Invincible - Chapter 1629

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Chapter 1629: 1629

“That’s right, Jiao Qingshan doesn’t take our Gu Family seriously! Gu Cheng was one of the Grand Elders of our family! How can Jiao Qingshan kill him as he please?!” Another one of the Grand Elders, Gu Haoyu, said furiously .

His identity wasn’t simple as he was Gu Cheng’s uncle .

“Moreover, it was Wang Sinan who revoked Jia Yuan’s status and threw him into prison, what has it got to do with Gu Cheng? How dare he vent his rage on Gu Cheng?!” Another one of the Grand Elders yelled angrily .

The remaining Grand Elders started voicing out their dissatisfaction as well .

It seemed that unless Jiao Qingshan was able to give them a reasonable explanation, they would kill their way to the Netherworld King’s Organization headquarters .

Gu Chen raised his hand and calmed everyone down .

“Whatever the case, everything started with the Asura noble called Duwei . ” Gu Chen said solemnly, “Let someone investigate the background of this person called Duwei and report back to me . Jiao Qingshan couldn’t have possibly killed Gu Cheng just because of Jia Yuan! There has to be some other reason!”

Everyone was dumbfounded .

Gu Haoyu thought about it for a moment and asked, “Patriarch, are you saying that Jiao Qingshan killed Gu Cheng because of this person called Duwei?!”

Gu Chen nodded his head, “Both Gu Cheng and Wang Sinan went to the Brookspring Plane this time round to kill Duwei and avenge our disciple, Gu Zheng . ”

Everyone committed this fact to their memory silently .

“Maybe Duwei is related to Jiao Qingshan? Is he one of Jiao Qingshan’s descendants? He might even be Jiao Qingshan’s disciple . . . ” One of the Grand Elders guessed .

“Everything will be clear once we investigate him!” Gu Chen’s eyes flickered .

“If Du Wei has no relationship to Jiao Qingshan, then I want him to die without a burial site! We will allow him to enjoy the endless tortures hell has to offer . ” Gu Haoyu said as a terrifying wave of murderous intent shot out from his eyes .

“And don’t forget about Jia Yuan!”


Time passed quickly, day after day .

On the divine plane where the test was held . . .

The world of darkness around Huang Xiaolong doubled in size after a mere twenty days!

On the twenty sixth day of the test . . .

On Huang Xiaolong’s test token, the number of hell beasts killed reached a terrifying number of seven million! And among them, more than four hundred and fifty thousand were above the Ninth Order God King Realm!

More than four hundred and fifty thousand!

More than one hundred and fifty times!

Jia Yuan and the three others inside the Netherworld King’s flying ship were shocked speechless .

“Master can’t possibly be planning to wipe out all the hell beasts on the divine plane, right?!” Tai Yue’s voice was trembling when he asked .

Initially, the Divine Plane had nearly ten million hell beasts, but now, there were only a few left!

“I’m afraid that might really happen if we give master another half a month . ” Wan Yutian said bitterly .

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s frightening speed, he could definitely wipe out all the hell beasts on the divine plane in another half a month!

Fortunately, there were only four days remaining .

“If the old master was still around, he would definitely be overjoyed . ” Fan Hui lamented .

The four of them stared at each other as they fell into silence .

There had been lots of speculations regarding their old master, the king of hell . There were some who claimed that he was dead, and there were others who said that he was trapped in the Land of Origin . There were even some who felt that he suffered from cultivation deviation after cultivating some weird devil art .

The four of them released a faint sigh as none of them had any idea about their old master’s whereabouts .

Four days passed in the blink of an eye .

The test had finally ended!

When the test ended, Huang Xiaolong was instantly wrapped up in a ball of energy and was sent out of the divine plane .

When he reappeared, he was in the inner hall of the Netherworld King’s Organization branch in the Brookspring Plane . The first person he saw was Jia Yuan, who was waiting for him respectfully . He also noticed a middle-aged man standing beside Jia Yuan . The middle-aged man stood there like a mountain in the wilderness, and emanated an unshakeable grandeur .

Jia Yuan stood respectfully behind the middle-aged man like a servant .

Their eyes lit up when Huang Xiaolong reappeared .

Jia Yuan smiled respectfully, “Lord Duwei, you are back!” After that, he then introduced the middle-aged man to Huang Xiaolong, “Lord Duwei, let me introduce to you our Senior Commander, Lord Jiao Qingshan!”

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback . The man before him was a Senior Commander in the Netherworld King’s Organization!

“Haha, if brother Duwei doesn’t mind, you can address me as big brother Jiao in the future . ” Jiao Qingshan said with a smile on his face .

Even though Jiao Qingshan was Tai Yue’s most trusted subordinate, Tai Yue had not mentioned Huang Xiaolong’s identity to him . Jiao Qingshan merely thought that chief Tai Yue had attached importance to Huang Xiaolong because of his shocking talent .

“Big brother Jiao . ” Huang Xiaolong paused for a while before finally cupping his hands together .

Jiao Qingshan broke out in laughter and said, “Good brother!”

At this time, Jia Yuan hesitated for a moment and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Lord Duwei, can I have a look at your test token?”

Huang Xiaolong understood his intentions and took out the test token before handing it over to Jia Yuan .

“Thank you, Lord Duwei!” Jia Yuan thanked him and proceeded to release the restriction on the token to record the results of the test . The instant he opened it and saw the terrifying numbers recorded on it, he shuddered in fright . The token slipped out of his hand and he nearly dropped it . If not for his quick reactions, the token would have landed on the ground .

“Seven, seven, seven!” Jia Yuan stammered .

A puzzled look flashed through Jiao Qingshan’s eyes and he grabbed the token from Jia Yuan’s palm . When he saw the numbers recorded on it, his hand trembled as well . An expression of disbelief appeared on his face .

“Total number of hell beasts killed: 7,732,600 . Number of Hell beasts killed that were above the Ninth Order God King Realm: 521,367 . ”


Jiao Qingshan was overwhelmed with shock, and he sucked in a breath of cold air . His face turned pale as though he had seen a ghost .

“You, you, this!” Jiao Qingshan looked at Huang Xiaolong, then at the test token . His tongue seemed to twist as the words were caught in his throat .

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised at their reactions and merely smiled . However, he was a bit disappointed as he had originally wanted to exterminate all the hell beasts on the divine plane . Unfortunately, there were still quite a bit of them left .

If the two of them could read Huang Xiaolong’s mind, they would kill themselves by smashing themselves into a block of tofu .

Suddenly, Jiao Qingshan’s summoning signal vibrated and he quickly recovered from his shock . When he saw the person who had sent him a message, his jaws dropped once again . Chief Tai Yue was the person who had sent the message!

Jiao Qingshan quickly composed himself and took a look at the contents inside . After reading it, he sucked in another breath of cold air and he suppressed the shock in his heart . He turned to Jia Yuan and his expression became solemn . “Brother Duwei’s test result is now a top secret . It will remain as the one of the most important secrets of our Netherworld King’s Organization . You cannot leak anything about it at all . Do you understand?!”

Jia Yuan tensed up and he quickly replied, “Yes! Lord Jiao can rest assured that this subordinate will not leak even a single word regarding this!”

Following which, Jiao Qingshan then made Jia Yuan swear an oath to the heavens before finally allowing him to leave .

“Brother Duwei, our chief wants to meet you!” Jiao Qingshan turned around and said to Huang Xiaolong . Huang Xiaolong was both shocked and surprised .

Why is the chief of the Netherworld Organization looking for me? Is it because of my test results?

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