Invincible - Chapter 224

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Chapter 224:  Astonished!

Dazzled by the abrupt brightness coming from the Blessed Buddha Altar, the noisy crowd quieted in an instant. Each person stared dumbly at the floating Blessed Buddha Altar in midair.

Previously, when Luo Wuyi and Chen Dingyuan stood below it and projected their battle qi out from their body, the Blessed Buddha Altar’s shining beam merely flickered.

Yet, when it came to Huang Xiaolong, it was a powerful resplendent light!

This time, the Blessed Buddha Altar had appeared for more than one month’s time. Most of the geniuses of Blessed Buddha Empire’s families had more or less come forward and tested themselves at the Blessed Buddha Altar, but none of them managed to trigger this level of reaction from it!

After whelming astonishment, the crowd broke out into an uproar!

“Who is this kid really, that the Blessed Buddha Altar’s reaction would be so strong?!”

“Does that mean his martial spirit talent is stronger than Luo Wuyi and Chen Dingyuan’s?!”

“It may not be so. Don’t you remember, there was one time the Blessed Buddha Altar chose a kid with only grade ten martial spirit? Who knows, maybe this brat is also another grade ten martial spirit!”

“Even if the Blessed Buddha Altar’s reaction is strong now, it doesn’t mean that this kid will be chosen!”

Words flew back and forth within the crowd.

Luo Wuyi’s sight was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, whereas a hidden glint flitted quickly across Chen Dingyuan’s eyes looking at Huang Xiaolong, his thoughts unknown.

As the commotion continued, the resplendent aureate light from the Blessed Buddha Altar rose higher and brighter, issuing a humming sound that was clearer than ever, and there was a significant difference between the humming the altar issued during Luo Wuyi and Chen Dingyuan’s time. The humming sound during both of their tests was vague, weaving in and out, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s was like a great wave, splashing, increasing higher. In the end, the humming from the altar resounded clearly in the entire Thousand Blessings Square.

Eyes widened in unprecedented shock.

In the next moment, from the brightly lit altar, golden spheres of light spread out.

Buddha luminescence, Heavens, it’s actually the Buddha luminescence!”

“The Buddha luminescence appeared on the Blessed Buddha Altar!”

Astonishment filled the crowd’s eyes, including Luo Wuyi and Chen Dingyuan!”

There was a rumor about the Blessed Buddha Altar that had been circling for a very long time, if someone could trigger the appearance of Buddha luminescence, the chances of being chosen by the altar increased to seven tenth!

A seventy percent chance!

That exceeded half by far!

Everyone was still pondering on the Buddha luminescence, when a ringing Buddhist chant echoed in the air.

“This, this is the Buddha chant!”

“Chant of the Thousand Buddhas Ode!”

Chant of the Thousand Buddhas Ode! Luo Wuyi and Chen Dingyuan’s shock grew deeper as one after another golden shadows of Buddha carved around its surface flew out from the Blessed Buddha Altar, floating high in the air.

“Vestige of the Ten Thousand Buddhas!”

The astonishment in everyone’s heart could no longer be described with words. The young man actually succeeded in triggering the Vestige of Ten Thousand Buddhas!

The chances of being chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar reached a high nine tenth once the Vestige of Ten Thousand Buddhas emerged! Now, only the last step remained!

And that was the Buddha carving on the four sides of the altar.

If Huang Xiaolong could trigger the four sides Buddha carving, it meant the Blessed Buddha Altar had chosen him, at that time, the glorious sanctification power would bask Huang Xiaolong’s body in a sanctification ritual!

Nerves tensed with anticipation, each individual in the crowd tried not to blink, fixing a stare on Huang Xiaolong and the Blessed Buddha Altar.

With people observing from all directions, suddenly the carving on one side flickered and flew out to high sky from the altar!

“Look, it’s true, this kid really did trigger a one of the side carvings!”

As the surprise exclamation entered Chen Dingyuan’s ears in droves, he couldn’t help scoffing, “It’s only one side, he might not able to push all four sides of the carving!”

Just as Chen Dingyuan’s voice ended, another side of carving on the Blessed Buddha Altar flickered and flew to the sky, shining majestically!

The second carving!

It was already the second carving!

Tension increased, hands clammy with sweat as the crowd watched on, there were some that were even more nervous than Huang Xiaolong.

Standing beneath the floating altar, Huang Xiaolong was quite a nervous himself. He didn’t care much for the sanctification ritual from the power of sanctification, the only thing important was the opportunity to enter the Buddha Cavern.

Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi continued to dance higher, and the third Buddha carving on altar flickered. When the crowd saw the flickering sign, hearts tightened!

In the next second, the third carving flew to the sky, casting a brilliant light down on the square!

The third carving!

Only one carving left!

Eyes all around were fixated on the last remaining carving!

As if a cloth was wrapped tightly around their hearts as they held their breaths, waiting for what will happen next.

At this point, the fourth and final Buddha carving flickered and flew out, releasing its glorious golden glow high in the sky above!

The four-sided carving was in the sky, shining, it gathered together and rotated at high speed. Buddha luminescence covered the sky, spreading ten thousand li. The resplendent Buddha luminescence could be seen clearly even from afar by the commoners and residents of Northside Merchant City.

In the Northside Merchant City, almost at the same moment, people turned their eyes in the Blessed Buddha Altar’s direction, where the glorious beam of Buddha luminescence originated from, with shocked eyes.

“This is, did someone trigger a reaction from the Blessed Buddha Altar’s four sides carving!”

“The fated person chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar has appeared!”

“Come, let’s go to the Thousand Blessings Square!”

Above the Thousand Blessings Square, the four carving images swirled around the Blessed Buddha Altar, streams of sanctification power fell down, enveloping Huang Xiaolong.

A warm comfortable feeling filled Huang Xiaolong immediately as if he had returned to a mother’s embrace. A soothing energy permeated into Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, Qi Sea, the flesh of his body, into the internal organs, weaving in, time and again, enhancing Huang Xiaolong’s physique.

In the entire process, not only did Huang Xiaolong not feel any pain, in fact, he felt extremely comfortable that he wanted to moan.

This was the Buddhism energy!

On the Thousand Blessings Square, it was calm and quiet. People held their breath in, watching Huang Xiaolong enshrouded by the power of Buddha, undergoing the sanctification ritual each of them had only dreamed of, with eyes of envy, jealousy, and amazement.

Chen Dingyuan was surging with jealousy watching Huang Xiaolong receive the sanctification ritual. Unknowingly, a poisonous blue needle appeared on his right hand and flicked out when no one noticed, shooting straight Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea located in his chest area.

Seeing the poison needle was about to pierce into Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea, a blinding light flashed, repelling the poison needle from its trajectory.

Watching this result, the killing intent in Chen Dingyuan’s eyes thickened, and another blue poison needle appeared in his right hand. However, this time, before he flicked it out, an indiscernible voice sounded in his ears. Listening to this voice, Chen Dingyuan retrieved the blue poisonous needle unwillingly.

While Huang Xiaolong was immersed in the sanctification ritual, experts from all over arrived, rushing from all directions, filling the already packed Thousand Blessings Square even more.

Thousand Blessings Square became even more lively and bustling with the increasingly larger crowd.

Hidden in one of the space pockets above the Buddha Cavern’s entrance sat eight old men clad in kasaya robes embroidered with golden threads. Majestic auras filled the entire space, while all eight old men observed Huang Xiaolong undergoing the sanctification ritual of the Buddha power through the void.

“Old Law, in your opinion, how does this young man compare to that Fan Chen from last time?” One of the old men asked the person sitting in the centermost amongst the eight, an old man whose hair was evenly divided, half pure white and half darkest of ebony.

The fated one chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar more than three hundred years ago, a genius named Fan Chen. The current Fan Chen was already a Saint realm expert!

After a short moment of silence, the old man in the center spoke: “This child’s achievements in the future will far surpass Fan Chen!”

“What?!” This answer shocked the seven other old men.