Invincible - Chapter 2026

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Chapter 2026: At Least Two Sovereigns

Even though they were reluctant to lower the defenses to their godsea, most of them gave in eventually.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t show mercy to those who refused. He killed them all without exception.

The news of him appearing in the Devil Abyss couldn’t be leaked. Since the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire had long since sowed a seed of discord between them, Huang Xiaolong didn’t think twice about killing them.

After subduing those who released their defenses to their godsea, Huang Xiaolong’s party of three continued their journey into the Devil Abyss.

According to what the ancestors of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire said, he quickly located the other group.

Like before, Huang Xiaolong controlled those who agreed to lower the defenses in their godsea. Those who didn’t were killed.

After half a day, Huang Xiaolong had already taken down three groups of experts from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire. Other than the three groups, he also controlled a group from the Heaven Devouring Empire.

The total number of experts from the two emperor countries that fell under Huang Xiaolong’s control numbered around a hundred.

When Huang Xiaolong searched for the other groups, he circulated the devil steles in his body as he tried to locate the two devil steles in the middle regions of the Devil Abyss.

Even though he couldn’t feel their presence, Huang Xiaolong didn’t panic. As long as the two steles were in the Devil Abyss’s middle regions, it was a matter of time before he located them.

He wasn’t afraid that Lan Chong or Wu Shaowu, the Heaven Devouring Empire’s Emperor, would find the steles before him. Even if they managed to obtain it, they wouldn’t be able to refine it in a short period of time.

When Huang Xiaolong subdued the fourth group of experts, Lan Chong was killing a group of devil beasts in a world surface some distance away. There were a bunch of Emperors around him as they killed their way through an encirclement of devil beasts.

After an arduous battle, Lan Chong finally killed the last beast. A sigh of relief escaped his lips.

Along the way, he killed an uncountable number of devil beasts. Even someone like him felt exhausted. Luckily for him, he didn’t have to venture into the depths of the Devil Abyss.

“Emperor, when I tried to contact Lan Jingtian and the others, I failed to receive a reply!” Ancestor Lan Changruo appeared in front of Lan Chong and reported.

Lan Chong’s expression froze for a moment, and he asked, “What about Lan Kang and the others?”

Lan Changruo shook his head. “They didn’t reply as well. I’ve tried contacting a few people in their group. There was no reply.”

“What?! What’s going on?” Lan Chong was stunned for a second. Even the other ancestors stared at Lan Changruo with a surprised expression on their faces.

“Could they have run into some trouble? They might have met a group of Emperor Realm devil beasts and failed to escape.” Some of the ancestors started throwing out possible scenarios.

“Even if they met with a group of Emperor Realm devil beasts, they should be able to escape. With Lan Jingtian’s strength, some of them would be able to escape.”

Lan Jingtian was part of the first group of experts from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire Huang Xiaolong had run into. He was the Tenth Order Emperor who the King of Darkness had devoured for a soul search.

A trace of unease flashed through Lan Chong’s eyes.

Suddenly, Lan Changruo’s expression changed. “Emperor, I tried to contact Lan Yanda, Lan Run, Lan Dejiu, and the others! They didn’t reply!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

Even Lan Chong couldn’t keep his calm.

“Try Lan He, Lan Yu, Lan Yanglin, and the others.” Lan Chong growled.

Lan Changruo hastily tried to contact the team leaders of all the other teams they had sent out.

When he finally received a reply, his expression sank. Other than Lan Yu and Lan Yanglin, he had lost contact with the other teams.

When the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire had decided to set out on the expedition to the Devil Abyss, they had sent six teams out in total. Right now, they had lost contact with three of the teams they had sent out.

The ancestor level experts stared at each other, and they realized that things were taking a turn for the worst.

How could three groups go missing without sending so much as a cry for help?

Even if they were attacked by a group of Emperor Realm devil beasts, they couldn’t be killed on the spot!

“Who is it?! Did the news leak?!” Lan Changruo could no longer sit still when he realized that half of their forces were wiped out. “Did someone send experts over to attack my men?!”

Lan Chong shook his head. “There is no way for the news to leak…”

This time, he had gathered the experts under him to form an alliance with the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. He hadn’t said anything about the devil steles when they had left the Devil Beast World, and he had only revealed their goal after arriving at the Devil Abyss. Right after that, they had split into teams to locate the devil steles. Before they had left, Lan Chong had even made them swear an oath to the heavens.

Suddenly, Lan Chong received a transmission signal from Wu Shaowu, the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. When he scanned through the message with his divine sense, his expression turned serious.

Everyone felt extremely curious when they realized the change on Lan Chong’s face.

“The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor sent a report. He lost contact with a team on his side, and it’s extremely possible they suffered an attack from a group of unknown experts. Everyone, stay vigilant!” Lan Chong explained to the others. “If his news is true, there has to be more than one Sovereign Realm expert on their side. There might be two Sovereigns making a move at the same time!”

That was the only way he could explain the fact that his subordinates couldn’t send out a single message for help before they were killed.

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard what he said.

Two Sovereigns!

“Who are they?! Who dares to go against our Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire?!” One of the ancestors cried out in shock and fear.

Lan Chong seemed to have thought of something, and he quickly instructed Lan Changruo, “Hurry up, tell Lan Yu and Lan Yanglin to bring everyone over here!”

Lan Changruo knew the severity of the situation, and he hastily passed the message on to the two team leaders.

It was too bad only one group managed to turn up after two whole hours of waiting. Lan Yanglin met up with Lan Chong’s group, but Lan Yu was nowhere to be seen. No matter how Lan Changruo tried to contact Lan Yu, he failed.

Lan Chong’s face turned darker than thunderclouds, and he snorted, “Don’t let me find out who’s behind this. If I do, I’ll show you what happens to anyone who dares to challenge my Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire!”

“Oh really?” Cold laughter drifted into Lan Chong’s ears.

Everyone stared at the source of the voice in shock.