Invincible - Chapter 1539

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Chapter 1539: 1539

As everyone chatted and laughed, Huang Xiaolong took a look at the chaos demonic beast that was currently being restrained by Jiang Hong .

After witnessing Huang Xiaolong repeatedly making breakthroughs after refining the Blood Eye Devil Stele, the chaos demonic beast fell into a state of shock . In fact, it felt more shock that Jiang Hong and the rest .

Step by step, Huang Xiaolong walked towards the chaos demonic beast .

After refining the Blood Eye Devil Stele, his strength had risen greatly and it was about time for him to subdue the chaos demonic beast before him .

In an instant, everyone turned to stare at it .

The chaos demonic beast snapped back to its senses and stared at Huang Xiaolong .

“You!!!” No matter how hard it struggled or screamed, Jiang Hong’s restrictions weren’t there for show . He wasn’t able to move a single muscle .

Fear flashed through its eyes and it started to panic .

“Is junior brother planning to subdue the Chaos Black Camel now?” Jiang Hong asked .

The true body of the chaotic demon beast was a Chaos Black Camel .

It was a top grade chaos spiritual beast and it was easier to look for a needle in a haystack than to come across a single Chaos Black Camel . Moreover, it was a darkness attributed demonic beast .

“Yes… I’m afraid I will have to trouble senior brother once again . ” Huang Xiaolong nodded .

Now that he had broken through to the mid-Fifth Order God King Realm, and along with the help of Jiang Hong, there shouldn’t be any problems subduing this Chaos Black Camel, right?

Despite trying to reassure himself, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t really confident when the time came to take action .

“It’s no trouble at all . ” Jiang Hong shook his hand and continued, “Now then, shall we begin?”

“Let’s begin!” Huang Xiaolong nodded .

As Huang Xiaolong took his seat in front of the Chaos Black Camel, Jiang Hong found a spot behind him .

After he adjusted his breathing and calmed down, Huang Xiaolong started to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium .

Grandmist aura started to flow through his arms and a cute little grandmist worm was formed .

After he had advanced to the mid-level God King Realm, he discovered that the grandmist worm formed with his grandmist aura had an additional purple stripe on its body . It shimmered with a faint purple glow and it was extremely eye catching .

At the same time, Jiang Hong also started to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium . Several grandmist worms formed around his body .

As for the grandmist worms formed by Jiang Hong, they were ten times larger than the one formed by Huang Xiaolong . Purple stripes covered their entire bodies, unlike the singular purple stripe on the body of the grandmist worm formed by Huang Xiaolong .

Jiang Hong’s grandmist worms glowed with a resplendent purple light, and comparing Huang Xiaolong’s worm to his was like comparing fireflies to the moon . The grandmist worm around Huang Xiaolong paled in comparison .

Huang Xiaolong could only smile bitterly after looking at Jiang Hong’s grandmist worms .

Even though he didn’t know how powerful Jiang Hong’s worms were, based on appearance alone, he could already tell that they were several times prettier than his .

Huang Xiaolong retracted his thought and started to send out his worm towards the Chaos Black Camel . Due to Jiang Hong’s binding, it couldn’t circulate its godforce to defend against Huang Xiaolong . Without any resistance, Huang Xiaolong’s grandmist worm entered its body .

After his grandmist worm entered the Chaos Black Camel’s body, Huang Xiaolong discovered that it was unable to move further . Even though the Chaos Black Camel wasn’t able to defend itself with godforce, the energy in its body wasn’t something to scoff at . Looking at how things were, Huang Xiaolong didn’t even bother forming a plan to get to its spiritual sea .

Upon seeing this, Jiang Hong quickly sent out his grandmist worms to enter the body of the Chaos Black Camel . As soon as his grandmist worms entered its body, brilliant rays of purple light burst forth as they released waves of grandmist aura . In an instant, the Chaos Black Camel was no longer able to defend itself .

Seeing as its defences were destroyed by Jiang Hong, Huang Xiaolong revealed a smile .

With Jiang Hong’s help, Huang Xiaolong’s grandmist worm arrived at the Chaos Black Camel’s spiritual sea .

However, it was not over yet . After arriving at the spiritual sea, his grandmist worm was met with even stronger defenses .

Even with Jiang Hong’s grandmist aura, Huang Xiaolong’s progress slowed down considerably .

Meanwhile, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng and the rest stood by the side as they observed the situation silently .

Time trickled by .

In a flash, a day passed .

For an entire day, the three of them sat there like a statue and not a single muscle on their body moved .

Compared to everyone else, the little cow looked extremely relaxed .

“You guys don’t have to worry so much, he will succeed for sure . ” The little cow then threw a high-grade chaos spiritual pill into her mouth and chewed slowly .

“Kiddo Xiang Xun, you can have one . ” The little cow said as she took out a high-grade chaos spiritual pill and threw it towards Xiang Xun .

Xiang Xun caught it and smiled, “Senior Azure Cow, I think it’s better for me to focus on guarding my master for now . ”

Even though he was at the peak of the late-First Order Emperor Realm and was a lot stronger than her, he was unable to eat high-grade chaos spiritual pills as snacks .

After all, he needed a long time to refine the energy contained in the pill .

The little cow didn’t insist any further and continued, “Your old ancestor, Xiang Meng, should have already reached the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, right?”

Xiang Xun replied with uncertainty, “Maybe?”

Billions of years had already passed since and he was unable to confirm the true strength of the old ancestor .

“Back in the days, Xiang Meng used to follow me, wandering through various worlds… Who would have thought that so many years would pass in the blink of an eye . ” The little cow sighed heavily as past memories played out in her head .

… .

Four days passed .

All of a sudden, a brilliant ray of light shot out from the statue-like trio .

A purple glow enveloped Huang Xiaolong’s body and he looked as majestic as could be . As for the Chaos Black Camel, its face contorted and its eyes turned bloodshot . Murderous intent rolled off it in waves .

Everyone's heart tightened when they saw such a strange scene play out before them .

The Chaos Black Camel roared endlessly as it tried its best to struggle free .

The deafening roar caused even the void to tremble in the dark space .

After going back and forth for an hour, the howls stopped . Its eyes were no longer bloodshot and the killing intent completely disappeared . An expression of submission appeared on its face .

Both Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong sighed in relief . A look of joy flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

He had succeeded in taming the Chaos Black Camel!

This was a Chaos Black Camel at the peak of the late-First Order Emperor Realm!

The Chaos Black Camel turned to face Huang Xiaolong as it greeted respectfully, “Master!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction .

“Congratulations Master!”

“Congratulations Manor Lord!”

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er and the rest walked over and congratulated Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong replied with a smile .

The little cow chuckled, “Congratulations for obtaining another super bodyguard!”

Super bodyguard? Everyone snickered when they heard that term .

Huang Xiaolong was in a good mood indeed . The trip to Scarlet Blood Mountain Range was well worth it . Not only did he make a breakthrough after refining the complete Blood Eye Devil Stele, but he had also obtained an Emperor Realm Chaos Black Camel!

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