Invincible - Chapter 2435

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Chapter 2435: Identity Revealed!

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left, a piece of news shook the Holy World, and it started to spread from the Mirage Pavilion.

“What?! Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong is Thirteen from the Profound River?!”

“Thirteen killed so many experts from the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate and the Blue Whale Race…?! Both organizations are still trying to hunt him down! I wonder what will happen when they learn of the news…?”

“Fu Yunjie of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate was also killed by Huang Xiaolong! I’ve heard that he killed the Young Patriarch of the Black Inferno Race several days ago in the Purple Clouds Sea!”

“Right now, the Beast Tamer Holy Emperor, the Patriarch of the Black Inferno Race, and the Holy Emperor of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate should have already received the news. They are rushing towards the Mirage Pavilion as we speak!”

The Mirage Pavilion burst into a flurry of activity the moment the news got out.

Very quickly, the news about Thirteen’s identity spread to the various factions.

In the Clear Snow Palace, flurries of snow drifted lazily in the wind.

Lin Xiaoying practiced her sword under the snowfall as the sword qi swept across the lands. Despite the strength contained in the sword qi she summoned, not a single snowflake was affected.

The level of her swordplay had already transcended the level mere mortals could reach. It had managed to become one with the world around her.

After a short moment, Lin Xiaoying finally stopped. However, the sword qi didn’t dissipate as they swirled around her surroundings.

Lin Xiaoying walked towards one of the stone pavilions built in the courtyard as Thirteen’s image appeared in her mind.

“Didn’t he promise to visit me in the Clear Snow Palace? It has already been ten years since I last saw him at the Profound River….” Lin Xiaoying sighed.

In the years that passed, Lin Xiaoying would occasionally think of the little brother she had met when touring the Profound River. When she thought about how mysterious Thirteen was, she couldn’t help but want to uncover all his secrets.

For example, she wanted to know how he had managed to subdue the Departing Sword Sage. She also wanted to know how he was able to bring out so many holy herbs without batting an eyelid.

Thirteen was a mysterious man, and she never stopped thinking about him for even a second.

She had sent out subordinates after subordinates to search for him. But the only thing she had managed to find out was that he had killed Yu Fujiang of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate after he left the Profound River. Anything else was a mystery.

As her thoughts started to drift, Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi approached the stone pavilion.

The looks on their faces were a little complicated when they stared at Lin Xiaoying.

“Senior Sisters, did something happen?” Lin Xiaoying got to her feet and asked.

Tan Juan turned to Ji Xinyi and sighed, “Junior Sister Xinyi, you should tell her.”

Lin Xiaoying’s eyes were filled with suspicion when she looked at them.

“We finally received news about the Thirteen you so desire to meet….”

Lin Xiaoying’s face flushed red in an instant, and she replied immediately. “I don’t pine for him! You’re the one thinking about him all the time!” However she followed up quickly before Li Xinyi could say anything. “Where’s he now?!”

Tan Juan looked at Ji Xinyi, and they laughed.

“He’s currently in the Mirage Pavilion.”

“Mirage Pavilion?!” Lin Xiaoying was taken aback.

“Not only did he kill Yu Fujiang of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, he also killed Zhan Bo of the Black Inferno Race,” Li Xinyi continued.

“Doesn’t that mean that he’s in danger?!” Lin Xiaoying jumped in fright. “No! I have to head over there now!”

Tan Juan merely shook her head and laughed when she saw her junior sister’s reaction. “Look at you…. There’s no need to hurry. He’s going to be fine.”

“What do you mean?! Even if the Mirage Pavilion is a safe place, the members of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate and the Black Inferno Race wouldn’t care about the rules in the city!”

Ji Xinyi muttered softly, “He… He’s Huang Xiaolong of the Holy Heavens….”

“What?! Holy… Holy Heavens?! Huang Xiaolong?!” Lin Xiaoying’s jaws dropped as she widened her eyes in disbelief.

“That’s right. He’s Huang Xiaolong of the Holy Heavens.” Tan Juan nodded. “The news just started to spread in the Mirage Pavilion. All the superpowers in the Holy World probably got wind of his other identity…. Moreover, he’s said to have obtained a strand of high-grade grandmist holy spiritual aura.”

Lin Xiaoying felt waves battering against her frail little heart. The image of the young man during the apprenticeship ceremony held by the Holy Heavens slowly overlapped with the image of Thirteen in her heart.

Regardless of how she had tried to guess his identity, she had never expected Thirteen to be Huang Xiaolong!

“It’s no wonder the Departing Sword Sage and the rest agreed to follow him,” Ji Xinyi explained. “They must have already learned of his true identity in the Profound River and known about his two complete dao saint godheads.”

Tan Juan nodded slowly. “As long as Huang Xiaolong reveals his identity, many experts will be willing to work for him. After all, he’s said to be the future of the Holy World. Even though he hasn’t entered the True Saint Realm, he will be terrifying the moment he matures. Moreover, the four Primal Ancestors of the Holy Heavens are standing behind him in case anything happens.”

According to the ladies, Huang Xiaolong had definitely used his identity when tempting the Departing Sword Sage and the others into serving him. None of them thought that Huang Xiaolong had subdued them on his own.

After all, he was only in the Seventh Order Venerable Realm when he had entered the Profound River.

In one of the courtyards owned by the Holy Heavens organization in the Mirage Pavilion, Yu Ming and the others reported the happenings in the Mirage Pavilion to Huang Xiaolong.

As soon as his identity as Thirteen started to spread, the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, the Black Inferno Race, and Scarlet Flame Holy Gate, and various other superpowers rushed towards the Mirage Pavilion.

“Your Highness, I feel like we should leave….” Yu Ming tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong.

“That’s right! Your Highness, the members of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate are about to arrive!” Sun Xiang, who was from the Black Inferno Race, panicked. “The Patriarch of the Black Inferno Race is said to arrive any day now!”

“Leave?” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and explained, “Do you think that they will give up on killing me as long as I return to the Holy Heavens?”

Since they wouldn’t give up on killing him, Huang Xiaolong didn’t feel the need to return. Moreover, tongues would only wag and rumors of Huang Xiaolong being a coward would start to spread.

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong had to wait for them to arrive!

Since a superpower was sending their strongest fighter over, it didn’t matter if multiple superpowers sent their leaders over. After all, the more the merrier!

“Relax. None of them will dare to touch me.” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the looks on their faces.

At most, they would force him to explain his actions, nothing more.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong knew that all of them were going to be there for the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura.