Invincible - Chapter 1287

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Chapter 1287: 1287

After some thought, Huang Xiaolong politely declined Guo Jie’s kind offer . He didn’t want to involve her in this matter .

Guo Jie did not insist any further as she respected Huang Xiaolong’ decision . Some time passed and the meal ended . Before they separated at the restaurant’s entrance, Guo Jie told Huang Xiaolong to contact her if he needed her help .

Huang Xiaolong then found a courtyard for his group and they stayed there for the night .

. . .

Silvery moonlight shone down on the courtyard .

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in his room . A half-meter long Eidolon Crystalline Rock hovered in front of him, exuding ripples of frigid qi that was tempering his True Dragon Physique .  

As he circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell’s moon essence energy rain fell onto his three supreme godheads .  

Soon, Huang Xiaolong entered into an ethereal state . By the time he woke up, it was already bright outside . He walked out of his room and found the little cow waiting for him at the door .

“Xiaolong, good morning . ” The little cow greeted as she stood up with her tail swinging rapidly .

Huang Xiaolong deliberately tilted his head to look at the radiant sun high up in the sky, “It’s almost noon!”

The little cow’s happily swinging tail halted in midair .

“C’mon, let’s take a walk outside . ” Huang Xiaolong said as his tone softened slightly .

The little cow cheered, and quickly followed Huang Xiaolong . Her tail was spinning three hundred and sixty degrees .

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly .

The two of them went to look for Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the rest, and strode out from the courtyard .

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong went into some shops and bought a few Buddhism related items . There were many things that Shi Xiaofei would have liked, but she was not there unfortunately, otherwise she would’ve been very happy visiting this city .

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong spotted a small Godly Mt . Xumi inside a small shop named Buddhism Awareness! No, it should be said a replica of Godly Mt . Xumi like the one he had!

There was a small golden boat beside the Godly Mt . Xumi replica .

This small golden boat looked exactly the same as that boat from many years ago . Huang Xiaolong had come across this boat with a mysterious old man sitting on it, when he had found the Godly Mt . Xumi in the lower realm . But he knew both of these items were merely replicas .

He had learned from the little cow that this small golden boat was called the Phaseless Divine Boat, a treasure of the Buddha World . The Phaseless Divine Boat was built by using the Buddha World’s most sacred tree, the Buddha Luminescence Tree, and numerous natural Buddhism treasures . The genuine Phaseless Divine Boat was currently in the hands of the current Lord Buddha of the Buddha World .

The Phaseless Divine Boat was recognized as the number one boat of the universe, making the little cow envious of it’s speed .

Huang Xiaolong walked into the Buddhism Awareness Shop and picked up both the Godly Mt . Xumi and the Phaseless Divine Boat and studied them carefully . The person who had replicated both the Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat was extremely skilled, as this replica was high grade, just slightly lower than his Godly Mt . Xumi .

“This Young Master has a keen sight, since he is picking up the Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat . ” The shop owner who was a middle-aged man, began singing the praises about the two items as he reached Huang Xiaolong’s side . Huang Xiaolong thought that he looked like a cunning rat .  

The shop owner introduced the Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat to Huang Xiaolong, including information about their materials, their forging method and forging time .

When Huang Xiaolong heard that the replicas of Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat had taken the forging time of more than a hundred to thousand years, Huang Xiaolong laughed out aloud on the spot .

The little cow guffawed .

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong said to the shop owner, “I say, Boss, are you trying to tell me that your Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat are genuine items? Are you also telling us that more than a hundred thousand years were spent on forging them? As far as I know, the one in the Lord Buddha’s hand is the real Phaseless Divine Boat, and that took a million years to forge . ”

The shop owner smiled sheepishly, “I mentioned the wrong number of years because I was too excited . Yes, yes, the forging time was slightly over ten thousand years . ”

Slightly over ten thousand years?

Huang Xiaolong shook his head . He stopped bursting the shop owner’s bubbles and asked, “How much is this Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat?” 

The shop owner slowly raised one finger, “One trillion each . ”

Huang Xiaolong put down the two items, and turned around to leave the shop without missing a beat .  Two trillion? Really, is he taking me as a big fat sheep waiting for slaughter?

Two trillion could buy him a good residence in Stone Buddha City .

Not to mention, he also possessed the better quality Godly Mt . Xumi and Phaseless Divine Boat, as compared to the ones in that shop . If those replicas had been cheaper, he would have bought them for research .

“Young Master, how about this? I’ll charge you 1 . 5 trillion . ” The shop owner became anxious seeing Huang Xiaolong leave .

Huang Xiaolong did not stop .

“Both of them for one trillion!” The shop owner gritted his teeth and shouted .

“Both for one trillion, I want them . ” A voice rang in the shop, and in the next moment, several disciples clad in Xiao Family’s disciple robes walked in .  

One of them went on, “I say, Boss, you don’t need to serve people like him who are poor enough to afford taking out one trillion shenbi . Send him off, since we have a big business to discuss . ”

“I know that your Buddhism Awareness Shop has recently gotten a batch of Ancestor God’s Buddha bones . I want all of them!” Another Xiao Family’s disciple stated .

The shop owner’s face lit up with joy, when he heard the words of the Xiao Family’s disciple . He quickly invited them inside and had them sit down courteously .

“Brat, why are you still here?” After the group of Xiao Family’s disciples sat down, one of them with a pudgy face and big ears barked at Huang Xiaolong, when he noticed that Huang Xiaolong was still in the shop . His expression and tone was extremely icy, “Don’t you see we have something to discuss with this shop owner! Must we send you out personally?”

A late-Eighth Order Ancient God Realm disciple from the group stood up and a whelming pressure burst out from his body, locking onto Huang Xiaolong .

Almost at the same time, void devil beast Xu Baisheng snorted coldly, and Xiao Family’s late-Eighth Order Ancient God Realm disciple vomited blood as if he was struck, and crashed into the wall .

The rest of Xiao Family’s disciples were momentarily dumbfounded, then their horrified gazes fell upon Xu Baisheng .  

The shop owner froze on his chair .

“Boss, I’m also interested in that batch of Buddha bones . ” Huang Xiaolong said to the shop owner, completely ignoring the Xiao Family’s disciples .

Still, one of the Xiao Family’s disciples sneered at Huang Xiaolong’s words, “That batch of Ancestor God’s Buddha bones costs six trillion! Are you sure you can afford them?”

Huang Xiaolong placed an open spatial ring on the table next to him . Right in front of everyone’s eyes, shiny shenbi formed undulating mountains inside the spatial ring’s space .

The Xiao Family’s disciple who was sent flying by Xu Baisheng swayed unsteadily on his feet as he tried to stand up, while glaring ferociously at Huang Xiaolong, “My Master is Xiao Family’s Elder Xiao Teng! Punk, you’re so dead!”

Just as he said that, a lightning whip split across the air and landed on him . His body rolled in the air and crashed to the floor .

Even though the little cow had simply swayed her tail in a casual way, great waves of shock hit the hearts of the Xiao Family’s disciples as they looked at her .

Several Xiao Family's disciples did not dare to act recklessly . They quickly helped Xiao Teng's disciple up and left the shop .

"Who allowed you all to leave?" The little cow asked, her eyes widened as she glared at them .

In a flicker, void devil beast Xu Baisheng appeared in front of the door as he blocked the exit .

The expressions on the faces of the Xiao Family's disciples turned ugly .

"Let them leave . " Huang Xiaolong said indifferently .

Xu Baisheng acknowledged respectfully and stepped away from the door, and the group of Xiao Family's disciples ran for their lives .

"Errm, Senior? You really want to buy this batch of Ancestor God's Buddha bones?" The shop owner gulped and asked Huang Xiaolong with apprehension, after making sure that the Xiao Family's disciples had ran out of sight and earshot .