Invincible - Chapter 2220

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Chapter 2220: You’re From the Holy Gate?!

There was another long scar stretched up the back of the Phoenix Eagle. Any deeper and the Phoenix Eagle would have been split into two.

After looking at the injuries on his mount, Huang Xiaolong felt his temper rising. His Phoenix Eagle would no longer be as fast as it once was with two wings missing! How was he supposed to continue riding on it?!

“Are you from the Beast Emperor Sect?” An astonished cry entered Huang Xiaolong’s ears as everyone turned to look at him.

It was clear that Huang Xiaolong’s punch had given them the shock of their lives.

Huang Xiaolong refused to reply and flicked his finger and sent divine pills into the mouths of his six beasts. Even though the pills weren’t origin spiritual pills, they were extremely useful in curing injuries. The moment the divine beasts ate them, vitality filled their body, and they became a whole lot more energetic.

When the other party saw that Huang Xiaolong had ignored them to feed his beasts the recovery pills, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of irritation.

“Grand Elder Chen Yu is asking you a question!” One of the experts couldn’t help but snap at Huang Xiaolong.

As soon as the words left his lips, Huang Xiaolong showed no mercy. He slapped the person who spoke and sent him flying into one of the mountain peaks nearby. When everyone finally reacted, their comrade was stuck in the middle of several frozen tree branches.

Everyone turned to glare at Huang Xiaolong in rage.

Some even pointed their swords at him.

Chen Ye quickly raised his hand to stop the members of his faction. He wouldn’t recklessly make a move before knowing Huang Xiaolong’s true identity. However, there was a trace of rage in his voice as he growled at Huang Xiaolong, “What do you mean by this?”

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolong’s lips. “Are you stupid? Do you really not understand my meaning after you messed with my mount?”

They couldn’t help but stare at him in shock.

Chen Ye frowned, “We are members of the Incineration Valley. Right now, we are here on the orders of our Grand Hall Master to kill a Six Eyed Ice Lion. If you hand it over to us, we will leave this instant.”

“What the f*ck does the orders of your grand hall master have to do with me?” Huang Xiaolong snorted. “Are your brains working fine? Why would I hand over my Six Eyed Ice Lion to you after you injured my mounts?”

He had long since realized that they were from the Incineration Valley.

From the way they dressed, Huang Xiaolong could obviously tell that they were elders from the Incineration Valley.

As for Chen Ye, he was the strongest expert they had amongst them. He was a peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign!

Chen Ye’s expression sank when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Did the kid in front of me just ask if my brains are working fine?!

Not a single person from the Incineration Valley could smile when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said. Their expressions were ugly as they stared at the man himself.

“You only need to leave the Six Eyed Ice Lion behind. We can give you a million holy bills as compensation.” Chen Ye quickly suppressed the fury in his heart as he said.

The number of people they had brought with them were too little, and the hall master and the grand hall master were not present. They were indeed a little afraid of the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown previously.

A chuckle left Huang Xiaolong’s lips when he heard their offer. The reputation of the Incineration Valley in addition to a million holy bills were tempting to others, but not for Huang Xiaolong.

“Leave all the spatial divine artifacts behind, and I can consider letting you leave.” Huang Xiaolong indifferently made a counter offer.


Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous expression. We need to leave our spatial divine artifacts behind to leave?!

What the fu--

As elders and grand elders of the Incineration Valley, this was the first time they were treated with such disrespect!

“Are you sure about this…” Chen Ye could no longer suppress the fury in his heart, and he snapped, “Are you sure you want to offend my Incineration Valley? Are you not afraid of dragging your family and sect into this?!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at him like he was staring at a retard.

Another grand elder stepped up all of a sudden and raged, “Brother Chen Ye, we shouldn’t bother with him. Let’s join hands and get rid of him right now!”

“That’s right! Let’s set up the Incineration Divine Formation right now!” Another grand elder chirped in.

“Deploy the formation! Kill him!” A vicious light flashed through Chen Ye’s eyes, and he raged.

He was unable to accept Huang Xiaolong’s conditions. After all, he had obtained a whole lot of treasures in his many years of existence, and they were all kept in his spatial divine artifact!

The members of the Incineration Valley moved in unison as they surrounded Huang Xiaolong. Divine flames filled the skies as the robes on their bodies swelled.


Flames covered the swords in their hands as they charged towards Huang Xiaolong in unison.

Before the six divine beasts could assist him, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand to stop them.

Huang Xiaolong ignored their attacks as he punched out with a single fist. His arm emerged from the back of an elder of the Incineration Valley as he shattered the other party’s internal organs and meridians.


When Huang Xiaolong killed the man from the Incineration Valley, the attack from the others landed on his body. Sparks flew everywhere as their weapons scraped off his body.

Huang Xiaolong was completely fine, but the same couldn’t be said for the swords they wielded. Cracks started to appear on their weapons as all of them were sent flying from the backlash.


Everyone felt flabbergasted when they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

They were using high-grade grandmist artifacts!

Even if the divine armor on Huang Xiaolong’s body was a top-grade grandmist artifact, their weapons wouldn’t crack! Not to mention that they didn’t even see Huang Xiaolong wearing any sort of armor! He took on their attacks with his bare body!

Wouldn’t that mean…?

When Chen Ye and the others were at a loss of what to do, Huang Xiaolong made his move. Resplendent rays of light surrounded him as sword qi emerged from his body. The sword qi that covered the skies made it seem as though the world was ending as they fell with unstoppable might. Chen Ye and the others sank into despair when they felt Huang Xiaolong’s strike.

The sword qi seemed to blend into the heavens and earth, and nothing could stop it.

Without the luxury of time to think of their next move, Huang Xiaolong’s sword qi arrived. Countless strands of sword qi pierced towards them. The incredible amount of sword qi blocked out the sky, and they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to.

Waving the swords in their arms, all of them tried to defend themselves from Huang Xiaolong’s sword qi. It was too bad none of them were strong enough to do so. Their bodies were riddled with holes as the sword qi fell onto them. Even the snowy peak behind them was sliced to pieces in the face of Huang Xiaolong’s sword qi.

When Chen Ye and the others fell onto the bed of snow beneath their feet, their blood dyed the ground red.

Huang Xiaolong stood in mid-air as he stared at them.

“You… this… did you use the Final Boundless Sword Art?! Are you from the Holy Gate?!” A look of terror was plastered on Chen Ye’s face as he stammered.

Final Boundless Sword Art!

It was one of the holy martial arts originating from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate! Chen Ye had managed to observe the demonstration of the Final Boundless Sword Art by an expert from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate several hundred thousand years ago! As for those who could cultivate the Final Boundless Sword Art, they were either from the upper echelon of the Holy Gate, or the young master of the faction!

When the elders and grand elders of the Incineration Valley heard what Chen Ye said, fear gripped their hearts.

It was too bad the only thing that answered Chen Ye’s question was the tip of Huang Xiaolong’s sword.

He didn’t leave a single living being as he killed everyone from the Incineration Valley. Before ending Chen Ye’s life, he did a soul search.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t pass up the treasures they had on them as he sent the Six Eyed Ice Lion and the rest over to sweep the bodies clean. When he took everything valuable off them, Huang Xiaolong left with the six divine beasts.

Instead of leaving the forest, Huang Xiaolong decided to head deeper into it. He wanted to head over to the heart of the icy forest!