Invincible - Chapter 2149

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Chapter 2149: Heaven Valley City

That space was within the coverage of the 33 Heavenly Gates’ restrictions, deterring even Tenth Order Sovereign Realm experts from entering and putting them at the risk of facing unprecedented perils. Despite having stepped into the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm and having his three saint bloodlines’ defenses, saint physique, and three Complete Dao Saint Godheads, Huang Xiaolong still did not dare to take such a high unknown risk, unless the restrictions around the 33 Heavenly Gates weakened.

“It is so, Your Majesty,” The Heavenly Saint Ruler went on, “The chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool is currently within the outer heaven space. Your Majesty can rest assured. According to my investigation, the restrictions around the 33 Heavenly Gates will surely weaken once within ten years.”

Huang Xiaolong’s frown immediately disappeared, and it was replaced by obvious joy as he asked, “Really, are you certain?”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler nodded his head and affirmed, “This subordinate is certain. The last time when the 33 Heavenly Gates’ restrictions weakened was a billion years ago. The weakening of 33 Heavenly Gates’ restrictions would not exceed a cycled timeline of one billion years. Hence, within ten years, there will be a period of weakening. However…” The Heavenly Saint Ruler’s voice trailed off.

“However what?” Huang Xiaolong urged.

“However, even if the restrictions around the 33 Heavenly Gates weaken, it won’t last for long, the longest time we know is seven days, and the shortest time is half a day.” He went on, “The outer heavens space is boundless as we know it. It is easier said than done to find the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool within seven days!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded. That is indeed a problem.

Then again, when the time came, he would strive to find the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool no matter what. Gathering all nine chaos lightning pools was not only the key to opening the 33 Heavenly Gates, but also a crucial element to resurrecting his Senior Brother Jiang Hong.

Huang Xiaolong also took the chance to ask the Heavenly Saint Ruler about the grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura.

“Grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura?” The Heavenly Saint Ruler froze for a second, falling into contemplation for some time before replying, “Maybe, it could be found inside the outer heaven space.”

“The outer heaven space has grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura?” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler nodded, “That’s right, three billion years ago, someone once saw grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura in outer heaven space. Moreover, according to the rumors, there are more than one. But this rumor cannot be verified.”

“Who was it?” Huang Xiaolong asked urgently.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler answered, “It was the Mighty God Heavenly Country.”

The Mighty God Heavenly Country? Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect this answer.

What a coincidence. Initially, Huang Xiaolong had already thought of visiting the Mighty God Heavenly Country after finishing his matters at the Heaven Valley. In that case, he definitely had to meet the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s ruler to verify the information.

The outer heaven space seemed to hold a lot of good things. There were many supreme spiritual artifacts and origin treasures like the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool and grandmist aura.

If he succeeded in finding the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, he would possess all nine chaos lightning pools. This would enable him to go in, and out of the outer heaven space anytime he wanted!

Early the next day, Huang Xiaolong set off to the Heaven Valley.

The little cow, his Master King of Grandmist, and the others were in seclusion at the Heavenly Saint Country. They were in a hurry to raise their strengths. Hence, Huang Xiaolong did not bring any of them with him to the Heaven Valley.

Other than Huang Xiaolong, Zhu Xinyi and the bald man set off to the Heaven Valley together.

On the way, Zhu Xinyi and the bald man Zhu Hong explained Huang Xiaolong the Heaven Valley’s situation.

The Heaven Valley was the only trading place on the Heavens Path, and it did not belong to any heavenly countries in the Heavens Path. It was jointly managed by five heavenly countries. Trading transactions within the Heaven Valley usually proceeded smoothly, and rarely anyone had the guts to rob or snatch within the Heaven Valley.

Ten days later, the trio arrived at the Heaven Valley.

Though the Heaven Valley was called a valley, it was big enough to fit a great city. The aloft city pierced through the thick clouds above. Even before reaching the valley, one could see a part of the city protruding out.

The Heaven Valley City was as big as a super world surface.

By rule, to enter the Heaven Valley, every person was required to pay ten low-grade chaos spirit stones. However, since Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong were with Huang Xiaolong, this fee was naturally exempted.

After entering the Heaven Valley, Huang Xiaolong went straight to the marketplace without stopping by the Heavenly Saint Country’s branch building.

The marketplace was located in the city center. As the Heaven Valley mainly functioned as a trading place for the various forces in the Heavens Path, the marketplace took up a large area of the city, almost taking up ninety percent of the city center’s land area.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong and the other two reached the marketplace.

The marketplace was actually a massive and grand ten-storied building. Though it was merely a ten-storied building, the building’s minaret roof stretched high into the sky. The entrance was wide and spacious, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people entering and leaving at the same time.

When Huang Xiaolong walked through the marketplace’s main entrance, he went straight to the first floor. Seeing the ambiance on the first floor, Huang Xiaolong inwardly sighed in admiration. The interior was tastefully decorated, and the walls were built from precious crystalline stones, reflecting a soft, resplendent glow, giving the visitors a strong visual impact.

The entire first floor was extremely spacious, with rows of individual stores lined up in an orderly manner, stretching farther than the eye could see.

“Who built this building?” Prompted by his curiosity, Huang Xiaolong asked. He thought the architectural design was very creative.

“It is jointly designed and built by experts from our five heavenly countries.” Zhu Xinyi replied and proudly went on, “People from the five heavenly countries spent a lot of effort in order to collect these crystalline stones. After these materials were collected, one hundred Sovereigns spent a good half of a year to complete this building.”

“There are ten big energy gathering formations under this marketplace, gathering origin energy within a million miles radius around the Heaven Valley. Under the nourishment of rich origin energy, it guarantees the origin pills and spiritual herbs in the marketplace would not lose their origin energy and efficacy. Moreover, the whole building is one entity with numerous offensive and defensive formations.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

This was really an expensive project.

With a hundred Sovereigns spending half a year on building this marketplace, probably only the top five heavenly countries in the Heavens Path could pull this off.

The first floor catered to those looking for forging materials and divine artifacts, while the second floor sold spiritual herbs and origin pills. Hence Huang Xiaolong did not delay on the first floor and soon arrived on the second floor.

On the second floor, Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong went to the counter to inquire regarding the situations about the day’s transactions. Every item on sale in every store was recorded in detail on every floor. Therefore, it was easy to find out if there was an origin pill being traded each day.

Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong returned before long.

“Young Master, there’s good news. There really are origin pills up for transaction today at store number ten. Moreover, they are selling Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill!” Zhu Xinyi’s voice was quivering with excitement.

Huang Xiaolong did not want others to know about his connection with the Heavenly Saint Country. Therefore he had Zhu Xinyi and others call him ‘Young Master’ in public.

A shiver of excitement ran down Huang Xiaolong’s spine, hearing Zhu Xinyi’s words. Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill!That’s a low-grade, mid-rank origin pill! And certainly better than the Imperial Sage Pill.

“Let’s hurry to store number ten!” Huang Xiaolong urged and leaped on the divine beast provided by the marketplace and rushed to store number ten.

“That Xumi Old Man really doesn't know what’s good for him. The Mighty God Prince is willing to give him one thousand mid-grade chaos spirit stones, but he actually refused to sell!”

While Huang Xiaolong’s group was rushing to store number ten, the conversation of passersby drilled into Huang Xiaolong’s ears.