Invincible - Chapter 2221

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Chapter 2221: Wang Chunming’s Arrival

There was a massive city located hundreds of millions of miles north of the Devouring Icy Forest, and it was virtually boundless. It was hundreds of times larger than the largest Heavenly Country located in the Heavens Path in the lower realm!

Above the entrance of the city were two majestic words, ‘Falling Jade!’

Falling Jade!

The two words alone emitted endless prestige, and there seemed to be a majestic aura surrounding them. The heavenly dao seemed to revolve around the two words, and there was no doubt that a supreme master had carved the words in the Venerable Realm.

There was no mistake! That was the capital of the Falling Jade Dynasty!

The capital city lay in the heart of the dynasty, and it was the holy city to the kingdoms serving under the dynasty. Vassals like the Jinyuan Kingdom and the various super sects yearned for nothing more than to get into the good graces of the city lord!

Of course, there were tons of sect headquarters situated in the capital city. Ancient families had chosen to place their roots there, and superpowers like the Big Dipper Sword Sect and the Nine Heavens Gate were no exceptions.

As for the final supreme sect in the dynasty, the Incineration Valley hadn’t moved over their headquarters. However, they had placed a massive branch sect in the capital of the dynasty.

There were millions upon millions of palaces situated in the southern part of the city. They were constructed row after row, and every single one was crafted with the most precious materials. As fire attributed construction materials were used in almost every palace, there seemed to be a grand fire formation arranged in the region.

That was precisely the branch of the Incineration Valley, and they took up an extremely vast area. Despite it being only a branch, they occupied an area as large as a world surface in the lower worlds!

In the branch sect, tons of disciples streamed in and out of palaces, and everything seemed to be in perfect order. Guards were stationed around all the palaces, and there was an air of rigidity amongst the bustle.

When everything was going about in the outside world, Wang Chunming, the grand hall master of the Incineration Valley, was seated in the middle of the branch sect. His expression was ugly to the extreme as he had just received news from the headquarters that the soul slips of Chen Ye and the others had shattered!

The Valley Master was enraged, and he ordered for Wang Chunming to conduct an in-depth investigation about the matter!

In the span of a day, more than twenty Sovereigns from the Incineration Valley had died! This was the first time something like that had happened since the founding of the valley!

Moreover, there were eight grand elders in the party who had died! Out of the six of them, Chen Ye was at the peak of the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm! Even though the Incineration Valley was one of the three supreme sects, such a loss was too large for them to bear silently!

“Who! Who did this?!” Wang Chunming roared as killing intent shot out from his eyes. He stared in the direction of the Devouring Icy Forest as anger boiled in his heart.

He was the one who had sent Chen Ye and the rest out to obtain the eyes of a Six Eyed Ice Lion. Due to his order, Chen Ye and the others were killed!


Wang Chunming growled.

“Pass down my order! Gather the experts we have in the capital! We’re going to the Devouring Icy Forest!”

“Yes, Grand Hall Master!”

In a flash, Wang Chunming gathered several Sovereign Realm experts. Without the slightest hesitation, they charged straight towards the forest.

Since the Incineration Valley had sealed off the news about Chen Ye’s death, no one in the capital city had heard about the news. However, Wang Chunming’s actions couldn’t be concealed from the eyes and ears in the city. He created quite the commotion when he left the city with several experts in tow, and it aroused the suspicion of many superpowers.

“What’s going on in the Incineration Valley? Why did Wang Chunming lead a group of experts out of the city?”

“I wonder if Wang Chunming has already broken into the late-First Order Venerable Realm... He was still at the peak of the mid-First Order Venerable Realm several million years ago. I’ve heard that he managed to obtain, the Purple Sea Peony, a level-five origin treasure in the past!”

“Did he really manage to obtain the Purple Sea Peony?!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong ventured deeper into the forest after killing Chen Ye and the rest, he didn’t dare to go in too deep. After all, the strength of the vicious beasts would only grow stronger the deeper he went. Huang Xiaolong was sure that there were Venerable Realm vicious beasts in the heart of the Devouring Icy Forest! Without recovering to his peak state, he felt that it wouldn’t hurt to be more careful.

One day passed just like that…

Huang Xiaolong stopped when he arrived at an icy gorge.

The reason he stopped was because the gorge he discovered was pretty small and it was located in a somewhat desolate area. It was also emitting shockingly powerful waves of frigid spiritual qi which was perfect for Huang Xiaolong. After looking around the area, Huang Xiaolong decided to enter seclusion for real.

He had searched through the bodies of Chen Ye and the others after his massacre. Huang Xiaolong had discovered tons of spiritual pills and herbs after grabbing all the spatial divine artifacts they had on them! The treasures these twenty-plus Incineration Valley experts had collected over the years were more than ten times the value of whatever Huang Xiaolong had in the Radiance Chamber of Commerce!

The quality of spirit medicines Huang Xiaolong had managed to collect was god knows how many times higher than those from Qin Yuan and Weng Siqi.

As long as he refined them all, he knew that the day he experienced a full recovery was not too far away!

Entering the icy gorge, Huang Xiaolong smashed a tunnel through it. He made his way towards the spiritual vein deep in the ground and he placed down tons of restrictions around him. He gave all six divine beasts a whole bunch of pills to recover before sending them off to guard the area.

Sitting in the middle of the space he carved out, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the spiritual pills from Chen Ye’s spiritual divine artifact.

“Black Dragon Divine Force Pill!”

“Crystal Jade Spiritual Pill!”

“Nine Returnings Pill!”

Huang Xiaolong discovered several dozen bottles of spiritual pills in Chen Ye’s spatial divine artifact. Every single one of them was better than top-grade grandmist spiritual pills, and there were three pills that reached the level of an origin spiritual pill!

He decided to refine the grandmist spiritual pills before moving on to the three origin spiritual pills.

Popping the lid of the other bottles, Huang Xiaolong swallowed them all and started to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

In an instant, spiritual qi spilled out from Huang Xiaolong’s body. As he refined the energy contained in the pills, frigid spiritual qi in the air entered his body without signs of stopping.

The frigid spiritual qi in the air was frighteningly strong. It was so dense that there were hissing noises in the air.

As purple grandmist dragons and ice dragons danced around Huang Xiaolong’s body, sounds of roaring filled the space he was in.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong was done with all the pills Chen Ye had on him when he was still alive. The only thing left to do was to refine the three origin spiritual pills!

The origin spiritual pills Huang Xiaolong had obtained were called the Noble Sea Spring Pills. They were made from several tens of low-grade origin treasures, and they were high-grade, level-one origin spiritual pills!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother too much about them as he took them out from Chen Ye’s spatial divine artifact. As soon as he took them out, three magnificent pills hovered in the air before him and they seemed to form three vast frozen seas. In the middle of the frozen ocean were several piping hot springs.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t hesitate to throw all three pills in his mouth.

In an instant, he experienced the sensation of being frozen and cooked alive.

Waves of ice-attributed origin energy slammed into his body, followed by waves of fire-attributed origin energy. The temperatures were at the two extremes, and Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of comfort wash over his divine soul after the pain finally subsided.

Very quickly, all three pills were fully refined. Huang Xiaolong quickly took out all the spirit pills in another grand elder’s spatial divine artifact.

Just like that, one month passed.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was swallowing pill after pill, the space above the Devouring Icy Forest started to tremble. The snow that fell leisurely to the ground froze in its place in midair as Wang Chunming and the other Incineration Valley’s experts appeared.

Even though they were rushing over as quickly as they could, the capital was indeed extremely far away from the Devouring Icy Forest.

“Fan out and search!”

Wang Chunming waved his hand as a chilly light emerged from his eyes.

The experts who had followed him quickly spread themselves out, and they started to look for Chen Ye and the other’s dead bodies. Because of the special technique cultivated by all disciples of the Incineration Valley, the corpses of Chen Ye and the others would emit some sort of special aura. It was something that would only dissipate after an extremely long amount of time!