Invincible - Chapter 1595

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Chapter 1595: 1595

Hearing Huang Xiaolong ask about Feng Er, Xu Baisheng, and the rest, Jiang Hong smiled as he replied, “Rest assured Junior Brother, Feng Er and the others are doing well . They are currently cultivating inside the grandmist secret realm . Does Junior Brother want to go see them now?”

“No need, it’s nothing urgent . ” Huang Xiaolong responded .

The little cow chimed in, “But you look desperate to me, urgently wanting to see your Feng Er . It hasn’t been long since you arrived here, and you’re already asking about Feng Er’s situation . ”

A tinge of red crept up Huang Xiaolong’s face, as he inwardly scolded this old cow!

But the little cow’s tone changed in the next sentence as she spoke to Jiang Hong, “Kiddo Grandmist, don’t go kidnapping Feng Er away with your handsome face, otherwise, this brat here would probably fight you to the death . ”

Jiang Hong blanked for a split second, then smiled wryly and said, “Senior Azure Cow, you're joking . ”

Listening to the three people’s banter, Liu Rui secretly smacked his lips . This was the first time he had seen someone who dared to use his Master Jiang Hong as a joke .

What is this Senior Azure Cow’s origins? She actually has the guts to joke with his Master in this manner?

Although Liu Rui had followed his Master for several hundred thousand years, he had never heard of his Master mention any ‘Senior Azure Cow . ’

“Senior Brother, I want to leave two more people at your Grandmist Emperor Palace the next time I come, is that alright?” Huang Xiaolong asked Jiang Hong, changing the subject .

Jiang Hong smiled nonchalantly as he replied, “There are a lot of places in my Grandmist Emperor Palace, not to mention two people, you can send twenty thousand people if you want . Who are these two people Junior Brother is planning to send over?”

“They are my two other Masters from the Fortune Emperor Palace . ” Huang Xiaolong frankly answered . He briefly explained that his Master Golden Brow and Master Blood Knife had been in seclusion and had reached a crucial point in breakthrough when he had returned to the Fortune Emperor Palace from the Floating Twilight Land . Due to this he had not been able to see them before leaving to the Grandmist Emperor Palace .

Huang Xiaolong’s initial plan was to bring Golden Brow and Blood Knife to the Grandmist Emperor Palace during this trip, so they could cultivate here with Feng Er, Xu Baisheng, and the others .

As things went, Huang Xiaolong was left with no choice but to bring Golden Brow and Blood Knife over the next time .

“Not an issue, Junior Brother can bring them over anytime . ” Jiang Hong stated without hesitation .

“I thank Senior Brother!” said Huang Xiaolong with gratitude .

Jiang Hong waved his hand as he said, “I’ve already said before, you don’t need to be so courteous with me, not to mention, that’s only a small matter . ”

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the little cow stayed at the Grandmist Emperor Palace for ten days .

During this time, Huang Xiaolong accompanied Li Lu and Yao Chi around, enjoying the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s breathtaking sights . Li Lu and Yao Chi’s eyes sparkled at these picturesque sceneries .

Hearing their endless sighs of exclamations, Huang Xiaolong was taken by impulse and said, “If you two like it, shall I collect some Enchantment Butterfly Crystals to build a palace like the ones in Grandmist Emperor Palace for both of you?”

“Re-Really?!” Yao Chi stammered in disbelief, doe-eyed as she gazed at Huang Xiaolong .

Li Lu stopped walking and looked at Huang Xiaolong with anticipation .

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Really! But you may have to wait two to three thousand years . ”

Even though the Enchantment Butterfly Crystals were rare and exorbitantly expensive, Huang Xiaolong did not lack spirit stones . Therefore, to build a palace of similar style to the Grandmist Emperor Palace was not a difficult task .

However, Huang Xiaolong did not have the luxury of time to build such a palace in the short-term .

With the Battle of the Heavenly Court around the corner, all his attention would be invested into raising his strength .

Not to mention, there was the Divine World’s impending calamity hanging over his head . This further motivated Huang Xiaolong to improve his strength .

“Xiaolong, thank you!” Yao Chi was so thrilled that she kissed Huang Xiaolong in front of Li Lu . Though it was merely a peck on the cheek, Huang Xiaolong still felt a little embarrassed in front of Li Lu .

In the next instant, Huang Xiaolong was caught off guard when Li Lu suddenly rushed to his side, and ‘muak . ’ She planted a kiss on his other cheek .

Huang Xiaolong looked dazedly at Li Lu .

Li Lu’s red-hued cheeks turned even redder under Huang Xiaolong’s dazed gaze .

… . . .

Huang Xiaolong saw Feng Er, Xu Baisheng, Gui Yi, and the others the next day .

No doubt, Feng Er was very happy seeing Huang Xiaolong again .

Huang Xiaolong also informed Xu Baisheng, Xu Jiang, Xu Yong, and Xu Shi the result of the Silver Fox Commerce’s investigation of Xu Huanying, Xu Baiqiang, and Xu Baisheng’s whereabouts .

Upon learning that his father and brothers had not fallen into the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s hands, Xu Baisheng’s worries eased by half .

After spending another two more days at the Grandmist Emperor Palace, Huang Xiaolong’s group departed to the Grandmist Lands with Jiang Hong .

It was going to take two years of travel time from the Grandmist Emperor Palace to the Grandmist Lands based on the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s speed .

Hence, on board the flying ship, Huang Xiaolong’s time was either spent on cultivating, studying the Tianwu Array Records, or discussing the dao of cultivation with his Senior Brother Jiang Hong . The little cow would join them occasionally and interject with a few random sentences .

The journey went on smoothly .

In the beginning, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship sped past prosperous world surfaces but as they traveled further north, the number of world surfaces were sparse in between, and barely inhabited by cultivators .

Some world surfaces did not even have any signs of vitality, from being completely barren to entirely enveloped by snowstorms .

The further north they traveled, the dimmer the space’s ambient lights were .

One and a half year later . . .

By this time, it was all dark in the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s flying course .

All around was cold darkness; coldness that seeped into the bones and the soul .

Even a high-level God King Realm expert would have a hard time enduring this coldness, hence everyone stayed inside the flying ship . With the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s defensive formations activated, Li Lu and Yao Chi were safe .

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship had been flying for close to two years, approaching the Grandmist Lands, when it halted before a dark galaxy .

The dark galaxy in front of them emitted palpitating black gleams almost as dense as solid matter . The darkness was akin to despair that sucked away all hope and life, the exact opposite of the vibrant galaxy in the proximity of the Grandmist Emperor Palace .

Inside the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, Jiang Hong was pointing towards the dark galaxy and said, “That is the Black Polar Galaxy . We need to travel through this Black Polar Galaxy and pass an ancient world surface to arrive at the Grandmist Lands . However, there are numerous meteorites in this Black Polar Galaxy, as well as icy-dark creatures . We should exercise caution when passing through this Black Polar Galaxy . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, then had Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel carefully maneuver the Dragon Shark Flying Ship into the Black Polar Galaxy .

The moment the Dragon Shark Flying Ship cruised into the Black Polar Galaxy, black gleams of light glimmered like starlight . Huang Xiaolong noticed that the coldness from these starlight-like black gleams was even more intense to the point of affecting the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s speed .

Suddenly, there was a loud boom, and the Dragon Shark Flying Ship swayed slightly .

Huang Xiaolong immediately realized that there were icy-dark creatures attacking the flying ship! However, these icy-dark creatures seemed to have merged with the surroundings’ darkness, so they were almost undetectable .

However, Huang Xiaolong ordered Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel to fly onwards at full speed .

…… . .

Half a month later .

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship flew through the Black Polar Galaxy without much trouble, and an enormous world surface appeared at the other end .

This enormous world surface was bigger than any other world surface Huang Xiaolong had seen so far . Furthermore, this world surface exuded an immemorial aura of vicissitudes and infertility .

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