Invincible - Chapter 1543

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Chapter 1543: 1543

Huang Xiaolong looked at Jiang Hong and asked, “Senior brother, are you able to figure out how big this space is?”

Just a moment ago, he had tried to use his divine sense to look for the edge of the space but had realized that it would only reach several tens out of thousands of li distance .

This space was the same as the Ghost River, and some sort of special power seemed to be restricting his divine soul .

Jiang Hong shook his head, “I can’t . This space is too large for me to feel the edge and something seems to be blocking my divine soul . I was only able to extend it to cover a small part of the space around us . ”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, “Even senior brother’s divine soul was affected by the restriction here?!”

That was too shocking

Where in the world were they?! One had to know that Jiang Hong was an expert surpassing the Emperor Realm! If the space created by some other expert could suppress him, didn’t it mean that the creator was someone stronger than him?!

Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, and the others, were shocked by the turn of events .

In fact, Jiang Hong himself was surprised as well as this was his first time encountering something like this .

“This space should have been born from the world . . . . ” The little cow interrupted everyone’s thoughts with a sudden statement . “In fact, it should have been born during the grandmist era!”

“Grandmist era!” Everyone was shocked .

The past was followed by time immemorial, preceded by the ancient times . The chaos gave birth to the desolate era which came before the ancient times and the grandmist era gave birth to chaos . If this space was created in the grandmist era… no one dared to continue thinking about how many years it had existed for!

“What’s so surprising about this?” The little cow continued, “Even though spaces born in the grandmist era are rare, they can still be found! Back when Huang Xiaolong had found the purple grandmist aura, didn’t he also discover it in a space born in the grandmist era?! Any space that can block Kiddo Grandmist’s divine soul has to be a space born during the grandmist era!”

Everyone was startled by the little cow’s revelation .

Huang Xiaolong's eyes widened as he asked the little cow, “So, you are saying that . . . ”

There is a possibility that the grandmist aura exists in this space!

Furthermore, the purple grandmist aura might be present here!

The little cow smiled, “Based on my estimation, there should be purple grandmist aura here . However, it’s just a guess . You have to look for it on your own . ”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow in annoyance . She might as well not have said anything .

He then creased his eyebrows and turned to Jiang Hong, “Senior brother, don’t you think that your godforce is slowly weakening?”

Huang Xiaolong only discovered it now as his loss of godforce had been extremely slow .

“You’re right, I’m slowly losing the godforce in my body as well . ” Jiang Hong said solemnly .

Even though he was someone who had surpassed the Emperor Realm, he was unable to stop his godforce from slipping away!

After asking Xiang Xun and the others, Huang Xiaolong was sure that everyone was slowly losing the godforce they had stored in their body .

“It seems like this space is able to devour our godforce! We could be said to have hit the jackpot… Not many spaces will be able to absorb the godforce from our bodies . . . ” The little cow said with a solemn expression, “We need to find the purple grandmist aura as soon as we can before finding an exit . As soon as the godforce in our body gets sucked dry, our blood essence will be next! After our blood essence runs dry, our life force will be the last thing this space sucks up . If that happens, we will die of old age here!”

Everyone felt a tingle up their spine .

Although it sounded ridiculous, based on their current situation, there really was a possibility that they would die of old age in that space!

Jiang Hong revealed a bitter smile on his face . If the number one expert in the Divine World were to die of old age in this space, what would everyone think?!

Circulating their godforce, Huang Xiaolong and the rest pushed their speed to the limit and flew forward .

The longer they stayed here, the more dangerous it was!

However, the primitive forest was simply too vast! Even after flying for six days, all they saw were trees beneath them!

Furthermore, there wasn’t any other sign of life in this primitive forest!

No matter whether it was demonic beasts or other humans, they weren’t able to see another living creature!

Everything seemed empty and quiet, and the atmosphere seemed pretty eerie .

As the godforce drained from their bodies, they weren't able to restore it no matter how many chaos spiritual pills they took .

Even though Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique provided him with exceptional self recovery abilities, he discovered that the rate at which he recovered was far slower than the rate his godforce drained from his body!

After nine long days, they managed to fly out of the primitive forest!

In the nine days, Huang Xiaolong tried his best to look for the purple grandmist aura but to no avail .

They had no choice but to continue flying .

After two additional days . . .

Jiang Hong released a loud cry and seemed pleasantly surprised .

“Senior brother, what did you see?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

“There are people up ahead!”

Everyone started to rejoice as a trace of hope ignited in their hearts .

For eleven whole days, they had failed to notice the slightest sign of life . It was as though they were the only living creatures present!

Now that there was civilization, there was hope!

Following Jiang Hong’s lead, they flew towards the other sign of life!

Before long, they noticed a tall middle aged man, resembling a wild barbarian in the distance . He was more than ten meters tall and his limbs were as thick as tree trunks . Thick black hair grew out of his arms and legs and despite the sparse concentration of hair on his body, each strand was jet black and extremely eye catching .

Even though he was shocked to see Huang Xiaolong’s group flying towards him, he didn’t try to run away .

“Are you guys outsiders?” He stared at them and asked .


They turned to look at each other .

From his words, it seemed as though he was an aborginal in the space they were in .

“We came in nearly ten days ago . ” Huang Xiaolong replied .

That middle aged man hummed, “We are Barbarians living here! In fact, our ancestors have been living here for generations!”

They became dumbfounded when they heard his revelation . Their ancestors were here?! How did they survive when the space was constantly absorbing their godforce?!

As if he knew what Huang Xiaolong was thinking about, the middle aged barbarian explained, “Are you wondering how we survived with our godforce being constantly drained? We are Barbarians and our fleshy body seems to fit in with the space . We are not affected by the devouring force here . ”

A lightbulb appeared in their minds at the same time .

After chatting for several minutes, they found out that this middle aged man’s name was Feng Yaozhong .

Feng?! His surname was Feng?!

Moreover, they managed to find out that the Barbarian Tribe was merely a short distance from where they were . The number of barbarians present were much lower than what they thought . There were merely several hundred million in this vast space .

Feng Yaozhong enthusiastically invited the group back to his tribe .

After a short consideration, Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong accepted his invitation . After all, as original inhabitants of this space, they might be able to provide a clue as to where the purple grandmist aura was .

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