Invincible - Chapter 1259

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Chapter 1259: 1259

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed in surprise, “This petrified divine elephant can be resurrected without the Ten Thousand Elephant King’s blood?!” His blood rushed and his face was slightly red due to excitement .

'Does the little cow know of an alternative method for resurrecting this petrified divine elephant?'

The little cow nodded, “According to what I know, your Grandmist Parasitic Medium can resurrect this petrified divine elephant . ”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied for a moment . He was in disbelief, followed by an uncontrollable rush of joy in his heart . ‘His Grandmist Parasitic Medium could actually resurrect this petrified divine elephant? Does that mean that he could subjugate the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan?’

However, the little cow’s next sentence was like a bucket full of ice-cold water being poured over Huang Xiaolong’s joy, “But the Grandmist Parasitic Medium cultivation needs to reach the second stage, when you will be able to condense the grandmist worm! Only your grandmist worm condensed from your godforce can penetrate through the layer of stone!"

Huang Xiaolong’s excitement died like a thousand feet free fall . He really wanted to give the little cow a kick in the butt for making him happy for nothing .

Currently, his Grandmist Parasitic Medium was only at the peak of the mid-first stage; how long would it take for him to breakthrough to the second stage?

Huang Xiaolong did not stay longer than necessary at the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City . He led the little cow to the Blood Sea after leaving the square, as he planned to explore the Blood Sea’s seabed as well as the floating Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain with her .

The little cow was surprised when she saw the Blood Sea’s roiling blood-colored waters, and felt the heat coming off of the sea surface that emitted the exotic fragrant fumes .

However, she was more baffled by the results of exploring the seabed, as they weren’t able to find anything except the ruins of a city .

In the waters above the city ruins, the little cow’s brows were scrunched tightly together .

These city ruins are likely the remains of a certain ancient sect .

Moreover, the little cow also noticed that the pale white walls of the city ruins were the source of that exotic fragrance, but she was unable to determine its exact location .

Huang Xiaolong also noticed this same problem, but regardless of his methods, he was unable to locate the source of the exotic fragrance . If they could locate the source, they could probably unravel the mystery of the Blood Sea’s fragrance .

“Another thing is the color of the Blood Sea, is it likely to be related to that exotic fragrance?”

"There's no relation . " The little cow debunked Huang Xiaolong's theory, and added, "But this Blood Sea reminds me of Hell's Blood Sea . "

"Hell's Blood Sea?" Huang Xiaolong asked .

The little cow nodded, "Hell's Asura World also has a Blood Sea that is boundless . The Blood Gorefiend Tribe breeds there . This Blood Sea is giving me a similar feeling to Hell’s Blood Sea, but the spiritual energy here is several times worse that the Hell's Blood Sea . "

Hell’s Asura Blood Sea?

A thought crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind and he asked, “Then, could it be that a Blood Gorefiend master might have fallen here, and his blood formed this blood sea?”

The little cow was stunned by Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, and she sounded serious as she replied, “This might be a possibility . ”

The two of them explored a little more, but there were still no result . Therefore they returned to the Blood Sea’s surface from it’s sea bed, and headed towards the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain .

When they reached the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain after a few days, the little cow was filled with astonishment as she blurted out, “How is this here?!”

Watching the little cow’s expressions, Huang Xiaolong guessed that she knew something about the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain .

As he had expected, a moment later, the little cow spoke, “This Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain is a divine artifact, and it was forged personally by that fella Wan Xiang . ”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, ‘A divine artifact forged by the Ten Thousand Elephant King himself?!’

Huang Xiaolong had already heard from the little cow that the Ten Thousand Elephant King was one of the Demon World’s Four Kings . In other words, he was one of four strongest existences in the Demon World .

What grade divine artifact would he have personally forged? Even if this divine artifact was forged in his early days, yet it was definitely powerful . There was a feverish light in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he thought about this .

“But someone has sealed this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain here,” Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s expression, the little cow went on, “Not to mention this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain already has a master, so you won’t be able to refine it . ”

Huang Xiaolong felt waves of disappointments striking his heart .

‘Has a master? The person who owns this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain was still alive? Does that mean that the master of this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain is the Ten Thousand Elephant King?’

After all, that petrified divine elephant is the Ten Thousand Elephant King’s descendent, whereas this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain was a divine artifact refined by the Ten Thousand Elephant King… this was too much of a coincidence .

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow subsequently reached the peak of the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain . Both stood in front of the battle stage that was used during the Four Mainlands’ New Disciples Battle .

“This Ten Thousand Elephant stage is also a divine artifact forged by Wan Xiang . ” The little cow recognized the battle stage at a single glance, then she looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Similar to this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain, this stage also has an owner . ”

Even though Huang Xiaolong had expected this to be a possibility, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed . And due to his disappointment, he lost all his interest in visiting the Golden Wheel City, thus, the two of them left the mountain .

. . .

Three months later .

Two figures were flying at rapid speed in the vast space . These two figures were none other than Huang Xiaolong and the little cow .

They first had to reach the Void Sky World to use the Void Sky World’s transmission array in order to transfer to the Clear Spirit World .

Three years ago, it would’ve taken Huang Xiaolong over a year’s time of flying to reach the Void Sky World . But as his cultivation had advanced, now he only needed roughly four months to reach the Void Sky World from the Vientiane World .

In truth, Huang Xiaolong could have used Xie Li to fly them . However, Huang Xiaolong was able to absorb the astral force in the space for tempering his body and soul, while flying in the vast space . This was also a form of training for him, therefore, he didn’t use Xie Li, as it was not a necessity .

One day, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow descended on a planet . They planned to rest there for the night and continue towards the Void Sky World the next day .

It was a small planet of about the size of three to four Green Cloud Islands . Barren hills, dried weeds, and wastelands was all that they could see in all the four directions .

The shortest of these weeds were still a dozen meters tall, and the taller ones had grown thirty to forty meters in height . If these weeds were to grow on Earth, they’d be categorized as giant weeds .

Huang Xiaolong flew over a wasteland on the little cow’s back as they were looking for a place to rest, and all of a sudden, they heard a sound of whistling winds coming from ahead of them .

In a quick Space Concealment, both of them disappeared into a space pocket .

A few minutes later, they saw five young men clad in golden brocade robes flying towards them .

This group of disciples' cultivation ranged between mid and late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm . Huang Xiaolong could see all of them were anxious, and were in a big hurry to reach some place .

After the group of disciples had left, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow once again reappeared above the wasteland .

"Follow them . " Huang Xiaolong said as he watched the group of disciples leaving .

While the disciples were flying past Huang Xiaolong, he had heard one of them muttered the words 'the Enigmatic Yang Thistle . ' This had greatly piqued Huang Xiaolong's interest .

Even after so many years had passed, the Heart Devil Blood Curse still remained in Yao Chi's body because they had not been able to find the two remaining chaos spiritual herbs—the Enigmatic Yang Thistle and Deep Sea Crystal .

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow tailed the group of disciples, and after three hours of flying, they reached a mountain range that was burning red .

Heat waves licked their skin, the moment they entered the mountain range .

The group of disciples searched through several mountains until they reached a spacious valley, where Huang Xiaolong and the little cow could hear the sounds of fighting .

Huang Xiaolong looked towards the source of the fighting and saw several people in an intense battle . One side was wearing the same golden brocade robes as the disciples they had tailed, whereas the other side wore yellow robes with a striking emblem of a poisonous scorpion .