Invincible - Chapter 191

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... Chapter 191: I'll Leave Your Doglife

Though Huang Xiaolong had never seen Yao Fei prior to this, the presence of Yanggang and Pang Yu behind him instantly gave Yao Fei's identity away.

Huang Xiaolong observed this new person in yellow embroidered clothing. He had handsome features, albeit leaning more towards a feminine charm. Huang Xiaolong could not help but slow to a stop.

At the same time, Yanggang leaned closer to the front towards Yao Fei, saying: "Young Noble, it's Huang Xiaolong!"

Huang Xiaolong!

Yao Fei tilted his head slightly, peering at the figure that exited the Wind Facing Hall.

Their stares collided in midair. An invisible energy fluctuation rippled, causing the air to explode in muffled blasts all of a sudden.

Some of the passing students and teachers of Duanren Institute were startled, retreating a wide berth away.

Huang Xiaolong remained at the same spot like an immovable mountain. The two men faced each other.

After a momentary lapse of silence, Yao Fei suddenly spoke, "Huang Xiaolong, it is still not too late if you submit to me now. As long as you kneel down and admit you're wrong, I can forgive your prior wrongdoings."

Kneel down and admit wrong!

Huang Xiaolong was placid as he retorted, "Admit wrong? Yao Fei, you think too highly of yourself, I should be the one saying these words to you. If you kneel down now and admit your mistakes, I can overlook your previous fault as well as the mistake just now."

When the surrounding audience heard Huang Xiaolong words, everyone gasped in shock. Fingers began to point at them from many directions as whispered discussions sounded.

In the whole of Duanren Institute, there was actually someone who dared to call Heartless Young Noble Yao Fei by his name? Moreover, telling Heartless Young Noble to kneel down and apologize?!

Yanggang and Pang Yu were also stunned, wondering if Huang Xiaolong's brain was damaged somehow.

Yao Fei looked dumbfounded for a split second before laughing exaggeratedly with his hands moving in the air as if he had just heard the world's funniest joke.

But those who were familiar with Yao Fei knewㄧYao Fei was truly angered! A faintly discernable murderous intent spread from Yao Fei's body.

His laughter died down but the sharp coldness in his eyes soared, "Very good, you're the first person that dared to tell me to kneel down and admit fault!"

"So what?" Huang Xiaolong's indifference persisted, ignoring the rising killing intent from Yao Fei.

Yao Fei looked at Huang Xiaolong with a condescending eye, "I am really curious, is there a problem with your head or are you really so cocky that you aren't even afraid of death? Do you believe I can take your life, right here right now? Don't assume that just because you defeated Xie Puti you're invincible in this world. Squashing you is as easy as snapping my fingers!"

"Really?" came Huang Xiaolong's tepid response.

Just when everyone around thought Yao Fei was going to attack, the killing intent around him vanished, totally converged, "But, killing you so easily is a little too dull. I'll keep your doglife around so you can accompany me to play a little. Till the day comes when I'm tired of you that is. Then I'll personally take your life!"

Throwing down his declaration, Yao Fei signaled the people behind him with a wave of his hands: "We're leaving!" He brushed past Huang Xiaolong, entering Wind Facing Hall. Yanggang, Pang Yu, and the rest hastened to catch up.

Passing by Huang Xiaolong, Yanggang and Pang Yu looked at him as if they were looking at a dead person, even the surrounding students were looking at Huang Xiaolong with pity.

"He is Huang Xiaolong? This year's Imperial City Battle first place participant? Too bad he offended Heartless Young Noble!"

"We just need to wait for a good show!"

Voices filled the area.

"Xiaolong, we…!" At this point, Chen Cheng spoke.

"Let's leave here first." Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Huang Xiaolong and Chen Cheng proceeded forward, leaving behind trails of whispers.

After having left Wind Facing Hall, they came to an empty place. No longer able to maintain his silence, Chen Cheng asked, "Xiaolong, how did you come to provoke Heartless Young Noble?"

Huang Xiaolong did not conceal the matter, recounting Yao Fei's invitation and his refusal to Chen Cheng.

Listening to the end of Huang Xiaolong's story, Chen Cheng was worried, "Xiaolong, you don't know Heartless Young Noble's influence and power. It's very troublesome offending him," then he continued, "There are two people in Duanren Institute that you absolutely must not offend. The first one is Young Noble Wuhen, you should know who Young Noble Wuhen is, and the other is Heartless Young Noble!"

Huang Xiaolong grinned, "Then I've already offended Yao Fei, what can I do?"

Seeing Huang Xiaolong still have the heart to joke, Chen Cheng became even more anxious, "How about you… !"

"Impossible!" Huang Xiaolong shook his head. He knew what Chen Cheng wanted to suggestㄧapologize to Yao Fei.

Chen Cheng wanted to say more, but Huang Xiaolong interjected, "It will be fine. Don't worry."

With this, Chen Cheng could only give up.

Moving on from that, Huang Xiaolong asked many questions about Duanren Institute. Entering the Institute eight years before him, Chen Cheng knew more than him.

According to Chen Cheng, there were five most influential Young Nobles in Duanren Empire. Amongst them, four of themㅡWuhen, Heartless, Cherish Petal, and Demon Sword were all Duanren Institute inner division disciples.

The four of them had accumulated quite a large force with Young Noble Wuhen and Heartless leading at the fore. Young Noble Cherish Petal and Demon Sword were slightly weaker.

Chen Cheng's explanation helped Huang Xiaolong understand the separation of power in Duanren Institute. A short while later, Chen Cheng brought Huang Xiaolong to the new students' dormitory.

The accommodations for students in Duanren Institute were courtyards. There were two rooms within each individual courtyard and two students shared a yard.

Huang Xiaolong's assigned yard number was in area ninety-eight, yard number one. However, when Huang Xiaolong and Chen Cheng entered yard number one in area ninety-eight, someone was seen standing in the middle of the place with his back facing Huang Xiaolong and Chen Cheng as they walked in.

Looking at this person's back, Huang Xiaolong was surprised: "Xie Puti!"

Xie Puti looked over his shoulder and smiled at Huang Xiaolong: "Huang Xiaolong!"

A thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong's mind and he blurted out, "Don't tell me that we're in the same yard?"

"That's right," Xie Puti laughed, "Why? Am I not welcome?"

Huang Xiaolong approached with a boisterous laugh, "Welcome?! Of course you're welcome!"

Both men clasped hands and laughter rang out in the yard.

Sharing the yard with Xie Puti was out of Huang Xiaolong's expectation, but it provided him with much delight. Both of them might not have spoken much, but after the Imperial City Battle each person mutually saw the other as a good friend.

"This is Chen Cheng, he is from the same Cosmic Star Academy as me in Luo Tong Kingdom." Releasing his grip, Huang Xiaolong pointed at Chen Cheng at the side.

Chen Cheng quickly greeted, "Hello, Young Noble Xie!"

Xie Puti waved his hand, "What Young Noble Xie? Just call me Puti, the same as Xiaolong would. Since you're Xiaolong's friend, you can also be considered my friend from now on."

Hearing Xie Puti's words, Chen Cheng was a little flattered. After all, Xie Puti was one of the Xie Family's core disciples, and according to the grapevine, he was highly valued and favored by Ancestor Xie Ke.

"I heard you told Yao Fei to kneel down and apologize to you earlier." Xie Puti then turned to Huang Xiaolong, his face revealed a wide smile as he gave Huang Xiaolong a big thumbs up, "Admirable! I think that within the entire Duanren Institute's student body, other than Duan Wuhen, you're the only one who dares say those words to Yao Fei!"