Invincible - Chapter 2441

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Chapter 2441: Be Sure to CatChapter It

The manager beamed as he watched the Yang Bone Tree’s increased vitality, and the red glow enshrouding the tree growing brighter. His shining eyes reflected the Yang Bone Tree’s red glow as he quickly ordered his subordinate to report the matter to the higher echelon.

The higher echelon had already instructed him that if someone could resurrect the Yang Bone Tree within a hundred years, he would receive a great reward!

It was obvious to everyone present that the Yang Bone Tree had a good chance of regaining a new life.

As the Yang Bone Tree’s vitality continued to increase, Xie Bufan’s eyes glimmered with an unknown light. With the jade fan shielding his finger beneath the jade fan from others' sight, he flicked out a ball of weak yin energy that caused no ripples in the air, straight towards Huang Xiaolong’s waist.

Chen Zhi, Yu Ming, and others did not notice Xie Bufan’s underhanded small action.

Then again, could Xie Bufan’s sly action escape Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls’ detection?

Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered, but he did not stop Xie Bufan’s action, letting the weak yin ball of energy enter his body.

As he saw that his yin energy had successfully enter Huang Xiaolong’s body without anyone’s notice, he gloated inwardly. With that source of yin energy inside Huang Xiaolong’s body, it wouldn’t be long before Huang Xiaolong felt fatigued and failed to truly resurrect the Yang Bone Tree.

Xie Bufan, who was inwardly gloating, relaxed, but as time flowed by, he began to suspect something wasn’t right when Huang Xiaolong continued to stand and send origin energy into the Yang Bone Tree. The red glow enshrouding the Yang Bone Tree actually grew brighter, and pieces of dead barks started to crumble and fall off.

Silkthread-streams of vitality pulsated through the Yang Bone Tree.

A thumb-sized bump was rising from the Yang Bone Tree’s trunk.

“That’s a bump on the Yang Bone Tree, a new branch is about to sprout!” Someone yelled pointing at the thumb-sized bump.

“Yes, the Yang Bone Tree is about to sprout a new branch!” Someone exclaimed in excitement.

The crowd stirred in excitement watching this miraculous sight.

Contrary to the excited and anticipative atmosphere around him, Xie Bufan’s face was as sullen as it could be. Why is it like this?

Clearly he had succeeded in sending his yin energy into Huang Xiaolong’s body. Therefore, he wondered why wasn’t Huang Xiaolong’s energy exhausted by now, and why wasn’t he stopping to rest.

While these thoughts were racing through Xie Bufan’s mind in the dark, the hall was in a hoo-haa. A group of people walked out from the inner hall, and the person leading was an old man with a head of luscious silver hair. The old man’s eyes were red-rimmed, deterring others from looking at him for too long.

“It’s Zhuo Qiusheng!” An expert in the crowd exclaimed in trepidation when he saw the old man.

Zuo Qiusheng was the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s President!

Zuo Qiusheng had not stepped into Primal Ancestor Realm, nor was he a peak True Saint Realm expert. However, his identity and status were comparable to the Holy Lands Alliance’s ten great holy masters.

No one had thought Zuo Qiusheng would appear at the Mirage Pavilion, much less in the hall they were at.

Xie Bufan was surprised as well, and his finger stopped playing tricks.

“Lord President!” The branch manager hurried forward and saluted respectfully when he saw Zuo Qiusheng.

Zui Qiusheng nodded at him, and then walked onwards, stopping a short distance behind Huang Xiaolong. He did not speak, but merely stood still and silent, as he watched the Yang Bone Tree. Despite Zuo Qiusheng’s calm appearance, his heart was jumping with excitement.

It had taken a lot of effort for him to get this Yang Bone Tree, but even after spending several hundreds of years, countless high-grade holy spiritual jade stones, and invitations to numerous experts, he had failed to resurrect this Yang Bone Tree. Even the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s high-level True Saint experts could do nothing to resurrect the Yang Bone Tree. Who could’ve thought that someone would appear on this day?!

Originally, he was merely trying his luck. As various experts were coming from all directions at the news of Huang Xiaolong setting up a battle stage, he had taken out the Yang Bone Tree to see if anyone could resurrect it, without holding any hope before this day….

Zuo Qiusheng was making an effort to suppress the raging excitement in his chest.

If he could get two branches and twenty pieces of Yang Bone Tree’s leaves, he could save his beloved wife!

There was hope of rescuing his wife!

The bump on the Yang Bone Tree grew bigger and bigger, as a tender green sprout broke out from the branch. The tender green branch grew bigger and sturdier.

Before long, there was another new bump on the Yang Bone Tree.

One new bump after another bump grew into new twigs. Before twenty minutes had passed, there were eight new branches.

When these eight new branches appeared on the ‘dead’ Yang Bone Tree, small twigs sprouted out from these new branches, and at one point, it started budding leaves.

Leaves uncurled from their buds, and one could see magma-like amber energy swirling on these leaves’ surfaces.

Luscious new leaves soon covered the entire tree like a crown of emeralds and rubies, when seen from afar. It was a sight to behold compared to its previous gloom, enshrouded by dead air, and the difference was as obvious as heaven and earth.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his hand, as he was extremely satisfied with the vibrant vitality he sensed within the Yang Bone Tree.

The Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s President Zou Qiusheng, who had been standing quietly behind Huang Xiaolong since he had arrived, clapped his hands, and his face flushed red with excitement. Others from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce emulated him, clapping their hands.

Experts in the crowd recovered from their shock and began clapping their hands as well.

Zuo Qiusheng smiled amiably at Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness Huang Xiaolong deserves the reputation of being the most talented person in the Holy World. I have spent several hundred years of effort, and I have invited countless experts, yet I failed to resurrect it. But,Your Highness Huang Xiaolong did it in less than an hour.”

Zuo Qiusheng was not flattering Huang Xiaolong, as these words were his sincere admiration.

When a subordinate reported to him that Huang Xiaolong could resurrect the Yang Bone Tree, Zuo Qiusheng had remained doubtful.

At this time, the branch manager quickly introduced to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, this is our Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s President Zuo Qiusheng.”

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists and greeted, “President Zuo is overpraising me, as this is merely a coincidence. Still, since I successfully resurrected this Yang Bone Tree, this tree belongs to me.”

Zuo Qiusheng chuckled, “Naturally, naturally! Our Eternal Chamber of Commerce would definitely hold up our part of the deal, and this Yang Bone Tree is Your Highness Huang Xiaolong’s. We only need two branches and twenty leaves from the Yang Bone Tree.”

Not to mention, since the other side was Huang Xiaolong, Zuo Qiusheng did not dare to go back on his promise.

“Very well.” Huang Xiaolong nodded. He then had the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s staff take the required two branches and twenty pieces of leaves from the Yang Bone Tree.

“Xie Bufan, you lose! Since I’ve already resurrected this Yang Bone Tree, hand over the jade fan in your hand.” Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Xie Bufan and extended his palm at Xie Bufan.

Everyone looked at Xie Bufan.

Dou Rui beside Xie Bufan spoke before Xie Bufan himself could say a word, “Our Senior Brother Xie Bufan naturally would comply with his bet, but when the bet was made, it was not stipulated when he would give you the jade fan.”

A grin hung on Huang Xiaolong’s mouth hearing Dou Rui’s words, “In other words, you want to tell me that when heaven and earth crumbles, you will send me the jade fan?!”

Everyone in the hall erupted in laughter.

“Xie Bufan, as the leader of the Devil Palace’s six Devil Princes, you’re someone of status and identity. If you can’t afford to lose, don’t make a fool of yourself here!” The Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s President Zuo Qiusheng mocked.

Probably, Zuo Qiusheng was the only person on the scene, apart from Huang Xiaolong, who dared to mock Xie Bufan. Then again, Zuo Qiusheng had got the capital to mock Xie Bufan.

Xie Bufan’s lips pressed into a faint smile as he responded, “President Zuo is joking. I, Xie Bufan, have always been upright in conduct, and I never go back on my words. Since I lost the bet, it is only natural that I adhere to the rules of the bet and give this jade fan to Huang Xiaolong.” He threw the jade fan to Huang Xiaolong and added, “Huang Xiaolong, this jade fan is so very precious, be sure to catch it.”

He had collected numerous extreme cold element materials, and he had invited the Devil Palace’s Forging Hall’s Hall Master to forge it for him. During the forging process, they had added many high-level True Saint Realm experts’ blood essence. Thus the demonic cold element of the jade fan was very strong. If a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert were to touch it unknowingly, the demonic cold element would invade his body, causing severe injuries to his foundation. Xie Bufan did not believe that Huang Xiaolong could resist this demonic cold energy.