Invincible - Chapter 1509

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Chapter 1509: 1509

The resounding muffled boom alarmed Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er and the others .

Except for Xiang Xun, the rest felt their minds buzz, even the Seventh Order God King Realm Xu Baisheng was no exception to this experience . Their faces paled from the soul vibrations .

A month ago, the little cow had already awakened from her cultivating state, and now, she was covering her eyes while shrieking, “Why everytime that kid breaks through, he has to cause such a big commotion? Doesn’t it make life hard for this old cow?”

Xiang Xun and the rest were rendered speechless by her complaint .

But all of them had to agree with her . It does seem like that, every time the Master breaks through, he causes a big commotion .

“It hasn’t been long that Master broke through to the God King Realm, and now, he has broken through again . Does that mean his cultivation has reached Second Order God King Realm?” Xu Yong exclaimed .

“Merely a few years, and the Master has already broken through to the Second Order God King Realm? No, no right?” Xu Shi stuttered .

But Xu Baisheng shook his head, “No, not the Second Order God King Realm . ”

Xu Yong and Xu Shi actually felt relieved at Xu Baisheng’s confirmation .

Thank God, Master has yet to break through to the Second Order God King Realm .

Then, Xu Baisheng gave their hearts a stab, “It’s definitely Third Order God King Realm and above!”

“What—?!!” Not only Xu Yong and Xu Shi, but others were agape as well .

Third Order God King Realm! . … or higher!?

Xiang Xun nodded and said in agreement, “Baisheng is right . Judging from the commotion of our Master’s breakthrough, it’s definitely above Third Order God King Realm . ” Even Xiang Xun couldn’t hide his astonishment as he spoke .

Six years ago, Huang Xiaolong had just broken through to the God King Realm, and now, he was already a Third Order God King Realm! None of them would have believed it, had they not sensed it for real .

Upon hearing Xiang Xun’s affirmation, Xu Yong and the others had to believe Xu Baisheng’s estimation .

Another resounding boom thundered in the depths of Tianwu Treasure palace, an overwhelming dragon might swept out in all four directions of the palace space .

Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, Xu Shi, and others found it hard to breath .

Sensing this, Xiang Xun swiftly circulated his godforce and put up a protective barrier over everyone .

Even the little cow did not dare to be careless . Purple lightning crackled over her body, forming a protective barrier .

In the next second, the world fell into darkness, so dark they couldn’t see their own five fingers or hooves in front of them .

The unexpected darkness almost sent everyone into a fluster .

All of them were God King Realm masters now, hence, even if they were in the darkest place in the world, they should still be able to see their surroundings . But now, they couldn’t even make out things a meter from them, no, not even a foot in front of them, including Xiang Xun .

Xiang Xun summoned his Black Infernal Divine Fire, finally bringing some ‘light’ to their surroundings . But it merely lasted for the briefest second and Xiang Xun’s Black Infernal Divine Fire extinguished with a zhiip .

Everyone was stupefied due to this .

Xiang Xun was rendered completely silly on the spot .

His Black Infernal Divine Fire was hailed as the desolate era’s divine fire that could incinerate all things . In billions of years, he had never experienced this kind of a situation .

Then they heard the little cow’s voice in the darkness, “This is the Lord of Hell’s darkness energy, so no fires can light up within this darkness . Forget out Black Infernal Divine Fire, even the desolate era’s number one Myriad Circles Indestructible Divine Fire cannot not light up this darkness . ”

The Lord of Hell’s darkness energy!

Gasps of shock sounded in the darkness .

However, as soon as their shock receded, they became aware of their situation . So, it is the Lord of Hell’s darkness energy, no wonder they could not see anything further than a foot away . No wonder Xiang Xun’s Black Infernal Divine Fire could not light up in this darkness .

Within this darkness was cold emptiness . This kind of empty coldness seemed to seep into their bones and soul .

“Everyone sit down and meditate, keep your will steadfast . ” The little cow’s voice sounded again, and it was a little urgent .

Upon hearing her instruction, everyone quickly sat down and meditated, focusing on keeping their will steadfast .

No one knew how long the darkness lasted . It felt like several aeons had passed when all of a sudden, the darkness receded . There was light in the world again and they could once more clearly see their surroundings .

The light seemed to shine straight into their hearts, bringing joy .

Before they could rejoice, everything was swallowed up by darkness again .

This time, it felt longer in the darkness, as if there was no end in sight .

Inside this endless darkness, they hardly had a sense of time . Even space didn’t seem to exist, and there wasn’t even a tiny shred of warmth .

Despite everyone being a God King Realm master and possessing strong will, each of them slowly sunk in the mire of despair, losing any hope of living .

The first ones to lose their reasons and fall into mindlessness were the God King Realm magic beasts that Huang Xiaolong had tamed when he had entered the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield .

Gui Yi, Gui Er, Feng Er, and the others followed them .

At one point, Xu Jiang, Xu Yong, Xu Shi also succumbed into despair in the darkness .

Gradually, Xiang Xun’s thoughts grew gloomy and dark .

Just as Xiang Xun was a second away from falling into utter mindlessness, the endless darkness disappeared . At the same time, warm speckles of light rushed out to every corner of the Tianwu Treasure palace .

Feng Er, Gui Yi, Xu Jiang, Xu Baisheng and the others shuddered as their reasons recovered . Recalling the feelings of despair and coldness in the darkness, they broke out in cold sweat . The Lord of Hell’s darkness energy was simply too scary! Not to mention, they were merely enshrouded in darkness, and the darkness had not attacked them at all .

“Is everyone alright?” A voice sounded .

Everyone turned to look in the same direction . The figure that entered their vision was none other than Huang Xiaolong, who had finished refining the Netherworld King’s Jade’s third restriction .


“Manor Lord!”

Everyone quickly stood up and hurried forward in elation .

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded at them .

“Little brat Huang, you, you’ve broken through to the Fourth Order God King Realm?” The little cow stared at Huang Xiaolong and blurted out in high pitch .

Huang Xiaolong stilled for a second then shook his head as he answered, “Not yet . ”

He had been in seclusion for almost a decade refining the Netherworld King’s Jade’s third restriction, his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds, still, it had stopped at the late-Third Order God King Realm .

However, compared to his improved strength, Huang Xiaolong was even more excited about the fact that he had learned about the exact location of the Lord of Hell’s heritage after refining the jade’s third restriction!

It’s in Hell’s Asura World!

Although his current cultivation realm and strength were not enough for him to withstand the energy from the Lord of Hell’s heritage, still, there were a lot of other treasures at the heritage land, ah . When the time would be right, he could go pick a few good stuff . With these treasures, he would be able to break through to Heavenly Monarch Realm in the shortest time!

Moreover, after refining the Netherworld King’s Jade’s third restriction, he had also obtained some broken memories, and from these broken memories, he had learned the Lord of Hell had gotten one of nine chaos lightning pools . That chaos lightning pool was now sealed within the heritage land!

If he could get his hands on that chaos lightning pool, then, he would possess two chaos lightning pools!

Currently, the chaos golden dragon lightning’s energy was tempering his True Dragon Physique and three supreme godheads every second throughout the day . If he could obtain another chaos lightning pool, then his True Dragon Physique and godheads would only become stronger, and his cultivation speed faster .

The little cow was expressly relieved upon hearing Huang Xiaolong’s answer that he had yet to advance to Fourth Order God King Realm . “You nearly scared this cow to death, I thought you broke through to Fourth Order God King Realm so fast . ”

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