Invincible - Chapter 1411

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Chapter 1411

Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction as Xu Baisheng informed him that they would be arriving at the Royal Buddha Great Worlds in ten days or so .

Huang Xiaolong decided that to condense some spirit stones for expenses during this remaining travel time . Now that he had broken through to the Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm, he was able to condense the mid grade-eight spirit stones .

He planned on condensing a little more mid grade-eight spirit stones in case he would come across the God King’s Buddha Pellet in an auction .

There was no harm in being better prepared, even though a God King’s Buddha Pellet would cost less that the eighteen Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits, and the amount of spirit stones inside his spatial ring was sufficient .

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong planned on using these extra funds to buy some top-grade chaos spiritual herbal ingredients to refine some top-grade chaos spiritual pills .

He had almost finished refining the Sea Gods’ spirits from inside the Sea Tower . And even though he had quite a lot of top-grade chaos spiritual herbs inside the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space, they were not going to last him long at his current consumption speed .

Huang Xiaolong needed to refine a large amount of top-grade chaos spiritual pills, therefore, he needed an even larger amount of top-grade chaos spiritual herbs .

After all, he had the Pill Blending Tower; as long as he had sufficient alchemy materials, he would not fall short of top-grade chaos spiritual pills . More importantly, he didn’t need to waste time refining them himself .

With that thought lingering in his mind, Huang Xiaolong once again returned to cultivation room number one . However, this time he was going to condense mid grade-eight spirit stones .

With a single point of his finger in the air, mid grade-eight spirit stones fell from the depths of the void, and soon cultivation room number one was filled with spirit stones . Huang Xiaolong put them away into his Ghost Buddha Ring, then continued to condense more spirit stones .

When the cultivation room was once again filled with mid grade-eight spirit stones, Huang Xiaolong once again put them away into his Ghost Buddha Ring, and continued to repeat this process multiple times, regardless of day or night .

Two weeks came and went just like that . . .

Huang Xiaolong had already lost count of how many spirit stones he had put away into the Ghost Buddha Ring during this time . He only knew that he had almost filled the Ghost Buddha Ring to its brim .

Huang Xiaolong stopped condensing the spirit stones roughly after two weeks . He took a look inside his Ghost Buddha Ring and shook his head because it struck him that he needed to reforge the Ghost Buddha Ring . He realized that he could also reforge Godly Mt . Xumi along with the Ghost Buddha Ring .

In Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, the Ghost Buddha Ring and the Godly Mt . Xumi’s grade was a little low . The Ghost Buddha Ring had once belonged to the Ghost Buddha Sect’s Sect Chief and he was only a high-level Ancestor God Realm cultivator at the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm . At his current strength, Huang Xiaolong believed that he could significantly raise the grade of the Ghost Buddha Ring and Godly Mt . Xumi if he reforged them .

Huang Xiaolong pondered as he walked out from the cultivation room .

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others were already waiting outside, and so were Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi .

But Huang Xiaolong did not see the little cow .

“Xiaoniu is still cultivating?” Huang Xiaolong asked curiously .

Xiang Xun respectfully replied, “Yes! Senior Xiaoniu is still cultivating inside cultivation room number two . Do you want me to call her?”

Huang Xiaolong said seriously, “No need to do that . We will just wait for her to come out . ”

Xiaoniu should have known that they were close to arriving at the Royal Buddha Great Worlds around this time . But since she hadn’t come out, Huang Xiaolong knew that it must be because she was at a critical point of her breakthrough .

Delaying by a few days won’t matter as they had already arrived at the Royal Buddha Great Worlds .  

Ten days passed in waiting . . .

Huang Xiaolong was condensing mid grade-eight spirit stones inside cultivation room number one, when sudden booming noises sounded as the entire Giant Shark Flying Ship shook slightly .

Huang Xiaolong stiffened for a second, he halted his condensation . He had decisively stopped condensing spirit stones, as the booming noises were coming from cultivation room number two .  Looks like Xiaoniu has successfully broken through .

Huang Xiaolong came out from his cultivation room, and as he had expected, he saw the little cow swaggering smugly outside of cultivation room number two . That look on her face said it all .

Her demeanor made Huang Xiaolong speechless . The more time he was spending with her, the less he was able to see through her .  How does she cultivate? Why does it seem like the faster his cultivation rose, so did the little cow’s? She was never far behind .

Seconds later, the little cow stood in front of Huang Xiaolong with her tail swinging cheerfully as she said, “Say, Master, even if my chest is a little voluptuous, you don’t need to stare at me like that . It makes me feel shy!”


Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi splattered saliva all over the floor from shock . Then again, as void devil beasts, even their saliva was valuable .

Xu Baisheng looked over his shoulder and glared at them .

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, laughing faintly as he said to Xu Baisheng, “It’s alright . ” Then he looked at the little cow and scolded, “You would feel shy with your old thick face? I have seen all parts of you . Let’s go, we’ve arrived at the Royal Buddha Great Worlds days ago, and everyone had been waiting for you to come out . ”

The little cow followed after Huang Xiaolong, whining with dissatisfaction, “I’m finished, I’m finished, you’ve seen everything, how am I going to get married in the future?”

Huang Xiaolong felt speechless at her response, but he still managed to retort, “You think you can get married? I don’t think there’s a single bull in this universe who would dare to marry you . ”

The little cow harrumphed proudly, “Who says I have to marry a bull?”

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a second . . .  ‘She doesn’t plan to marry a bull?’ That had never occurred to him .

“When you become the Lord of Hell, this cow will announce that she’s looking for a partner, and at that time, the number of divine beasts, ancient sects’ Sect Chiefs, and Archdevils from the thousands and millions of world surfaces would come looking to seek my hand in marriage . ” She said smugly .

Huang Xiaolong had an impulse to pretend that he didn’t know this cow .

But the little cow’s words reminded Huang Xiaolong of the old man, whom he had met when he obtained the Godly Mt . Xumi . That old man had also asked him what he would do after he would become the Lord of Hell? Now that the little cow had brought the matter up, could it be that he really would be the Lord of Hell in the future?

“Xiaoniu, you really think that I would become the Lord of Hell?’ Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist asking this to the little cow .

Xu Baisheng, Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi, were absolutely shocked as they looked at the little cow .

The Lord of Hell!

That was an existence that ruled over Hell’s Asura World, Spirit World, and Ghost World!

The supreme existence!

However, it had been countless billions of years since the three worlds had come into existence that there had only been one Lord of Hell so far . Since this Lord of Hell had disappeared more than a ten billion years ago, no one had been able to rise to that position .

The little cow grinned, “In your opinion, could you become the Lord of Hell?”

Huang Xiaolong wanted to lift his foot and kick her for this counter-question .

“Probably can . ” The little cow quickly answered her own question . “Still, that depends on your luck in the future . ”

Only then did Huang Xiaolong put down his foot .

But the little cow’s answer was no different than air itself; it was as if she hadn’t answered his question at all . What does it even mean by ‘depends on your future luck?’ In that case, anyone could be the Lord of Hell .

After everyone had alighted, Huang Xiaolong put away the Giant Shark Flying Ship into the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space, and then tore through the Royal Buddha Great Worlds’ barrier and entered the Royal Buddha Great Worlds with the rest of his group .

Looking down from above, they could see a cluster of world surfaces hanging over the horizon of the Divine World’s starry space . These world surfaces were exuding a golden luminance, a luminance that could only be achieved when a world’s surface’s Buddhist energy had reached a certain degree of purity .