Invincible - Chapter 1685

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Chapter 1685: 1685

“Someone’s already reached the third floor! This, how is this possible?! It’s been less than an hour since the entryway opened!”

Only the experts below Emperor Realm were allowed into the Holy Mountain, whose age was below one million years . Despite these conditions, there were still many geniuses in Hell who fulfilled these two essential requirements .

The Holy Mountain’s entryway had barely opened for an hour, and there were still many experts fighting their way into the Holy Mountain .

Now, an unusual sight had happened in front of them—someone had already reached the third floor!

“In records, the fastest person clearing obstacles was the Ghost World’s Castellan Qin Fan; however, Castellan Qin Fan had taken more than a day to reach the second floor! No one had managed to break this record for over a billion years!! Now, in less than an hour, someone had already reached the third floor!”

“Unbelievable, really unbelievable! Who could it be? Who! Could it be Qin Huangzhong?! Young Lord Qin Huangzhong is Castellan Qin Fan’s son, and highly talented . He is definitely comparable to Castellan Qin Fan from the past!”

Some Ghost World’s experts strongly believed that the person who had reached the third floor in less than an hour was their Ghost World’s number one genius, Qin Huangzhong .

“Though Qin Huangzhong is quite talented, he cannot compare to our young lord . The person who has cleared the second floor must be our Young Lord Song Litao . ” Several Massacring Gods Gate’s experts harrumphed with disdain hearing the Ghost World’s experts’ praises .

“What are Qin Huangzhong and Song Litao considered as? Our young lord is hailed as the Spirits Worlds’ Twins Young Emperor; not only he’s the number one genius of Spirits World, he’s the number one genius of Hell as well . The person who has cleared the second floor must be our young lord!” A Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s expert was quick to retort .

In their opinions, this person was surely Shi Yinyu .

Some distance away, Desolate Giant Tai Yue exchanged glances with his three companions .

“Say, do you guys think this person might be our Master?” Golden Lionman Wan Yutian asked curiously .

“Hard to tell . ” Tai Yue shook his head . Even though he was aware that their Master was a peerless genius, he also knew that Song Litao, Qin Huang zhing, Shi Yinyu, He Jingyi, Peng Zhengfei, Wu Deng, Ji Chen, and the others were peerless geniuses as well .

Moreover, it wasn’t as if the higher your talent was, the faster you could ascend the Holy Mountain . There were a lot of other aspects in play .

While the spectators outside were in awe and astonishment, suddenly, the Holy Mountain’s second floor emitted glimmering lights .

The sight rendered the spectators in a daze . Another person has cleared the first floor and entered the second floor!

“Then, is this person our young lord who has cleared the first floor’s obstacles?”

“More like it’s our young castellan lord!”

“It should be our young palace lord!”

As the various forces’ experts, who were waiting outside, made their guesses about the two people who had gone up the second and third floors, the person who had actually cleared the first floor and reached the second floor was none other than Qin Huangzhong!

At this time, dazzling rays flickered before Qin Huangzhong’s eyes as he reached the second floor, and two holy fruits appeared in front of him .

“This, I, I, I took less than an hour to clear the first floor’s obstacles . I was even a bit faster than my father’s recorded time from the past, but I’m not the first person?!” Qin Huangzhong stared at the two holy fruits with an incredulous expression . Disbelief filled his mind .

Just moments ago, after killing all the Fantasy Sea Butterflies on the first floor, Qin Huangzhong had brimmed with confidence that he was the first person to clear the first floor .

Qin Huangzhong collected the two holy fruits, but the smile on his face had turned slightly cold .

“Who was it? Shi Yinyu?” Qin Huangzhong muttered under his breath, and his brows scrunched tightly .

Though Song Litao, He Jingyi, Peng Zhengfei, Wu Deng, and Wu Deng’s talents were just as good, only Shi Yinyu had the strength to challenge him . Given this, in Qin Huangzhong’s opinion, the first person to have cleared the first floor before him was most likely to be Shi Yinyu .

“In that case, in the second floor’s obstacles, I must get first place!” A cold gleam shone in Qin Huangzhong’s eyes as he vowed while speeding towards the entryway .

Not long after Qin Huangzhong entered the second floor, Shi Yinyu strode confidently through the entryway, arriving on the second floor .

But when he saw the single holy fruit floating in front of him, he was stupefied . He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and took a second look . Did he see wrong? Only one holy fruit? Weren’t there supposed to be three holy fruits?”

The speed he had cleared the first floor was faster than Qin Fan’s record time!

“No, how can it be only one holy fruit?!” Shi Yinyu’s expression was hideous when he became certain that there was only one holy fruit .

“The first person is Qin Huangzhong? Then who is the second person? Could it be Song Litao? Or He Jingyi?” Shi Yinyu’s eyes were filled with viciousness as he pondered the probabilities .


A while later, a beaming Song Litao stepped onto the second floor . Despite entering the Holy Mountain a step after Huang Xiaolong and Qin Huangzhong, he was still quite satisfied with the speed he had managed to clear the first floor . He had spent a little over an hour, but it wasn’t that big of a difference compared to Qin Fan’s record time from the past .

He waited with anticipation for the holy fruit to appear upon arriving on the second floor .

Would it be three holy fruits, or two?

“Based on the time I used, it shouldn’t be one holy fruit . ” Song Litao made an estimation .

But after waiting for a long time, nothing appeared in front of him . There was no movement at all . Forget three holy fruits, or two holy fruits, there wasn’t even the shadow of one holy fruit .

Song Litao’s face turned increasingly gloomy, then ugly . In the end, he roared like an injured ferocious beast .


His roar reverberated in the air for a long time .

No holy fruit appeared in front of him, but the second floor’s hell beasts had already condensed before him and gathered to attack him .

As he looked at the attacking hell beasts around him, Song Litao’s fists punched out madly, screaming in a fury, “F*ck off!”

“Who was it that snatched my first place, or second place! Who?! Was it Qin Huangzhong or Shi Yinyu?!”

Subsequently, the fifth person who arrived at the second floor was the Misty Palace’s He Jingyi, sixth was Lu Kun’s personal disciple, Peng Zhengfei, while the seventh person was Wu Family’s Wu Deng, and the eighth person was Ghost World’s Ji Chen of Sacrificial City .

When He Jingyi, Peng Zhengfei, Wu Deng, Ji Chen reached the second floor one after the other, the bright smiles on their faces were frozen when the anticipated holy fruit did not appear .

Ji Ren and the others had their own guessed as to who was the first, second, and third person to clear the first floor before them .

After determining these three candidates in their minds, each vowed to snatch the first or second place on the next floor!

The first few floors’ obstacles were not a big problem for them, yet these few floors were also the most crucial stages for them . The less time they used on these floors, the more it could guarantee a better result on the higher levels .

In the meantime, Huang Xiaolong was facing ten thousand mid-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Dragon Lizard Beasts with powerful defenses and frightening lethal attack power . Their only weakness was speed, but they were only slightly slower . Then again, these Dragon Lizards Beasts moved faster than the white bone beasts from the second floor .

Huang Xiaolong still used the lightning clouds as his method of attack .

Despite his recent advancement to Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, it still consumed a lot of his godforce to deal with these Dragon Lizards Beasts .

The troublesome thing was that within the Holy Mountain, not only the disciples were prohibited from using any divine artifacts, but they were also banned from consuming any spiritual pills to recover their godforce and injuries .

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique had amazing healing ability .

Another Dragon Lizard Beast disintegrated into energy after Huang Xiaolong killed it, entering Huang Xiaolong’s body . Once again, the quality of energy on the third floor was higher than the second and first floors .

By the time Huang Xiaolong killed the last of the ten thousand Dragon Lizard Beasts, there was an obvious improvement in his strength compared to the time he had just stepped onto the third floor . He was close to advancing to the peak of the early Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm .

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