Invincible - Chapter 1491

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Chapter 1491: 1491

In the end, Huang Xiaolong nodded and agreed with a pinky promise where the liar would be a piggy . Bei Xiaomei nodded her head with satisfaction and complimented, “I know Uncle is the best . ”

Even so, Bei Xiaomei stayed for another day, before departing with extreme reluctance . With her gone, Huang Xiaolong felt much more relaxed .

As he watched Bei Xiaomei leaving with her entourage of Silver Fox Commerce’s experts, departing further and further away, and finally out of sight, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze while thinking he could finally cultivate in peace .

In recent days, Bei Xiaomei had come to his place early in the morning and left late almost every night .

He had even ‘complained’ to his Master Zhao Lei about this matter, but Zhao Lei had merely scolded him for not recognizing his good luck . The Silver Fox Commerce’s Second Miss was willing to be close to him, which was a pie falling from the sky, so what was he complaining about such good fortune? Had it been him in Huang Xiaolong’s shoes, he would spend sleepless nights for several years from happiness .

Huang Xiaolong could only smile wryly at Zhao lei’s words and had returned to his place without another word .

Since the apprenticeship ceremony had ended, the Fortune Emperor Palace had arranged a place for him inside the Fortune Divine Kingdom, at the same time, his cultivation palace at the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens was also kept for his use .

After some contemplation, Huang Xiaolong decided to enter seclusion in his place at the Fortune Divine Kingdom as the spiritual energy and fortune energy there could slightly speed his progress .

Huang Xiaolong sat down cross-legged and took out twenty Fortune Divine Fruits from his pile of winnings he had gotten from Wang Yongsen . These Fortune Divine Fruits’ quality was even higher and contained richer fortune energy than the ones his Master Zhao Lei had given him previously .

Refining twenty highest grade Fortune Divine Fruits simultaneously was his limit at his current level of mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm .

Huang Xiaolong summoned out his three avatars and the four of them formed a four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation as he circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and began absorbing the Fortune Divine Fruits' energy .

As he circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, fortune energy rushed outwards from the twenty Fortune Divine Fruits into Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars' bodies .

Huang Xiaolong's three supreme godheads were shining radiantly as they happily absorbed the fortune energy rushing into Huang Xiaolong's body .

The seconds trickled by . . .

More fortune energy rushed into Huang Xiaolong's body, and his three supreme godheads shone even brighter .

A month soon went by .

The twenty Fortune Divine Fruits floating in the air gradually lost their luster, crumbling and disappearing from the world .

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and exhaled a breath foul qi . The highest grade Fortune Divine Fruits were really different, many times better than the Fortune Divine Fruits he had received as reward from the rankings competition and the ones his Master Zhao Lei had given him .

Huang Xiaolong stood up and stepped out from his cultivation palace .

His cultivation palace within the Fortune Divine Kingdom was located at the top of a high cliff, where abundant spiritual energy was condensed into clouds . Looking from above, the clouds and mists embroidered the cliff, painting an ethereal fairyland .

‘I wonder where has Senior Brother reached now?’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself .

More than a month ago, after the apprenticeship ceremony had ended, he made a requested to his Senior Brother Chen Hao to go pick up Li Lu, Yao Chi, as well as his two Masters, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor to bring them over, as a precaution .

Senior Brother Chen Hao had immediately understood his worries, and without any delay, Senior Brother Chen Hao had personally made a trip to the Vientiane World surface to pick up Li Lu, Yao Chi, and his two Masters .

More than a month had passed, but Huang Xiaolong had not received any messages from his Senior Brother Chen Hao .

After obtaining Fang Gan’s approval, Senior Brother Chen Hao had used the Fortune Emperor Palace’s low-grade grandmist flying ship . Considering the flying ship’s speed, Senior Brother Chen Hao was expected to return to the Fortune Emperor Palace with Yao Chi, Li Lu, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor in another month’s time .

Until Yao Chi, Li Lu, and his two Masters arrived safely, Huang Xiaolong found it difficult to fully concentrate on cultivating .

Huang Xiaolong frowned, thinking of the Fiend God Emperor Palace .

According to that Fiend God Emperor Palace’s master who had taken away Wang Yongsen, the Fiend God Emperor Palace would be participating in the Battle of the Heavenly Court . Moreover, from his tone, the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Emperor’s Disciple was much stronger than Wang Yongsen .

Could he be a Seventh Order God King Realm master? Maybe even a peak late-Seventh Order God King Realm! Perhaps, he had already broken through to Heavenly Monarch Realm?!

Though it didn’t seem very likely that the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Emperor’s Disciple had broken through to Heavenly Monarch Realm, there were always one of the two impossible things that became possible .

This further strengthened Huang Xiaolong’s determination to raise his strength .

His Master Zhao Lei had told him that the Battle of the Heavenly Court could very well be preponed, and it might be held in three thousand years? But it could be much earlier than that as well, maybe in one thousand years, or even a hundred years!

While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Battle of the Heavenly Court, a figure appeared in the distance and was flying towards him .

As the figure got closer, Huang Xiaolong saw that it was Fang Xuanxuan .

Even though the Fiend God Emperor Palace had returned her safely more than a month ago, she had remained unconscious until the day before .

Although the rule stated that only Emperor Realm masters and supreme godhead disciples could enter the Fortune Divine Kingdom, Fang Xuanxuan as the Fortune Emperor’s daughter was not bound by this rule .

Fang Xuanxuan also saw Huang Xiaolong standing on top of the cliff from afar . She halted for a split second, then continued flying towards Huang Xiaolong .

Moments later, she descended in front of Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation palace and approached him .

After standing in front of Huang Xiaolong, there was a complicated expression on her face as she looked at him . She struggled internally for a few seconds before speaking, “I heard from my father that you’re the one who saved me… Thank you!”

When she had first met Huang Xiaolong in the Royal Buddha Great Worlds, she had vowed to make things difficult for him after his arrival at the Fortune Emperor Palace . Now that Huang Xiaolong had a saving grace towards her, how could she hold grudges against him in the future?

Not to mention, she had also heard that Huang Xiaolong was not merely a supreme godhead genius, but a king of supreme godhead genius . If she really created troubles for Huang Xiaolong, Uncle Zhao Lei and her father would reprimand her .

“You’re welcome . ” Huang Xiaolong added, “It’s something I had to do . ”

Finally, Fang Xuanxuan felt her mood improve, just a little .

“You must watch out for the Fiend God Emperor Palace . ” Fang Xuanxuan spoke again after a brief silence .

Huang Xiaolong responded with a smile and said, “I will . ” Even without Fang Xuanxuan’s reminder, Huang Xiaolong was aware of the dangers .

“Then, I won’t bother you while you are cultivating . ” Fang Xuanxuan said and flew away before Huang Xiaolong could react . He dazed momentarily then shook his head, as it seemed like Fang Xuanxuan had specifically visited to thank him .

He was planning to ask Fang Xuanxuan about her brother, the Emperor’s Disciple, but on second thought, he scratched off the idea as he didn’t want to risk rousing others’ suspicion .

Well, he could look for other opportunities and asked his Master Zhao Lei instead . Zhao Lei should know the Emperor’s Disciple’s real name, right?

Huang Xiaolong went back inside his cultivation palace to cultivate after Fang Xuanxuan left .

As for Xiaoniu and the rest, Huang Xiaolong had them brought into the Emperor Fortune Palace’s grounds and arranged a place in one of the palace gardens for them, a month ago . They had been eating and sleeping well, and their days were more than comfortable, so there was nothing he needed to worry about them .

While Huang Xiaolong went back to his cultivation, somewhere in the vast space, there was a flying ship flying rapidly in the direction of the Fortune Emperor Palace . This flying ship was carrying Chen Hao on his way back from the Vientiane World surface . Li Lu, Yao Chi, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor were with him on the ship .

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