Invincible - Chapter 2429

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Chapter 2429: Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds

“What?!” Ao Yao and the other two jumped in fright. Ao Sheng was crushed too quickly, and they had no time to react. It took a mere second for Huang Xiaolong to shatter Ao Sheng’s physical body and imprison his holy soul!

Even though Ao Sheng was in the late First Heavens True Saint Realm like Song Cheng, he lacked combat abilities.

Moreover, he was injured by the sneak attacks Huang Xiaolong had set up above the lake. With his arrogance when facing Huang Xiaolong, he was destined to be crushed in an instant. Of course, one couldn’t downplay Huang Xiaolong’s strength and holy souls.

After Ao Sheng was absorbed into the lightning bead, Huang Xiaolong glanced at the others with a frigid gaze. Panic quickly started to set in their hearts.

“Ao Yao, it is a glorious opportunity to serve our Young Master...” Yu Ming spoke up all of a sudden. “Song Chen was like Ao Sheng, and he suffered the same fate. His soul is getting tortured for eternity!”

“What?! Song Chen was captured too?!” Ao Yao and the others stared at Sun Jiang, and Li Junhua in disbelief.

“That’s right, Song Chen’s physical body has already been destroyed by our young master.” Sun Jiang and Li Junhua nodded their heads. “As for Zhan Bo, he’s beyond dead.”

Ao Yao was shocked to the core.

Even the Young Patriarch of the Black Inferno Race, Zhan Bo, was killed?!

He couldn’t wrap his head around anything Sun Jiang said.

He finally understood why Song Cheng and Zhan Bo weren't present. Initially, he had thought that they were hiding in the darkness, enjoying the show that was playing out. Who would have thought...

Ten minutes later, the three of them made the oath and pledged their allegiance to Huang Xiaolong.

Sighing in his heart, Huang Xiaolong knew that the chances of him entering the forbidden region in the Yang Dragon Race was much higher now that Ao Zhao was on his side.

Strands of purple grandmist holy qi were soon sent into the bodies of the True Saints who submitted to Huang Xiaolong.

Completely unafraid that they would be able to discover the existence of the purple grandmist holy qi, Huang Xiaolong knew that it would merge into their holy souls and the only way for someone to discover it was if they had the help of a Primal Ancestor.

After instructing the members of the Yang Dragon Race, Huang Xiaolong allowed them to return to their territory. They would remain there to receive his orders, or they could look for him if they ran into anything unexpected.

After seeing their leaving figures, the Departing Sword Sage asked, “Young Master, what shall we do next?”

“Let’s find a place for me to refine the Devil Fetus,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

It wouldn’t be too late for them to look for the holy grandmist spiritual qi after he refined the Devil Fetus.

Nodding slowly, they left to look for a spot for Huang Xiaolong to enter seclusion.

One hour later, they decided to stop at an icy mountain after Huang Xiaolong noticed the density of spiritual qi in the air. Pointing to a corner of the mountain, he said, “I shall do it here.”

Immediately after, Huang Xiaolong ordered the five of them to lay down restrictions before sending them off to guard the surroundings.

He quickly entered the core of the mountain after landing, and he nodded to himself. He saw that the four walls around him were covered in ice thorns, and they emitted a threatening aura.

It was an excellent space for refining the Devil Fetus.

He also noticed that the cold qi in the air could the devil qi released by the Devil Fetus, saving him a lot of troubles during the refinement process.

After sitting down, he retrieved the Devil Fetus from the lightning bead.

Devil Fetus was full of demonic qi, and its appearance looked like black jade with demonic eyes. After taking it out, it hissed vigorously, and tried to attack him. However, Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul flew out and instantly suppressed it, not giving it a chance to move at all.

With lightning qi swirling around him, he pulled the icy qi around him to purify the devilish qi leaking from the Devil Fetus.

By circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, he started his refinement of the Devil Fetus.

Streams of qi originating from pure darkness poured out and entered his body endlessly.

The darkness energy contained in the Devil Fetus was extremely strong. If an ordinary Second Tribulation half-True Saint tried to absorb the energy, they could turn into an ice sculpture on the spot. In the worst case, they could even explode due to the terrifying nature of the energy!

As for the frigid qi hidden among the darkness energy, Huang Xiaolong had no fear of it at all. His devil-attributed saint godhead, and his Heart of Hell was strong enough to withstand it all.

One month, two month, half a year...

In a flash, two years passed.

The mountain remained where it stood, and one couldn’t feel the slightest fluctuation of energy in the air.

By this time, the True Saints standing guard outside had long since turned into snowmen. In the past two years, they hadn’t dared to move from their spot, and the falling snow piled onto them, turning them into giant ice statues.

From afar, the five of them looked like they were ice sculptures formed naturally by the elements.

A few more days passed.

As purple clouds started to gather in the skies, the sun shone brightly. A breathtaking scene could be seen throughout the Purple Clouds Sea, and a group of disciples flew towards the icy mountain.

When they approached, they were stopped by the restrictions laid down by Chen Zhi and the others.

“What’s going on?!” Amongst the group of sect disciples, a young man with blue eyes walked forward and asked.

“Young Master Zhang Yihui, there are restrictions laid down around the icy mountain in front of us.” One of the disciples answered in a hurry.

The eyes of the young man narrowed, “Restrictions? If that’s the case, then just attack it and destroy it.”

“Hold it. Young Master, the restrictions around the mountain aren’t simple,” One of the elders walked forward and replied. “This restriction should have been set up by multiple True Saint Realm experts. Should we… go around it instead?”

The young man, Zhang Yihui, said with a face full of interest, “Restrictions set up by multiple True Saint Realm experts? Could there be some precious treasures inside the icy mountain? Eminent Elder An Li, are you confident in shattering it?”

That elder and another middle-aged man nodded slowly.

“Those who set this up should be in the late-First Heaven True Saint Realm. If we join hands, we will definitely be able to break the restrictions. However, we will require some time to do so,” The elder said camly.

“Alright, go ahead and break it. If we discover any treasure around the mountain, I’ll share it with you guys,” Zhang Yihui smiled and ordered.

After expressing their thanks, they started to attack the formation aggressively.


The formation started to shake as the air around the icy mountain started to boil.

The five True Saints, who were originally covered in snow soared through the air and appeared before Zhang Yihui.

“Five True Saints!” The two True Saints on the other side, who were planning to attack, were slightly taken aback.

Even Zhang Yihui was surprised.

“Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds!” Chen Zhi, the Departing Sword Sage, and the others identified Zhang Yihui and the others instantly. They were equally as shocked.

As part of one of the ten holy grounds in the Holy Lands Alliance, the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds was far above that of the Beast Tamer Holy Grounds. The Ancient Emperor was part of the batch of earliest True Saint Realm experts born in the Holy World! Even though he wasn’t a Primal Ancestor, his seniority was much higher than that of the Heavenly Master!