Invincible - Chapter 2176

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Chapter 2176: Did Huang Xiaolong Flee?

The Lightning Origin Divine Tree was hailed as the number one divine tree, located in the center region beyond the 33 Heavenly Gates!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes shone with excitement. If he could obtain the Lightning Origin Divine Tree, not only would his strength improve significantly, but his saint bloodlines, saint physiques, and complete dao saint godheads would improve from their cores.

Moreover, if he planted the Lightning Origin Divine Tree in the lightning bead’s space, it could continuously nurture the lightning bead. This would repair the lightning bead, and it would return to its peak condition. Not to mention, there was also a chance for the lightning bead to become more powerful.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong removed his hand from the Heavenly Master’s head.

The Heavenly Master recovered his senses and immediately sensed the strong killing intent coming from Huang Xiaolong. Just as he opened his mouth to negotiate a way out, he was incinerated by the four divine fires Huang Xiaolong summoned in a split second.

Under the four divine fires’ powers, the Heavenly Master was reduced to wisps of gray smoke, and he dissipated without a trace.

With a wave of his palm, Huang Xiaolong collected the space artifact the Heavenly Master left behind and opened the space within. Numerous treasures lay inside, such as immature level-one, level-two, and level-three origin treasures. There were also piles of low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade chaos spirit stones.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s attention was on two jade bottles sitting in a corner of the space. He took out the two bottles and uncorked them. Immediately, fragrant pill qi flowed out and permeated the air.

Inside one of the bottles was the Origin Boundary Pill that the Heavenly Master had consumed before. Even though the Heavenly Master had taken two pills earlier, there were still two pills left inside the bottle!

A smile spread over Huang Xiaolong’s face, looking at the two pills inside the bottle. This was equivalent to having two more lives. These two Origin Boundary Pills were precious insurance when he would go to the space behind the 33 Heavenly Gates.

Inside the other jade bottle lay a resplendent golden-colored pill.

This golden pill shone like it encapsulated a great radiance world within. Huang Xiaolong could see numerous angels and radiance battle gods inside the golden pill, as well as radiance divine beasts.

“Pill of Radiance Origin!” A low-grade, high-rank origin pill!

The Pill of Radiance Origin was as good as the Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

After obtaining the Pill of Radiance Origin, the Heavenly Master had not consumed it because the Great Purity Secret Art he was cultivating conflicted with the Pill of Radiance Origin’s attributes. Therefore, he had been keeping it until now.

Huang Xiaolong’s current cultivation had reached the limit of the peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm, and with this Pill of Radiance Origin, it was enough for him to truly step into high-level Sovereign Realm!

And after entering the high-level Sovereign Realm, he would refine the Golden Pig Treasure and God Burying Coffin. When these were done, he would make a trip to the Heavenly Terror Country and exterminate the Heavenly Terror Ruler’s entire clan!

While Huang Xiaolong prepared to refine the Pill of Radiance Origin and breakthrough to high-level Sovereign Realm, the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng was still fleeing at his fastest speed. At the same time, Sun Po and others had been waiting for news within the Heavenly Terror Country. They were looking forward to the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master’s victorious return.

Although Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng and Heavenly Terror Marshal had led a group of experts and an army to the Heavenly Saint Country, a number of generals were left behind to guard the Heavenly Terror Country, and Sun Po was one of those remaining in the Heavenly Terror Country.

“I wonder how things are progressing for His Majesty and Lord Heavenly Master in the Heavenly Saint Country?” Sun Po wondered out loud as he looked in the direction of the Heavenly Saint Country.

“How else could it go?” A general responded, chuckling happily as he went on, “That Huang Xiaolong must have died at the hands of His Majesty and Lord Heavenly Master. If the Heavenly Saint Ruler dared to protect Huang Xiaolong, he was probably eliminated as well!”

“If the Heavenly Saint Country is obliterated, and the Heavenly Saint Country’s treasury falls into our side, His Majesty would surely reward us when he returns.”

They laughed, just picturing it in their minds.

Seconds after these words were spoken, several of their talisman symbols shook. When they took out to check, the broad smiles on their faces stiffened as if they had seen something terrible. Blood drained from their faces, and their bodies shook slightly.

Seeing this, Sun Po asked in confusion, “What happened?”

The several generals stiffly raised their heads.

“Even though His Majesty and Lord Heavenly Master joined hands, is Huang Xiaolong still alive?” Sun Po asked, his brows scrunched together.

The few of them nodded but then shook their heads again.

“His Majesty and the others, they…” One of the generals stuttered, not knowing how to phrase his words.

“Did Huang Xiaolong escape?” Sun Po took another guess. He couldn’t understand why these guys couldn’t finish their sentences when speaking. So, he grabbed the talisman symbol of the general closest to him. His hand froze in midair. His eyes stared at the talisman symbol in his hand as if he could bore a hole through it.

“No, this is impossible!”

“Absolutely impossible. This can’t be true!”

“His Majesty and Lord Heavenly Master joined hands. Then how can Huang Xiaolong defeat them? How is it possible!” Sun Po shouted over and over again as if he had fallen into insanity.

At the same time, he remembered that Huang Xiaolong had once said that he would come to the Heavenly Terror Country and hang his head on the roof of the Heavenly Terror Divine Palace.

But now, even the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master weren’t Huang Xiaolong’s opponents. If Huang Xiaolong really appears in the Heavenly Terror Country, then…?!

Not long after the Heavenly Terror Country’s generals began to believe the message in their talisman symbols, the news of the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master’s failure to capture and kill Huang Xiaolong, and their defeat at his hands exploded in the Heavens Path like a massive bomb. When the various heavenly countries’ rulers heard the news, their surroundings were unsettlingly silent.

Looking at the report inside their talisman symbols, these rulers were dazed for a long time.

“What?! What the f*ck did you say? The Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master lost?!” The Giant Kun Prince was jumping in anger when he got the news. There was horror on his face. He himself didn’t notice it as he stared at the subordinate who brought the news. “You, you, repeat it again. The Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master joined hands, yet they were no match against Huang Xiaolong?”

In the main hall, the Giant Kun Heavenly Country’s generals too were shocked, feeling the news was incredulous.

The subordinate fell to his knees and repeated fearfully, “Y-yes, Young Lord. It is said that is how things went. The news is that none of the Heavenly World’s experts escaped, even the Heavenly Master was caught by Huang Xiaolong. Tian Chen, Wan Shi, and Wan Xiaorong were all killed by Huang Xiaolong. Only the Heavenly Terror Ruler managed to escape!”

“Only, only the Heavenly Terror Ruler escaped?” The Giant Kun Prince and generals were aghast.

“Y-y-yes, it is also said that the Heavenly Terror Marshal was heavily injured by Huang Xiaolong, and killed by the Heavenly Saint Ruler when he was escaping!”

The subordinate went on nervously, “Most Heavenly Terror Country’s generals that set off to the Heavenly Saint Country failed to escape. They were either killed or surrendered. Only a small number of the Heavenly Terror Country’s and Heavenly World’s army managed to run.”

The Giant Kun Prince was crestfallen, he slumped lifelessly back to his chair while mumbling, “Why? Why did it end up like this? That Huang Xiaolong, he, he still has not stepped into high-level Sovereign, has he? How could he possess this level of strength!”

“I don’t believe it!”

Not only the Giant Kun Prince, but even other super heavenly countries’ rulers that got the news could not believe it. Can someone who has yet to enter the high-level Sovereign Realm defeat the Ninth Order Sovereign Realm Heavenly Master and Heavenly Terror Ruler?

How could a person’s battle strength be so terrifying?

“Young Lord, then, we, what should we do now?”A long time later, one of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country’s generals stammered, “Do you think that Huang Xiaolong would come looking for us?”

After all, they were the first ones to provoke Huang Xiaolong and expose his identity. Huang Xiaolong would find out about this sooner or later.

The Giant Kun Prince’s face was ugly to the extreme as chill spread through his four limbs.