Invincible - Chapter 1647

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Chapter 1647: 1647

Gao Yu’s words barely fell, when a thunderous boom shook the heavens, and a ball of terrifying destructive power swept out in four directions .

One of the Massacring Gods Gate’s Heavenly Monarch Realm Grand Elders had chosen to blow up!

In the next moment, several consecutive explosions ensued .

As the City of Eternity continued to fall on the remaining Massacring Gods Gate’s army, more and more of them chose to blow up under pressure .

The amplified destructive power from the exploded Massacring Gods Gate’s experts formed a black hole of destructive power . The Devil Scorpion Tribe’s experts shuddered just from looking at the black hole of destructive power, as even a low-level Emperor Realm expert could die easily if sucked into it .

But the Devil Scorpion Tribe’s disciples were somewhat consoled that no matter how many of the Massacring Gods Gate’s experts exploded, or how big the black hole grew, it was unable to break out from the ancient City of Eternity’s light dome .

Moreover, everyone soon noticed that every time a Massacring Gods Gate’s expert exploded, the blood mists were immediately absorbed by the City of Eternity’s walls .

And after absorbing the blood mists of these experts, the City of Eternity’s light dome grew increasingly radiant .

Seeing this result, Gao Yu sunk into deeper despair .

“I’m willing to submit to the Netherworld King’s Organisation!”

Finally, one of the Massacring Gods Gate’s Grand Elder pleaded for mercy .

“I, I too, am willing to submit to the Netherworld King’s Organisation!”

Many others soon followed, shouting they were willing to submit .

“All of you traitors!” Gao Yu bellowed in outrage . With a backhanded strike, several of those shouting to submit to the Netherworld King’s Organisation exploded to their deaths .

However, Gao Yu’s action not only failed to deter other Massacring Gods Gate’s experts, but it even magnified everyone’s fear . For a second, there were numerous shouts of submitting to the Netherworld King’s Organisation .

Huang Xiaolong watched on indifferently from the Black Dragon Throne .

The City of Eternity continued pressing down .

As the City of Eternity got closer, the Massacring Gods Gate’s experts could no longer bear the pressure and burst into blood mists that were subsequently absorbed by the City of Eternity .

The Devil Scorpion Tribe watched in fearful silence .

All those were high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm experts ah!

How much time and chaos spiritual herbs a super force needs to spend to nurture an Emperor Realm expert? At the same time, it required no less resources to nurture a high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm expert . A high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm was a precious treasure in itself to any super forces .

But now, one after another high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm experts were dying in front of them!

Every time a Heavenly Monarch Realm expert exploded into a mist of blood, the resulting resounding boom made the Devil Scorpion Tribe’s disciples miss a beat .

“Master, those Massacring Gods Gate’s Grand Elders are willing to submit, are we…?” The Devil Scorpion Tribe’s Ancestor Shi Yihai ventured cautiously, looking at Huang Xiaolong .

Watching one after another Heavenly Monarch Realm experts die under the City of Eternity was like stabbing a knife into Shi Yihai’s heart ah!

In the whole Devil Scorpion Tribe, there were merely eleven Emperor Realm experts! Minus the three Eminent Elders who had betrayed them, so their tribe only had eight left!

If there were a large number of high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm experts that could be absorbed into their Devil Scorpion Tribe, their tribe’s overall strength would definitely take a great leap forward .

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Shi Yihai from the corner of his eye, and asked without any concern, “Heartache?”

Shi Yihai dazed for a second, then looked a little embarrassed as he nodded, “Yes . ”

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he replied nonchalantly, “Just some high-level Heavenly Monarchs, when our Netherworld King’s Organisation unifys Hell’s three worlds, what’s with a few high-level Heavenly Monarchs . ”

His words stupefied Shi Yihai, Shi Tong, and the others .

“Master is right, this subordinate was ignorant!” The Devil Scorpion Tribe’s Ancestor Shi Yihai respectfully agreed, and stopped speaking on the subject .

Indeed, after the Netherworld King’s Organisation unified Hell’s three worlds, what were several mere high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm experts .

Others might not be able to do it, but Shi Yihai believed that Master could—his Master was the new Lord of Hell! Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had successfully accepted the Lord of Hell’s inheritance! Unifying Hell’s three worlds was only a matter of time!

Although the City of Eternity continued to fall on top of the Massacring Gods Gate’s army under the one hundred puppet Netherguards’ control, due to the Massacring Gods Gate experts’ desperate blocking, the City of Eternity’s falling speed slowed at one thousand meters above ground .

Even so, the Massacring Gods Gate’s experts were unable to stop death from approaching . Until at one point, only Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm experts and above were still alive .

As the amount of blood essence and divine qi absorbed by the City of Eternity increased, mysterious runes became visible on the city walls . These mysterious runes exuded a terrifying qi that suppressed everything .

Huang Xiaolong clearly felt the City of Eternity’s power was rising continuously .

After successfully accepting the Lord of Hell’s inheritance, one of the things Huang Xiaolong had learned was that the more blood essence and divine qi the City of Eternity absorbed, the more powerful it would grow .

Even though the City of Eternity was a grandmist treasure, there was a distinction between powerful and weak grandmist treasures . For example, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s Ancient Heavenly Court was the most powerful known grandmist treasure .

The current City of Eternity was still far away from the Ancient Heavenly Court at its peak, however, as long as the City of Eternity killed enough experts and absorbed enough blood essence and divine qi, there would be a day when the City of Eternity would be at par with the Ancient Heavenly Court, maybe even surpass the Ancient Heavenly Court to become the most powerful grandmist treasure!

… . .

A day had passed since the Massacring Gods Gate had entered the Devil Scorpion Tribe’s land .

By this time, all Massacring Gods Gate’s experts had died except for the few Emperor Realm Ancestors who were still enduring desperately .

But it was clear to all that these people were bound to meet with the same ending as the others in due time .

By the end of the second day, there were only mid-level Emperor Realm Ancestors remaining .

The end of the third day . . .

Only high-level Emperor Realm Massacring Gods Gate’s Ancestors were still alive, though they were barely hanging in there .

At the end of the fourth day, there was only Gao Yu and Zhang Xiaomeng!

The Devil Scorpion Tribe’s experts sucked in breaths of cold air watching the Massacring Gods Gate’s Emperor Realm Ancestors die one after another .

On the fifth day, the City of Eternity finally fell to the ground . Gao Yu and Zhang Xiaomeng’s howls of fury, despair and unwillingness came from below the City of Eternity as both were smashed deep under the Green Flame Mountain Range .

The City of Eternity shone ever more brightly after absorbing Gao Yu and Zhang Xiaomeng’s blood essence and divine qi, enshrouding the Devil Scorpion Tribe’s palace buildings .

At this time, Huang Xiaolong’s hand reached out and the City of Eternity shrunk rapidly until it was as big as a palm and floated gently onto his palm . The one hundred high-level Emperor Realm puppet Netherguards returned to his side .

Huang Xiaolong looked at the City of Eternity on his palm with delight . As expected of a grandmist treasure, this kind of power was truly terrifying . In the future, when he would find the Ancient Heavenly Court, he would have two grandmist treasures in his hand . At that time, he could probably even kill those who had surpassed the Emperor Realm!

Naturally, he himself would need to be strong enough!

The wind howled, carrying a thick smell of blood to every corner of the Devil Scorpion Tribe’s Green Flame Mountain Range .

Those of the Devil Scorpion Tribe watched Huang Xiaolong fearfully, and no one dared to speak first .

The Massacring Gods Gate’s one billion army was completely annihilated just like that, not one person had been able to escape!

“Shi Yihai, have people clean up the battlefield!” A moment later, Huang Xiaolong ordered Shi Yihai . Now was the time to reap their harvest .

These Massacring Gods Gate’s experts’ spatial rings must have a lot of good stuff .

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