Invincible - Chapter 1745

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Chapter 1745: 1745

The disciples before him were all from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace .

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and the Fortune Emperor Palace placed high emphasis on their branch in the Brimming Snow World . As such, disciples from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace were commonly seen all over the streets .

When the group of disciples saw someone obstructing their path, they were stunned for a second . When they saw that the person before them was a black-clothed young man, their expression turned a shade darker .

“You better…” One of the disciples couldn’t hold back his rage as he yelled .

Before the word ‘scram’ could leave his lips, he was no longer able to speak .

Huang Xiaolong reached out and grabbed him by his neck before raising him high into the air .

After swallowing their shock, the rest of the disciples exploded with rage .

“You brat! You better release Senior Brother Chen right now! Kneel before us and beg for mercy, and you might be able to keep your life!”

“Otherwise, we will kill you! No one can stand up to our Nine Dragons Emperor Palace in the Brimming Snow World!”

How dare someone make a move on them on the Brimming Snow World?!

A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and he flicked his wrist . The disciple from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace was sent flying and smashed into the street’s end . He no longer uttered a sound .

When the Void Devil Beast Clan was exterminated, Xu Jiang and Xu Yong and the others were hunted down by the members of the Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and the Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace . Huang Xiaolong had already promised Xu Baisheng to take revenge . He had vowed to kill everyone from these four great Emperor Palaces down to the last dog!

Since he had eliminated the Black Ant Clan and the Demonic Bone Clan, who had offended him in the past, Huang Xiaolong had decided to fulfill his promise right after returning to the Divine World .

Looking at the disciples from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace before him, Huang Xiaolong didn’t feel a shred of guilt when he dealt with them .

Even though he didn’t kill them, he wasted all of their cultivation .

He was too lazy to kill these mere shrimps in the God King Realm .

“You!!!” The disciple who was sent flying screamed in shock when he witnessed what had happened before him .

“What happened to Fang Gan of the Fortune Emperor Palace? From where did you get the news?” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice resounded in his mind .

“Sen… Senior, please show mercy! I only heard it from other people . Fang Gan went missing four months ago, and many of the disciples from the other Emperor Palaces have already heard the news!” The disciple didn’t dare to dally, and he replied as though his life depended on it .

“Four months?!” Huang Xiaolong’s expression changed . Why didn’t he get the news when Fang Gan went missing? His master, Zhao Lei, should have informed him about something so important .

Not just his master . Even his senior brother, Chen Hao, and Fang Xuanxuan would have told him . He was actually unable to obtain any news about the matter!

Did something happen to them?!

The more he thought about it, the more anxious he felt .

“Who’s in charge of the Fortune Emperor Palace right now?” Huang Xiaolong snapped back to attention as he questioned the disciple from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace .

“I heard that Ancestor Zhou Chen took over the place of palace master from Fang Gan the moment he disappeared . ” The disciple stammered . “However, I don’t know if that is the truth . Senior, everything I heard came from the mouths of others . It’s not my fault!”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple started to whimper when he realized the killing intent around Huang Xiaolong was beginning to rise . The black-clothed man before him seemed to have turned extremely irate after hearing what had happened to Fang Gan . He was afraid that if Huang Xiaolong clenched his fist, his neck would break immediately .

“Zhou Chen!” Huang Xiaolong’s complexion darkened .


Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of unease in his heart .

Ever since he had left the Fortune Emperor Palace and the experts from the Fiend God Emperor palace had tried to kill him, he had started suspecting Zhou Chen’s relationship with the Fiend God Emperor Palace .

If Zhou Chen was really scheming against the Fortune Emperor Palace, now that he was in control, Fang Xuanxuan, Fang Mingyu, and even his master and fellow martial brothers would be in danger .

Moreover, his masters Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor from the Vientiane World would also be in danger .

All of a sudden, whistling sounds filled the air .

A group of disciples wearing the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s robes charged over at top speed . It seemed as though Huang Xiaolong had alarmed everyone with his attack on the small group of disciples .

The disciple whose neck was grasped by Huang Xiaolong revealed a look of excitement . He was exceptionally excited when he saw the person in the lead .

“Young Master, save me!” The disciple in Huang Xiaolong’s hand struggled with all his might as he roared towards the sky .

The person who had come was precisely the young master of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Chen Zhao .

The disciple dangling in Huang Xiaolong’s grasp was one of the personal disciples of one of the palace masters in the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace . His relationship with Chen Zhao was pretty good . To put it bluntly, he was Chen Zhao’s loyal dog .

Huang Xiaolong looked at Chen Zhao felt a little surprised . He had never thought that he would run into Chen Zhao in the Unfettered Snow City .

In the past, Chen Zhao had mocked him for trying to purchase a residence from the Silver Fox Commerce . He had even laughed at Huang Xiaolong for being a mere disciple of a branch in the Fortune Emperor Palace .

There was no way Huang Xiaolong would forget what Chen Zhao looked like .

He still recalled how Chen Zhao had tried to woo Fang Xuanxuan .

“Huang Xiaolong, it’s you?!” When Chen Zhao saw Huang Xiaolong, he was shocked . He was surprised to run into Huang Xiaolong out of the blue .

When all the other disciples from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace heard his name, they swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock .

“He is Huang Xiaolong?!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong had remained for Hell for the past seventy to eighty years, his reputation in the Divine World had grown bigger and bigger .

Especially when people were debating about whether or not he was Jiang Hong’s illegitimate son, that alone boosted Huang Xiaolong’s reputation to the high heavens .

In the blink of an eye, Chen Zhao and the other disciples from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace arrived before Huang Xiaolong .

“Haha, Huang Xiaolong, I have been looking for you all this while! Who would have thought that you would deliver yourself to me?!” Chen Zhao widened his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong .

Looking for me? A trace of suspicion flashed past Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

When Chen Zhao looked at the expression in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, he laughed . “It seems like you still don’t know . Ancestor Zhou Chen of the Fortune Emperor Palace has revealed that you have been colluding with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe when cultivating in Hell! He suspects that you mean to harm the Divine World and has laid down a bounty of two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones for your capture!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned speechless for a second . In the next moment, he roared with laughter .

Zhou Chen had actually managed to come up with such a ridiculous reason!

He had submitted to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe and was planning to move against the Divine World?! Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but roar with laughter once again .

If Zhou Chen knew about his current identity, he wouldn’t have come up with such a stupid reason .

When Chen Zhao saw how Huang Xiaolong was still laughing, he couldn’t help but frown .

“Does this mean that you’re looking for me to claim the two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones?” Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes as he looked at Chen Zhao .

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