Invincible - Chapter 1716

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Chapter 1716: 1716

As the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin charged forward, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, and he turned to look below him . Terrifying sword qi accompanied a horrifying aura as it charged straight towards him .

That’s too strong!

The sword qi and death qi are too overwhelming!

Huang Xiaolong knew that the city lord was making his appearance . Otherwise, no one else would be able to emit such alarming sword and death qi . Just based on the qi alone, Huang Xiaolong was able to feel that the city lord was someone much stronger than an early-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert .

The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin had no choice but to stop .

As sword light flashed through the air, a buff middle-aged man stood before Huang Xiaolong . Swords made from white bones revolved around him, and they emitted mournful cries . It brought about incredibly suffocating pressure .

“Yan Duo?” Huang Xiaolong asked indifferently .

The White Bones City Lord didn’t bother replying . Instead, he glared at Huang Xiaolong . “I don’t care who you are, but since you dared to barge into my city and hurt my disciples, I’ll give you two choices right now . One, you kneel and allow me to scrape all your flesh off your bones before being refined into a White Bones Demon, who can no longer think independently… Two, you can take your own life before all of us!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and chuckled, “I won't choose either . Instead, I choose the third option . ”

“Third option?” Yan Duo roared with laughter as his sword qi filled the air . “There is no third choice!” With a wave of his arm, the white bones swords around him turned into countless demonic swords as they shot towards Huang Xiaolong and the Dark Qilin .

Every single demonic sword possessed the might to pierce through a chaos divine mountain .

The death qi in the area would turn so dense that death qi clouds would start to form wherever it passed .

In an instant, the skies turned dark .

All the disciples of White Bones City sneered as they anticipated Huang Xiaolong’s tragic end .

Just as the swords were about to pierce through Huang Xiaolong, a massive figure appeared in front of him . The colossal figure waved both its arm, and an unstoppable might slammed into the white bones demonic swords .

As the figure blurred once again, it appeared before Yan Duo . The figure possessed terrifying speed, and even someone like Yan Duo wasn’t able to react .

Yan Duo’s heart leaped into his throat, and before he could dodge, a horrifying force slammed into his chest, and the sound of shattering bones echoed through the air .

A wave of pain, which he had never felt before, spread through his body as he slammed into the ground . All of the buildings around him crumbled to dust in the wake of the shockwave produced from the impact . Cracks formed on the ground, and half of White Bones City shook violently .

In the next instant, the massive figure disappeared .

Everyone in White Bones City stared at the scene before them with their mouths agape .

Even after Yan Duo had smashed into the ground, several structures kept slowly crashing down .

White Bones City turned deathly silent, and no one dared to breathe loudly .

Yan Duo crawled out of the pit, and the armor on his body had already been shattered to pieces . He looked at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of shock and terror as he vomited mouthfuls of blood .

“Who… Who are you?!” His voice was hoarse as he questioned Huang Xiaolong .

He tried to locate the massive figure that pummeled him into the ground but to no avail .

Even now, he couldn’t make out the figure that had smashed him into the ground . Forget about the other people; if someone at his level wasn’t able to see his attacker, there was no way the others saw it .

He could only guess the strength of the giant figure who had attacked him . According to him, his attacker was someone from one of the ancient races and had strength at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm!

Of course, the person that had attacked Yan Duo was none other than one of Huang Xiaolong’s Undead Puppets Netherguard captains .

Huang Xiaolong shot a casual glance towards Yan Duo, who had just crawled out of the ground’s pit . Even though Huang Xiaolong was just a mid-Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch, Yan Duo felt unprecedented fear when he stared into his eyes .

He even took a step back involuntarily!

It was a shameful retreat .

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother talking to him and turned around . “Let’s go . ”

The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin didn’t dally as it soared through the sky with Huang Xiaolong on its back .

“You’ll know my identity tomorrow . ”

Huang Xiaolong’s voice drifted through the wind and entered Yan Duo’s ears .

Looking at the disappearing figure before them, no one in White Bones City dared to stop him .

Everyone stared at each other in shock, and no one knew how to react .

It has been several billions of years since the White Bones City was created, and no one had dared to fly across it . Right now, the impossible happened .

One of Yan Duo’s personal disciples rushed over to help him up before asking in concern, “Master, are you alright?”

Yan Duo retracted his gaze and shook his arm to dismiss his disciple . An unprecedented sense of melancholy appeared in his heart as he muttered, “As long as Emperor Realm experts appear, they are allowed to fly across White Bones City . ”

He had managed to lay down such a rule after a display of his might in the past . Right now, he had finally realized that his rule was nothing more than a joke when real experts arrived .

“Master, this…” His disciple exclaimed in shock .

Yan Duo simply muttered, “There’s no need to question my order . ” As soon as the word left his lips, he turned to leave . His injuries were severe, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t recover without several tens of years of meditation .

“Oh, right . Get someone to pay attention to the Heaven Resentment Continent . Report to me if anything happens . ” He suddenly recalled what Huang Xiaolong words, and he turned around to pass down his order .

“Yes . ” His disciple replied respectfully .

As for Huang Xiaolong and the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, they were already on their way to the Heaven Resentment Continent .

“Your Majesty, you should have killed that city lord…”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head . “He doesn’t know my identity, so it’s natural for him to stop me . We shouldn’t kill indiscriminately . ”

Before long, the two of them left the Plains of Bones and arrived at the Heaven Resentment Continent .

Huang Xiaolong could feel resentment coming from somewhere deep in the continent, as it concealed the corpse of a peerless expert .

Even though other people couldn’t feel the resentment in the air, Huang Xiaolong was no stranger to the feeling as someone who had received the king of hell’s inheritance .

He explained the feeling he had to Hao Ren, and even the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin was shocked . “There is a rumor that the Heaven Resentment Emperor had created the Heaven Resentment Continent after hundreds of millions of years of hard work . The rumor also states that the Heaven Resentment Continent forms the Heaven Resentment Formation… Could it be true? Is the Heaven Resentment Emperor still alive? Is it possible that he is hiding deep in the continent to continue his cultivation?”

“Heaven Resentment Emperor?!” Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes .

“The Heaven Resentment Emperor was a fearsome presence even in the Desolate Era . In the past, his prestige didn’t lose out to Chu Han in the slightest . However, he had disappeared billions of years ago… If he is still alive, that could mean trouble . After all, his relationship with Liao Yuan of the Black Ant Clan wasn’t shallow . ” The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin spoke of all his concerns without pause .

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