Invincible - Chapter 1593

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Chapter 1593: 1593

The spirit nectar was similar to liquor, fermented by the Grandmist Emperor Palace by collecting several hundred kinds of chaos spiritual liquids, and a secret method . Not only does it taste excellent, the spirit nectar also increases one’s strength, tempers the flesh, and nourishes the soul .

The little cow was extremely fond of drinking spirit nectar . In the past, everytime the little cow had visited the Grandmist Emperor Palace, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong had stocked up some spirit nectar for her .

“Kiddo Grandmist, it’s a pleasant surprise that you can still remember this elder is fond of spirit nectar,” the little cow snickered in glee and generously complimented Jiang Hong .

The last time she had come to the Grandmist Emperor Palace was several hundred million years ago .

Jiang Hong exchanged a few more pleasantries with the little cow before his attention shifted to Li Lu and Yao Chi . He smiled at Huang Xiaolong and said, “These two misses must be Junior Brother’s sweethearts, right?”

Li Lu and Yao Chi immediately felt flustered, not knowing how to answer . In front of them was someone hailed as the strongest person of the Divine World, ah .

Seeing the two women’s reaction, Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly and suggested, “Call him Senior Brother like I do . ”

This suggestion was even more shocking to Li Lu and Yao Chi .

“Junior Brother is right, if both of you don't dislike it, just call me Senior Brother, like Junior Brother does . ” Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong let out a hearty laughter .

Li Lu and Yao Chi hurried to say no, and called Jiang Hong, “Senior Brother . ”

Hearing that, Jiang Hong grinned while nodding his head in pleasure, “Good . ” Saying this, he turned to Liu Rui who was standing like a frightened scarecrow and said, “Liu Rui, quickly come greet Senior Azure Cow and your Martial Uncle . ”

The Grandmist Emperor’s Disciple snapped to his senses and his heart tightened nervously as he hastened forward . He saluted the little cow and Huang Xiaolong and said, “Junior Liu Rui, greets Senior Azure Cow and Martial Uncle!" He added, "Earlier, Liu Rui was not aware of Senior Azure Cow and Martial Uncle's identity, please excuse me if I showed any discourtesy earlier!"

The little cow smiled and praised, "You are very good, Kiddo Grandmist has accepted a good disciple . "

Liu Rui hurried to reply, "Many thanks for Senior Azure Cow's compliment . "

Huang Xiaolong was smiling too . "Xiaoniu rarely compliments others, if she says you're good, then you're good . "

Liu Rui dazed momentarily . Even though he didn't know why Huang Xiaolong addressed Senior Azure Cow as Xiaoniu, he respectfully replied, "Yes, Martial Uncle . "

Liu Rui subsequently greeted Li Lu and Yao Chi which made the two women feel flattered .

"Now, Senior Azure Cow, Junior Brother, let us go in . I have prepared a lot of spirit nectar," Jiang Hong invited .

The little cow's eyes lit up hearing that .

Seeing her reaction, Huang Xiaolong was full of anticipation towards the spirit nectar . It was no secret that the little cow was very picky .

With Jiang Hong leading in the front, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Li Lu and Yao Chi stepped into the cultivation palace . Despite being the Grandmist Emperor's Disciple, Liu Rui was the last in line .

If Zhang Renjie, Han Qing, Wu Tianhe, or the Brightness Emperor Palace's Peng Xingfei were to see this scene, what would they think?

Only after stepping inside did Huang Xiaolong realize that this ordinary looking palace was far from ordinary . The entire inner hall seemed to blend with heaven and earth . Every single item inside it seemed to be born here, giving others an indescribable feeling .

The little cow looked at the decor and nodded appreciatively, "In the several hundred million years I haven't seen you, your inner hall's decor is getting better . Kiddo Grandmist, you're progressing fast . "

Jiang Hong smiled and replied respectfully, "Senior Azure Cow is overpraising me, Jiang Hong's level is still far from presentable compared to Senior Azure Cow . "

The group reached the seats as they talked and sat down accordingly .

On the small table in front of each person was a small delicate jug that resembled a wine jug . Huang Xiaolong looked at the little jug and could not figure out what the jug was made of . The material looked like jade, metal, and wood at the same time .

"This jug is made of Metallic Jade Wood, that existed in the grandmist era, and it is a rare Grandmist grade spiritual item . Containers made from the Metallic Jade Wood not only can enhance the taste of spirit nectar, but also enhance the spirit nectar's effect as time passes . " The little cow explained to Huang Xiaolong . "This Metallic Jade Wood will not rot even afterten billion years . "

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, and Yao Chi were stunned by the information . Who would have thought that such a small delicate wine jug was made from the Metallic Jade Wood found in the grandmist era .

"Come, senior Azure Cow, Junior Brother, and both younger-sister-in-laws, let’s toast . " Jiang Hong said as he raised his own wine cup .

Huang Xiaolong took a sip . The spirit nectar glided smoothly down his throat, and an indescribable invigorating feeling opened up the pores of his body .

But Liu Rui was a little too preoccupied with his own thoughts .

Earlier, he had not known the little cow and Huang Xiaolong's identity, hence when he had led Huang Xiaolong's group over, he had not reported the incident related to Wu Tianhe to his Master . Now that he knew Huang Xiaolong's identity, he needed to report it to his Master Jiang Hong .

“Liu Rui,” Jiang Hong suddenly called his name .

Liu Rui was startled and jumped up from his seat . "Master . "

"Is something bothering you?" Jiang Hong asked . Liu Rui's unease had not escaped his eyes .

"Master, when I went out to greet Senior Azure Cow and Martial Uncle, there was a conflict between our Emperor Palace's disciple with Senior Azure Cow and Martial Uncle . " Liu Rui replied frankly, not daring to conceal the matter .

Jiang Hong frowned slightly upon hearing that, and ordered somberly, "Details . "

"Yes, Master . " Liu Rui complied respectfully and recounted the matter as he knew it .

After Liu Rui finished recounting the details, Jiang Hong's fingers tightened around the Metallic Jade Wood wine jug he was holding . In a split second, the wine jug turned into dust .

Seeing the fury on his Master Jiang Hong's face, Liu Rui's heart shuddered . He had been following his Master for several hundred thousand years now, but he had never seen his Master so furious .

"Senior Azure Cow, Junior Brother, it is my fault for not disciplining the people under me that I have let you see a joke . " Jiang Hong converged his fury, then said apologetically to Senior Azure Cow and Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said, "The Grandmist Emperor Palace has numerous disciples, it is inevitable there would be one or two that stray . This has nothing to do with the Senior Brother, Senior Brother does not need to take the blame . "

"Kiddo Grandmist, how about you send me a few jugs of spirit nectar as compensation?" The little cow snickered . The corners of her mouth were stained with spirit nectar .

Jiang Hong laughed hearing that and replied, "Even if Senior Azure Cow doesn't bring it up, I would give Senior a few jugs . " He then turned to Liu Rui and ordered solemnly, "Go to the Enforcement Hall now and tell them to abolish Wu Tianhe, the other two Elders, as well as those core disciples' cultivation, then banish them from the Grandmist Emperor Palace!"

Abolished cultivation and banished from the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

To every single Grandmist Emperor Palace's disciple, being banished from the Grandmist Emperor Palace was the most severe and devastating punishment .

Liu Rui hastened to comply, then saluted to Huang Xiaolong and the little cow before hurrying away .

At this time, somewhere in one of the Grandmist Emperor Palace's cultivation palaces, Wu Tianhe, Brightness Emperor Palace's Peng Xingfei, and other Emperor Palaces' Ancestors were drinking and making merry .

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