Invincible - Chapter 2296

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Chapter 2296: Jiang Tian is Thrown into Prison?

As everyone from the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground was sent crashing into the ground outside the Holy Gate, their bones and internal organs were shattered completely. Terrifying wounds appeared all over their bodies as blood gushed out from them.

“Senior True Saint…” Luo Hong crawled to his feet as a look of fear appeared on his face.

With cold eyes, the Holy Beast stared at Luo Hong. “Weren’t you about to unleash a reign of terror on my Holy Gate? Weren’t you about to start your killing spree? Didn’t you ask if there was someone able to stop you?”

Shaking his head hastily, Luo Hong begged for mercy, “Senior True Saint, this junior didn’t mean any disrespect! I was planning to exchange several blows with Eminent Elder Li Wen and the others, nothing else! That’s right! It was only a friendly exchange!”

The explanation came pouring out from his mouth as though he was afraid that the Holy Beast would send him to the afterlife with a single blow.

“Friendly exchange?” A cold harrumph left the beast’s lips. Grabbing Luo Hong with a single arm, it dangled him in the air and continued, “Why don’t I exchange several blows with you? Come look for me if you’re planning to carry out your friendly exchanges.”

The blood drained from Luo Hong’s face the moment he heard what the True Saint Holy Beast said. Shaking his hand as his life depended on it, he begged for mercy once again. “Luo Hong isn’t daring enough to compare notes with Senior True Saint! Please show mercy on my master’s account!”

With a casual flick of the wrist, the Holy Beast flung Luo Hong to the ground once again. Several more wounds appeared on his body.

“Leave. Killing you guys will only dirty my hands. I’ll let you live so that others won’t go spreading rumors about me bullying juniors….” The Dragon Lion sneered, “If you appear in front of me again, you’ll wish you were dead!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Luo Hong seemed as though he had received the imperial pardons as tears streamed down his face. “I thank Senior True Saint for showing mercy! We shall leave this instant!”

With the members of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground in tow, Luo Hong beat a hasty retreat in case the Dragon Lion Holy Beast changed its mind.

Looking at how they ran away after pushing themselves to the limit, no one would think that they were injured….

After the members of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground were gone, the Dragon Lion turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong. The frosty expression on his face disappeared, and a look of benevolence took its place. “Little one, come with me. I need to speak with you.”

Under the envied gaze of Jiang Tian and the others, Huang Xiaolong soared into the skies and disappeared with the Dragon Lion Holy Beast.

As he saw Huang Xiaolong’s figure growing smaller and smaller, the worry in Jiang Tian’s heart became larger and larger.

As the leader of the Holy Princes, he had no idea an existence at the True Saint Realm was holding the fort in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground!

After seeing the look of unease on Jiang Tian’s face, Li Wen sneered, “Jiang Tian, aren’t you disappointed that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t taken away by the members of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground?”

A trace of rage burned in Jiang Tian’s heart when he heard what Li Wen said. However, he forced himself to retain his smile. “Eminent Elder Li Wen must be joking! I was merely trying to ease the friction between our factions! My greatest hope is for the disciples of the Holy Gate to remain safe in the face of an external threat!”

Xu Jun chuckled in amusement. “It seems like you’re pretty proud of yourself.”

In the past, Xu Jun had held no grudges towards Jiang Tian and so had the other Eminent Elders. However, they were no longer able to remain indifferent when it came to Jiang Tian as this episode had left a dirty taste in their mouths. A feeling of disgust appeared in their hearts whenever they looked at this traitor, who had sided with the members of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground.

In the past, Xu Jun had sided with Jiang Tian, and he had even encouraged the formation of the Holy Alliance. He had to admit that Jiang Tian’s talent was indeed promising, and there was a chance for him to enter the True Saint Realm. The moment he broke through, he would be able to lead the Holy Gate to greater heights!

Never in his wildest imagination would he have thought that Jiang Tian would force Huang Xiaolong down the path of no return due to a little grudge he had formed. With the stand he took previously, it was clear that he wasn’t on the Zhuoyuan’s Holy Gate’s side.

Looking at Xu Jun, Jiang Tian snickered, “Eminent Elder Xu Jun, I am devoted to the Holy Gate, and I have always been looking out for our disciples! Why else would you have supported my decision to create the Holy Alliance?”

His ‘speech of devotion’ was met with a single cold snort from Xu Jun.

One day later, in the main palace of the Holy Alliance.

Jiang Tian was pacing about the hall as the sense of unease in his heart grew stronger.

“Senior Brother Jiang Tian, there is no need to worry! You didn’t do anything wrong! Eminent Elder Li Wen wouldn’t dare to do anything to you! He isn’t crazy enough to kick all fourteen of us out of the Holy Gate!” Zheng Yongjia tried to appease Jiang Tian when he saw the nervous expression on Jiang Tian’s face.

“Senior Brother Zheng is right! Senior Brother Jiang, I refuse to believe that Eminent Elder Li Wen and the others can do anything to the fourteen of us!” Wu Shi added.

Jiang Tian shook his head slowly. “Li Wen and the others might not dare to, but what about Senior Holy Beast?!”

Zheng Yongjia and the others stared at him in stunned silence.

“Is it even possible for him to kick us out because of a mere Huang Xiaolong?!” Yuan Peng sneered, “We might as well join the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground if they expel us from the Holy Gate!”

The other Holy Princes nodded in agreement when they heard what Yuan Peng said.

To their surprise, Li Wen and the other Eminent Elders entered the hall as they were thinking of the possible punishment they were about to face.

Jiang Tian’s heart sank when he saw that all thirteen Eminent Elders were present.

“Is there something you need from us?” Jiang Tian asked.

With an expressionless face, Li Wen commanded, “Holy Princes of the Holy Alliance, kneel to receive Lord Di Huai’s order!” He retrieved a holy edict, and the might of a True Saint Realm cultivator filled the hall. The air in the hall turned stale, and everyone felt as though the heavens were falling on them.

Lord Di Huai’s holy edict!

Jiang Tian’s heart sank further. After hesitating for a split second, he decided to kneel.

After seeing their leader on his knees, Zheng Yongjia and the others quickly followed suit.

Opening the holy edict, Li Wen started to read out Lord Di Huai’s order. The more he read, the uglier the look on the faces of the Holy Princes became.

According to Lord Di Huai’s holy edict, Jiang Tian’s title as the leader of the Holy Princes would be stripped and all fourteen Holy Princes of the Holy Alliance would be thrown into the Holy Prison! They would only be released after ten thousand years!

The worst part was that the Holy Gate would not provide them with any resources in their ten thousand years of confinement! The origin spiritual pills, jade stones, and other treasures they would have gotten would be confiscated and given to Huang Xiaolong!

Zheng Yongjia leaped to his feet the instant Li Wen completed the edict. Unable to contain the fury in his heart, he roared, “Li Wen, Lord Di Huai isn’t the Patriarch of our Holy Gate! Even if he’s a True Saint, he has no rights to order for our imprisonment!”

“That’s right! As Holy Princes of the Holy Gate, the only person who can issue our punishment is the Patriarch himself!” Wu Shi, Yuan Peng, and everyone else seethed with fury.

A cold sneer appeared on Li Wen’s face as though he had already expected this to happen. He took out another holy edict and said, “This is a holy edict left behind by Patriarch Zhuoyuan in the past. If a new patriarch hasn’t been appointed, Lord Di Huai would be in charge of the Holy Gate!”

As Li Wen unfurled Zhuoyuan’s holy edict, Jiang Tian and the others felt the world around them collapsing.

Their expressions turned ugly, and none of them knew what to do.

Several days after Jiang Tian and the others were thrown into the Holy Prison, Di Huai passed down another order that Huang Xiaolong would be the new leader among the Holy Princes, and a huge storm blew through the Holy Gate.