supervisor Meng Yuan and other people were surprised by Wangu Dongchen's words .

Meng Yuan exclaimed, "Wangu Dongchen has already reached the step of condensing an armor with his golden qilin flames! His comprehension and control of the golden qilin flames are no lesser than that Wangu Ziyi!"

"Considering Wangu Donchen’s mid-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm strength and golden qilin flames, Huang Xiaolong will certainly get defeated!" An Infinite Circles Commerce Hall's guards shook his head, “Huang Xiaolong is Fortune Mainland’s All-Islands Great War number one, yet he couldn’t defeat Eternal Mainland’s second place!, Fortune Mainland is getting worse compared to Eternal Mainland!”

Outside the duel field, Wangu Bifei and several other Wangu Clan disciples were emboldened, “Brother Dongchen, settle Huang Xiaolong in one move! Make him kneel on his knees!”

Wangu Dongchen attacked . From afar, he resembled a mighty fire qilin leaping at Huang Xiaolong . Arriving above Huang Xiaolong’s head, his palm slammed down . Golden qilin flames were rained down on Huang Xiaolong like a storm .

 Yao Chi’s breathing stopped momentarily at this sight .

Huang Xiaolong tilted his head, and suddenly, the crowd saw an azure dragon formed of azure fire fly out of Huang Xiaolong’s body . As the azure dragon rushed towards the sky, a dragon’s roar reverberated in everyone’s ears .

Golden qilin flames that were raining down on Huang Xiaolong scattered as the azure dragon flew up . In the blink of an eye, the azure dragon was flying straight at Wangu Dongchen and its speed rendered the crowd stupefied .

Wangu Dongchen was astonished as he saw that the azure dragon was growing increasingly bigger . Flustered, he used all of his strength and punched out with both of his fists .

“Great Godfiend Fist!”

Golden qilin flames danced as Godfiends appeared . Great force rippled through the air .

The azure dragon extended its front claws— in that instant— r-r-rumble!

An echoing boom came from above and violent waves of aftershock flowed downwards . With this the azure dragon’s attack finally ended .

However, before Wangu Dongchen could breathe a sigh of relief, a figure blurred in front of him . The next moment, a sharp pain shot through his chest as if a great mountain had smashed into him . Wangu Dongchen’s body shot towards the duel fields ground .

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air with the azure dragon circling around him . A blue and black dragon head appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s back exuding dragon might .

Infinite Circles Commerce Hall Meng Yuan and other people in the crowd, including Wangu Bifei’s group of Wangu Clan disciples looked at the end of the duel field in bewilderment . They were hardly able to recover from their shock .  

The qilin flames armor on Wangu Dongchen’s body was covered in dust and had cracked from Huang Xiaolong’s punch .

 Huang Xiaolong arrived in front of Wangu Dongchen in a single stride . Looking at the half-dead Wangu Dongchen, Huang Xiaolong smiled coldly and said, “It seems you’re not stronger than the likes of Dragon Origin Sect!” Huang Xiaolong punched Wangu Dongchen’s chest .

Outside the duel field, Wangu Bifei and Wangu Clan disciples felt their heart jump out of their chest as they watched Huang Xiaolng’s punch land on Wangu Dongchen’s chest .

Huang Xiaolong’s punch sent Wangu Dongchen flying outside of the duel field rolling over the ground towards the Wangu Clan disciples’ feet .

Huang Xiaolong gave Wangu Bifei a piercing glance . This scared Wangu Bifei until his legs shook uncontrollably and his face turned ashen .

“Anyone else wants to try the duel field?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

Wangu Bifei and several Wangu Clan disciples shook their heads, their eyes filled with tremendous fear .

Huang Xiaolong returned to Yao Chi’s side as the azure dragon fire retreated back and disappeared into his body .

“Head Supervisor, farewell . ” Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists at Infinite Circles Commerce Hall’s Meng Yuan .

Infinite Circles Commerce Hall Head Supervisor cupped his fists in a fluster . A while later, while watching Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, and others leaving he remained standing there for a long time .

“Head Supervisor Meng Yuan! This person, Huang Xiaolong . . . , how could he be so strong?!” the guards mumbled as Huang Xiaolong’s group disappeared in the horizon .

A bitter smile swelled up in Meng Yuan’s heart— that was not just strong, but it was monstrous! Even he had misjudged Huang Xiaolong’s strength .


At this time, Meng Yuan couldn’t help but think about the azure dragon divine fire Huang Xiaolong summoned . What kind of fire was that? It was even more domineering than golden qilin flames!

“This person— Huang Xiaolong, he is no less than Wangu Ziyi himself!” Another guard commented .

Meng Yuan shook his head and said, “I’ve met Wangu Ziyi . Even though Huang Xiaolong is outstanding, he’s still no match for Wangu Ziyi . But Huang Xiaolong could probably fight with You Wuxin to a tie . ”

“Two years have passed since Huang Xiaolong fought in the All-Islands Great War battle . Now that Huang Xiaolong has injured Wangu Dongchen in the Four Mainlands’ New Disciples Battle, Wangu Ziyi will definitely retaliate and that battle will be very entertaining!”