Invincible - Chapter 2310

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Chapter 2310: Too MuChapter Affection!

Di Huai nodded. “I know that. I also know that I will have to trouble you for this. I only need a single slot. For this, I am willing to pay ten trillion holy bills!”

“What?! Ten trillion holy bills?!” The Eminent Elders of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate felt their jaws dropping in shock.

Emperor Yu had never expected his friend to be willing to take out ten trillion holy bills to cultivate a piece of trash like Huang Xiaolong!

The amount of ten trillion holy bills was no pocket change. It was a significant amount, even to True Saints!

Emperor Yu fell silent for a moment, and he finally muttered, “Brother Di Huai, I shall give you a single slot when the Holy River opens. However, with the talent of your Holy Prince, he wouldn’t be able to last for more than two hours in it!”

Even though the benefit of entering the Holy River was large, it depended on the natural talent the individual possessed! Those who had impressive aptitude would be able to last for a longer time. As for someone with rank nine hundred saint attributes, it would be of no use if he could only stay for two hours!

It could be said that the two hours spent in the Holy River would amount to nothing!

Emperor Yu couldn’t help but feel sorry for Di Huai who was spending ten trillion holy bills for nothing!

However, he was met with a cheery expression by Di Huai. “Many thanks to Brother Yu!” He retrieved ten trillion holy bills and passed them to Emperor Yu without a second thought.

Seeing as his friend was adamant about it, Emperor Yu shook his head. He had never thought that Di Huai would be so delusional!

Accepting Di Huai’s holy bills, a look of embarrassment appeared on his face. “Brother Di Huai, this….”

“It’s fine!” Di Huai shook his hand and laughed. Everyone in the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds had no idea, but Di Huai was willing to take out even twenty trillion holy bills for a chance to send Huang Xiaolong into the Holy River!

“I wonder if this brat can last for four months in the Holy River….” Di Huai thought to himself

According to his knowledge, the longest a person had stayed in the Holy River was an entire month, and the record was set by Emperor Yu himself!

After arranging for the residence for Di Huai and the others, everyone waited for the Holy River’s opening in three days.

After Huang Xiaolong and the rest left, Holy Prince Liu Qing of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate went up to Emperor Yu in the main hall and said, “Master, Senior Di Huai is wasting his efforts on Huang Xiaolong! Even if he manages to enter the Holy River, he won’t last for an hour! He’s wasting the resources of our Holy Gate!”

Liu Qing was the leader of the Holy Princes of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate, and he was Emperor Yu’s one and only personal disciple. His talent was nothing to scoff at and his saint attributes ranked in the nineties! His aptitude was even higher than Jiang Tian of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate!

“That’s right!” Another Holy Prince, Zhang Shixing, stood up and complained, “There are only five slots to enter the Holy River! We fought so hard to obtain a slot, but Senior Di Huai obtained a slot the moment he showed up. Moreover, he plans to send a piece of trash with no talent into the Holy River! This is too unfair to us!”


Several tens of Holy Princes had fought for the five slots, and all of them had only managed to obtain a slot after considering their talents!

Since Zhang Shixing was the fifth placed Holy Prince, his slot would be the one Huang Xiaolong took!

A trace of rage flashed in his heart.

Holding his palm out, Emperor Yu finally stopped their nagging.

“When did you guys become qualified to discuss the matters of a True Saint?” Emperor Yu asked.

“Disciple is sorry!” Two voices rang through the air in an instant.

“Di Huai had saved me in the past. Since he had already made the request, I can’t possibly deny his wish. Ten trillion holy bills should more than make up for our losses.”

Taking out a trillion holy bills, he passed it to Zhang Shixing as compensation.

“Whatever the case, Senior Di Huai is a little too optimistic to bring someone like Huang Xiaolong to the Holy Heavens….” One of the Eminent Elders, Zhang Yilong, shook his head and sighed.

“What’s there to feel sorry about? He’s definitely doing it after Huang Xiaolong’s endless pestering!” Another Eminent Elder laughed. “Senior Di Huai is really too affectionate to this disciple of his!”

“Huang Xiaolong is truly a shameless b*stard! I’ve never seen anyone with a rank-nine hundred daint godhead trying to enter the Holy Heavens in my life! He’s definitely the first one…. I’m afraid Senior Di Huai is going to turn into the laughing stock of the Holy World!”

The Eminent Elders of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate discussed among each other, but they were interrupted by Emperor Yu.

“Enough. There is no longer a need to speak of this matter. When the Holy River opens in three days, the Devil Palace will definitely show up to mess up our plans. Step up all patrols and increase the security!”

“Yes, Holy Emperor!”

The disciples of the Holy Gate voiced their acknowledgement and left to carry out their duties.

Three days passed in a flash and on the third day all was well and the Holy Gate remained quiet.

At long last, the Holy River was about to open and Di Huai brought Huang Xiaolong to meet with Emperor Yu before heading over.

The Holy River wasn’t a real river, and it wasn’t too large in size. It was merely several hundred feet long and it was covered in a golden glow. Layers upon layers of restrictions were laid above the river, and no one could see the situation under the endless layers of restrictions.

When Huang Xiaolong’s senses passed through the barriers and restrictions above the river, he felt a sort of mysterious energy coming from the source of the river. Even though it wasn’t the same as the source energy produced by the Holy World, Huang Xiaolong felt that the energy was no weaker than it!

Huang Xiaolong was stunned. He had never expected there to be such a miraculous place located in the Emperor Yu Holy Gate!

Emperor Yu and the Eminent Elders started to move as they lifted the restrictions around the river.

As soon as it was open, Emperor Yu yelled, “Go!”

Four figures, along with Huang Xiaolong, rose into the air and flew towards the center of the river.

As the five of them sank beneath the surface, the layers above the Holy River recovered.

“Brother Di Huai, you can wait for him there.” Emperor Yu pointed towards a mountain peak in the distance. There was an observatory built there, and one could easily tell the situation of the Holy River when sitting there. They would know as soon as Huang Xiaolong emerged.

“Sure!” Di Huai nodded and followed Emperor Yu to the mountain peak.

Very quickly, two hours passed.

A trace of suspicion appeared in Emperor Yu’s mind when he noticed that the Holy River was as peaceful as can be.