Invincible - Chapter 1331

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Chapter 1331: 1331

Huang Xiaolong’s group could use only one word to describe the Soulless Star—desolate! 

The wind carried a taste of sorrow as it blew past them, and a chill seeped deep into the bones as well as their souls .

“This is Soulless Frigid Wind!” The little cow went on with a solemn expression, “If this Soulless Frigid Wind were to enter a low-level Ancestor God Realm cultivator’s body, they would die a ghastly death within the hour, if they were not to receive immediate treatment . ”

“Ghastly, how?” Huang Xiaolong asked curiously .

“When they would die, their godheads would go missing as if eaten by something, their souls would scatter, and they would die with expressions of agony . On top of that, their internal organs would get completely destroyed!” The little cow described for Huang Xiaolong’s benefit .

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air .

Terrifying! This Soulless Frigid Wind didn’t only damage the flesh, but it also swallowed a cultivator’s godhead!

“The average divine armor and godforce are completely useless to defend against the Soulless Frigid Wind . " Void devil beast Xu Baisheng interjected . "But Master has the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, therefore, no need to fear this Soulless Frigid Wind . " 

Huang Xiaolong nodded and was inwardly relieved .

"In fact, even without the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, you don't need to worry about this Soulless Frigid Wind because of your supreme godhead and the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool . " Said the little cow .

"The Golden Dragon Lightning Pool can dispel the Soulless Frigid Wind?" Huang Xiaolong was surprised . He didn't expect the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool to have this effect .

The little cow rolled her eyes at him, "Even though the Soulless Frigid Wind is scary, it still pales in comparison with the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool . After all, the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool is one of the nine great chaos lightning pools . I am not very clear about the other effects of the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, but you will gradually learn with time that it is a treasure that exceeds your imagination!" 

Huang Xiaolong was stoked at the little cow's words, and he began looking forward to the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's benefits .

A while later, the group flew past the layer of the Soulless Frigid Wind, into the Soulless Star .

In order to test the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's power, Huang Xiaolong did not call out the Yellow Springs Magic Robe . He also did not use his Golden Divine Armor, or his godforce to put up a protection barrier; he simply let the Soulless Frigid Wind to brush past him .

The instant the Soulless Frigid Wind entered his body, ghostly howls jarred his mind . At the same time, he felt pangs of pain in his internal organs .

These effects staggered Huang Xiaolong .

His True Dragon Physique was stronger than he could imagine, yet the Soulless Frigid Wind actually affected his True Dragon Physique malignantly!

In the next second, streams of chaos light energy surged out from between Huang Xiaolong’s brows to every part of his body . Wherever the chaos lightning energy reached, the Soulless Frigid Wind's harmful effects disappeared!

It was even more surprising that in addition to negating the Soulless Frigid Wind's harmful effects, the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's energy was also scattering the Soulless Frigid Wind entering Huang Xiaolong’s body, and transforming it into a kind of natural energy; this was then absorbed by Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong discovered that after he had absorbed the transformed Soulless Frigid Wind energy, his True Dragon Physique and three supreme godheads had actually developed resistance to it .

Huang Xiaolong was completely relieved after testing the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's power . Subsequently, he employed his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead's purifying power and discovered that it could also purify the Soulless Frigid Wind . His confidence rose even further .

The group flew onwards .

Huang Xiaolong’s group was flying towards one of the mainlands close to the center of the Soulless Star . Two of the herb ingredients, the Nine Turns Hundred Leaves Grass and Black Shadow Illusionary Soul Fruit could be found there . Huang Xiaolong needed these in order to refine the Brilliant Black Soul Divine Pill .  

Maybe it was because of the Soulless Frigid Wind, but there were very few magic beasts or evil spirits in Soulless Star .

As they flew onwards, the little cow suddenly shouted: “Stop!”

Everyone was taken aback, but halted quickly .

Huang Xiaolong was baffled, but before he could ask anything, the little cow’s hoof pointed at an ordinary looking hilly terrains,, “There’s a restrictive formation in front of us!”

Restrictive formation! Everyone was surprised, but no one doubted the little cow's words . Moreover, a restrictive formation that made the little cow react in such a way would definitely not be an average one .

"We need to circumspect around it!" Said Huang Xiaolong . Judging from the little cow's solemn expression, he better not mess with it .

But the little cow shook her head and said, "No need!" 

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at her .

"Very likely, there is some kind of ancient artifact sealed within this restrictive formation . " The little cow said .

Ancient artifact! Huang Xiaolong's eyes sparkled .

There was an ancient artifact sealed within a restrictive formation that had caused the little cow to show such a solemn expression!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and Xu Baisheng responded with a respectful ‘yes . ’ He extended his palm towards the hilly terrain and pressed down . Immediately, a bright light gushed out from the ordinary looking hilly terrain, along with a strong Soulless Frigid Wind and thick death qi .

Everyone was caught off guard, but they reacted quickly and circulated their godforce to form a barrier in front of them .

As a precaution, Huang Xiaolong summoned out the Yellow Springs Magic Robe . Thick devil qi roiled out like clouds, protecting everyone .

Under the Yellow Springs Magic Robe’s protection, the strong Soulless Frigid Wind and death qi turned into a hurricane . A long time later, Soulless Frigid Wind and the death qi gradually weakened and finally stopped .

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked at the hilly terrain once again . At this point, the hills had disappeared, and an appealing antique mirror was revealed! Huang Xiaolong wasn’t able to identify the mirror’s materials; it was rustic yellow in color, without any luster .

On mirror’s frame were wisps of death qi and blowing Soulless Frigid Wind that were shaped into numerous ghostly shrieking heads . Their sharp shrieks pierced into Huang Xiaolongs and his group’s hearts like a song of a siren from hell .

“The Hell’s Spirit World’s Great Dead Souls’ Formation!” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng exclaimed as he recognized the formation in front of them .

Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, and the rest, except for the little cow, had never heard of the Great Dead Souls’ Formation . But given the little cow and Xu Baisheng’s sullen expressions, it was not hard to guess that this Great Dead Souls’ Formation was a powerful formation from Hell’s Spirit World .

“Can you break this Great Dead Souls’ Formation?” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow and Xu Baisheng .

The little cow smirked, “Who’s this cow? The super invincible unparalleled cow tribe’s Ancestor, a mere Great Dead Souls’ Formation can’t stop me . ”

Looking at the little cow’s smugness, Huang Xiaolong immediately put her on the pedestal, “Alright then, you have one minute to break this Great Dead Souls’ Formation!”

The little cow was agape, but she didn’t manage to retort a single word .

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng curled his lips as he tried his best to keep a straight face .

In the meanwhile, on a certain mainland at the center of the Soulless Star, a group of people was busy trying to break an ancient grand formation . These people were none other than the Sand Waves Sect’s Chief Liang Luwen, and Sand Waves Sect Grand Elders and Elders .

The joy on Liang Luwen and others’ faces became thicker, as they saw that the formation’s light was dimming gradually .

“Sect Chief, we should be able to break this ancient formation in another two hours . ” One of the Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders laughed loudly .

Liang Luwen nodded in agreement, “As long as we can break this ancient formation, everyone will get a share from the treasures within . Listen up, attack the formation as hard as possible, and this Gate Chief will heavily reward you all!"

"Thank you, Master!" The Sand Waves Sect's Grand Elders complied loudly in unison .