Invincible - Chapter 1210

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Chapter 1210: 1210

As the group of Infinite Circles Commerce Hall's people praised and sighed, Huang Xiaolong's group reached the transmission array .

Due to the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall’s presence on Wu Island, not only there was a large transmission array, but it was also bigger than the one in Huo Prefecture City .

After paying the required amount of shenbi, they stepped onto the transmission array . In the void, chaotic currents were continuously emitted by the transmission array pillar of light .

Since it took ten days to reach Green Cloud Island, Huang Xiaolong used these ten days for studying the Immortal Phoenix Divine Arts as well as the ancient manuscripts and technique manuals that he had found in the Ghost Buddha Depository .

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong also focused on comprehending the purple grandmist aura .

When Huang Xiaolong was breaking through to Ancient God Realm, a large amount of purple grandmist aura was absorbed by his three supreme godheads; hence, his comprehension reached a new degree .

He had a feeling that his Grandmist Parasite Medium practice will soon achieve success!

Yao Chi too was focusing on her cultivation .

With the divine pellets and herbs that Huang Xiaolong had given her, Yao Chi's cultivation rose significantly faster .

Ten days passed quickly .

 When the transmission array's light died down, Huang Xiaolong's group appeared on the Green Cloud Island's transmission array .

Looking at the familiar surroundings, a feeling of being back home filled Huang Xiaolong's chest .

The Green Cloud Island was the place where he had first arrived in the Divine World therefore in Huang Xiaolong's heart, Green Cloud Island was his home in the Divine World— just like Martial Spirit World's Snow Wind Continent in the lower realm .

A day later, Huang Xiaolong and the others were back at Barbarian God Sect .

Early on, Barbarian God Sect Chief Gui Ling had already left a group of Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders and Elders to wait for Huang Xiaolong's group at the edge of Barbarian God Mountain Range .

"Greetings Young Lord Huang, Ancestor!" Spotting Huang Xiaolong's group from afar, Gu Ling respectfully greeted loudly while kneeling on one knee .

Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders and Elders knelt behind Gu Ling, greeting in sonorous voices

 On the way back, Lu Zhuo informed Gu Ling the same salutation that Young Lord Huang received .

Since Huang Xiaolong was the personal disciple of Fortune Gate Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, as well as he was being recognised as a Master by the Great Whale Sect, Elephant Genesis Sect, and even Dralion Island's Golden Dragon Gate; it would be inappropriate for them to continue to address Huang Xiaolong by his name .  

There was no doubt that the Barbarian God Sect had submitted to Huang Xiaolong, who had climbed up a higher branch .

Huang Xiaolong asked Gu Ling and everyone to rise .

 "Sect Chief Gu, I am still a Barbarian God Sect disciple . You can just call me by my name in the future . " Huang Xiaolong said .

Gu Ling shook his head persistently, claiming he dared not .

Seeing that Gu Ling was adamant, Huang Xiaolong let him be .

Gu Ling had already prepared a celebration banquet in the Barbarian God Sect’s great hall . After Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi had taken their seats, everyone sat down .

As the banquet began, Gu Ling was the first to stand up and raise his wine cup to congratulate Huang Xiaolong . The way he looked at Huang Xiaolong was filled with reverence and borderline fanatical worship .

Right! Borderline fanatical worship .

The same fanatical worship shone from most of Barbarian God Sect disciples towards Huang Xiaolong . Gu Ling’s reverence towards Huang Xiaolong had grown intense for many days, since the moment he had heard that Huang Xiaolong was first in the All-Islands Great War, had been accepted as Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor’s personal disciple, and had successfully broke through peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm in one go . Gu Ling was followed by Lu Zhuo, then Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai, Golden Dragon Gate’s Song Chengli, and others— each toasting to Huang Xiaolong’s victory . The group of Grand Elders and Elders did not miss this opportunity to express their deep respect for Huang Xiaolong in front of him .

A joyous atmosphere filled the great hall .

After three rounds of wine, Huang Xiaolong asked about Barbarian God Sect and Green Cloud Island’s overall situation . Gu Ling answered his questions in detail .

In the period Huang Xiaolong went to Fortune Mainland to participate in the All-Island Great War until now, Barbarian God Sect and Green Cloud Islands had been quite peaceful, the sea tribes had not attacked again .

“Ouyang Family— any movement on their side?” Huang Xiaolong asked another question .

Gu Ling hesitated for a second before answering, “Ouyang Family has allied themselves to the Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect . In a little over a year, their forces have expanded at a frenzy pace, among Ouyang Family’s surrounding islands . Seven of them have already submitted to Ouyang Clan, but the super force on Six Boards Island— the Seven Terraces Sect —refused to submit, due to which the Seven Terraces Sect Chief, Ancestors, Grand Elders and Elders were all killed!”

“Seven Terraces Sect male disciples were reduced to become slaves in Ouyang Family’s mines, where they are mining day in day out; whereas female disciples were given as maids or playthings to Ouyang Family male disciples!”

Gu Ling gritted his teeth, fury burning in his eyes . He had met the Seven Terraces Sect Chief a few times in the past and though they weren’t exactly friends, they have had a good impression of each other . Never had he imagined that Seven Terraces Sect Chief would end up dying so miserably!

“Ouyang Family has become increasingly rampant in recent months, moreover, they have set up a sea gateway . All cultivators that pass close to Ouyang Family’s islands are forced to pay a hundred thousand shenbi!”

“If this is not the worst,they also forcefully confiscated all the treasures from the bodies of the cultivators . ” “Those that refused were killed on the spot and their bodies were thrown into the Endless Sea, as the food for those sea beasts!”

Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders angrily chimed in one after another, indignant at Ouyang Family’s actions . Huang Xiaolong too was angry— a cold glint flickered in his eyes .

Ouyang Family! To hell and damnation! 

The wine cup in his hands was crushed into dust .

“Although Ouyang Family will not dare to attack our Green Cloud Island at the moment I have received news that after Ouyang Clan takes over Tang Mountain Island and Perennial Temple Island, their next target will be Dralion Island’s Golden Dragon Gate and Berserk Lion Sect!” Gu Ling added as his gaze shifted to Golden Dragon Gate’s Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo .

Because Huang Xiaolong’s base was Green Cloud Island, Ouyang Family did not dare to blatantly attack Green Cloud Island for the time being, but they had no scruples attacking Dralion Island .

Golden Dragon Sect’s Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo looked worried .

Huang Xiaolong asked Gu Ling, “How long before do you think Ouyang Family attacks Dralion Island?”

Gu Ling respectfully replied, “Although Ouyang Family has climbed up to Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect, and also received aid of experts from both forces, it’d still take them half a year to rein in Tang Mountain Island, Perennial Temple Island, and several other islands . ”

Half a year!

Huang Xiaolong nodded, half a year was enough .

In half a year’s time, he can enter the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s ancestral burial ground to the end and refine a group of Nefarious Devil masters, as well as subjugate the Nefarious Devil Tribe . This is the time when he will annihilate the Ouyang Family!

Hearing the news of Ouyang Family’s expansion, Huang Xiaolong was no longer in the mood to stay long at Barbarian God Sect, deciding to head to the Nefarious Devil Tribe island the very next day .

On the same night, Huang Xiaolong visited the old man that he had rescued from the Soul Tribe dungeon years ago . After he had rescued that mysterious old man, Huang Xiaolong had arranged for him to stay in a residence in Barbarian God City, looked after by Barbarian God Sect Elders .

When the mysterious old man saw Huang Xiaolong walk in, his attitude towards Huang Xiaolong was just as bad as he used to have in the past .

Huang Xiaolong had always been curious about this mysterious old man’s identity . However, there was nothing he could do since the old man had always refused to tell him about it . Not to mention, there was also a restriction placed on the old man’s body by a master which allowed neither Huang Xiaolong nor the little cow to search the old man’s memories .

Early next day, Huang Xiaolong, Song Chengli, and Liu Zhuo left Barbarian God Sect .

The plan was to return to Golden Dragon Sect with Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo . After all, the Nefarious Devil Tribe island was a short distance from Dralion Island .

Yao Chi, on the other hand, stayed behind at Barbarian God Sect to cultivate . Also, bringing Yao Chi to the Nefarious Devil Tribe Island was a little inconvenient .