Invincible - Chapter 2375

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Chapter 2375: The Departing Sword Sage’s Sword Dao

“Junior Sister Lin Xiaoying!” After seeing that Lin Xiaoying had leaped forward, taking the lead to attack, Tan Juan was worried that she would be hurt. Hence, she and Ji Xinyi hurried after Lin Xiaoying, directing their firepower at Xie Bufan and Dou Rui.

Other Clear Snow Palace’s female experts also made their moves.

With the Clear Snow Palace’s female experts leading the attack, experts from the Crossing Holy Gate were quick to join the battle.

Most of these experts were Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints, and there were even two True Saint experts. In a split second, the Devil Palace’s experts were overwhelmed, and undulating screams rang in the air.

Xie Bufan and Dou Rui were beyond enraged, as neither of them had expected the situation to change and become worse for them.

However, not all forces’ experts joined in the siege on Devil Palace’s disciples, like the Holy Lands Alliance for one, as well as the Blue Whale Race, and the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.

An old expert from the Holy Lands Alliance’s group approached Huang Xiaolong. This old man was an Elder of the Nine Plains Holy Gate called Wang Yuan, and he was a First Heaven True Saint expert.

Wang Yuan was very direct, “This little brother, give us the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, and we won’t make things difficult for you. How about this, tell us what you want in return? As long as we can give you what you want, we will exchange it with you, what do you think?”

Upon hearing that, Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Really, whatever I want? You will take it out and exchange it with me?”

“Correct,” Wang Yuan nodded, smiling a little proudly as he added, “As long as it’s something we have at the moment, we can take it out to exchange with you.”

Huang Xiaolong pointed at the jadeite bead hanging from Wang Yuan’s waist and said, “I want that.”

Wang Yuan was stunned.

Before Wang Yuan reacted, his personal disciple, the Nine Plains Holy Gate’s Holy Prince Li Zhang angrily pointed at Huang Xiaolong, and yelled, “Punk, it’s too early to be dreaming!”

The jadeite bead hanging from Wang Yuan’s waist was the sole saint artifact he had forged from his core life essence.

In general, there were two kinds of saint artifacts, one was a saint artifact obtained from another True Saint, and the second kind was a saint artifact one personally forged from their own core life essence.

The importance and value of a saint artifact forged by using a True Saint’s own life essence greatly exceeded a saint artifact obtained from other True Saint experts.

Thus, the Nine Plains Holy Gate’s Holy Prince Li Zhang had such a strong reaction.

Wang Yuan finally spoke at this time, shaking his head, “This jadeite bead cannot be exchanged, you can ask for something else.”

“I just want that jadeite bead.” Huang Xiaolong insisted in a roguish manner.

Wang Yuan’s face sank and his tone hardened, “In that case, this old man has no choice but to take action myself.” With that said, his palms shot out, grabbing at Huang Xiaolong and the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast under him.

“Don’t worry, looking at the Clear Snow Palace’s sake, I won’t take your life, but a little punishment is inevitable. Hence, I’ll crush all the bones in your body!” As Wang Yuan’s palms pressed down, a powerful pressure bore down.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Holy Prince Chen Zhifeng watched with a cold sneer. Earlier on, at the Profound City’s city gates, he had wanted to purchase Lin Xiaoying’s jade token from Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong had refused. He was more than happy watching Huang Xiaolong suffer from having his body’s bones completely crushed.

At the moment, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, Lin Xiaoying, and others were battling with the Devil Palace’s experts. Therefore, Chen Zifeng wanted to see who was going to rescue Huang Xiaolong this time!

Upon seeing that Wang Yuan’s palm strikes were that close to hitting the targets, Lin Xiaoying who was entangled by Devil Palace’s experts was anxious and infuriated, “Nine Plains Holy Gate’s Wang Yuan, how dare you?!”

Wang Yuan had seemed to take everything for granted. He was confident as his palms continued towards Huang Xiaolong and his mount. Just as everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would be buried into the ground, with his bones crushed to pieces, a crisp hum of sword cut across the air. A sea of sword qi rays lit up the surroundings, perforating Wang Yuan’s palm force in the blink of an eye. At the same time, Wang Yuan was sent reeling back from the shocking sword qi.

Everyone was stunned, and their attention flew towards the Departing Sword Sage behind Huang Xiaolong.

Before this, everyone’s focus was on Huang Xiaolong and the Dual-Pupiled Profound beast, and no one took a second glance at the Departing Sword Sage following behind Huang Xiaolong.

After all, in their eyes, Huang Xiaolong was merely a Seventh Order Venerable. Hence a guard or subordinate’s strength still amounted to nothing in their eyes even though he could be stronger than Huang Xiaolong.

Moreover, the Departing Sword Sage had masterfully converged his aura that he seemed ordinary.

“You, you are…. Departing Sword Sage?!” Wang Yuan was shocked looking at the Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo behind Huang Xiaolong.

The last time the Saint Fate had appeared, he and the Departing Sword Sage had fought several times to compete for the Saint Fate. Thus, he was quite familiar with the Departing Sword Sage’s sword qi.

Yu Fujiang, Chen Zifeng, and the Blue Whale Race’s experts were dumbfounded at Wang Yuan’s words.

“What? Departing Sword Sage?!”

“He’s Departing Sword Sage?!”

The Departing Sword Sage was a freak of a genius, and his reputation was in the same league as Tan Juan, and Xie Bufan, but didn’t the rumors say that the Departing Sword Sage was proud to his bones?

On top of that, he was a rogue cultivator!

He had never joined any holy grounds or families, yet he was actually a Seventh Order Venerable cultivator’s guard?

Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and the others, who were battling, were just as astonished, and the battle came to an abrupt halt.

Lin Xiaoying, Li Li, and the other three female disciples, who had been traveling with the Departing Sword Sage, were wide-eyed with disbelief, “Departing Sword Sage?!”

But the Departing Sword Sage was very calm despite being recognized. His tepid gaze swept over Wang Yuan and the others without speaking a word, and he continued to stand where he was, behind Huang Xiaolong.

The only difference was, his aura was completely converged before, but now, his aura was piercingly sharp, akin to a sword that was drawn out of its scabbard, about to pierce through the sky.

Wang Yuan’s expression was as ugly as it could be.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong again and demanded, “Who are you?”

He had initially thought that Huang Xiaolong was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered only to receive a sledgehammer to the head, but how could he be called a lamb that was waiting to be slaughtered?

Huang Xiaolong did not reply to Wang Yuan, but looked towards the Blue Whale Race’s Lan Meihui and Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Chen Zifeng. His gaze sent a chill down their spines.

The Nine Plains Holy Gate’s Holy Prince Li Zhang was infuriated, seeing that Huang Xiaolong had disregarded his Master in front of so many people. He pointed at Huang Xiaolong and scolded, “Punk, don’t think you can act arrogant cause you have the Departing Sword Sage protecting you, we…!”

The rest of his words were replaced by a sharp scream as a ray of sword qi cut off his finger that was pointing at Huang Xiaolong. Blood spurted out like a bloody rain shower.

“You!” Wang Yuan was furious that the Departing Sword Sage had cut off one of his disciple’s finger.

The Departing Sword Sage sneered, “This is a warning, the next time he dares to disrespect my Young Master, he will die!”

“Good, very good!” Wang Yuan’s fury got the better of him. The sword in his hand was spitting sparks as he spoke, “Wu Wo, let me experience how strong is your sword dao and see if it is enough to kill me today!”

The sword in Wang Yuan’s hand hummed and shook, turning into a sea of swords in the next second. Wang Yuan disappeared into the sea of sword, as if he had completely integrated within.

The sea of swords pulverized everything in its way and it was moving towards Huang Xiaolong and Departing Sword Sage faster than lightning.

The Departing Sword Sage snorted with disdain, and pulled out his sword from the scabbard. The moment his sword was pulled out, everyone present felt an indescribable shocking sword qi. This sword qi seemed to originate from within their bodies, piercing out from their hearts, splitting them from the depths of their souls, like thousands of swords cutting off every inch of their divine veins, and bursting out from every corner of their bodies.

The Departing Sword Sage made the first slash with his sword!

And this sword slash was imprinted forever in everyone’s mind. This slash cut off their past life, encapsulated their present life, and shattered their future.


The sea of sword Wang Yuan had created was cut off in the middle like silk cloth, revealing Wang Yuan as the sea of sword dissipated.

Wang Yuan’s brocade robe was torn to shreds. There was blood flowing from his mouth, and horror dominated his eyes.

“What sword dao is this?!”