Invincible - Chapter 2479

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Ji Yu went all out to make herself ‘presentable’ for an audience with Huang Xiaolong. When she reappeared at the main hall, Ceng Ze’s eyes lit up. Ji Yu had the alluring good looks of a natural temptress. After dressing up, her charms were emphasized to the fullest, and even Ceng Ze could not help but sighed inwardly in admiration.

Noticing Ceng Ze’s reaction, Ji Yu was inwardly proud, but on the surface, she spoke respectfully, “Uncle Ceng Ze, what do you think? If I go see His Highness Huang Xiaolong in this attire, would it be inappropriate?”

Ceng Ze came to his senses and concealed his gaffe with an amiable smile, “What’s inappropriate about it? I think you’re dressed up pretty nicely. His Highness Huang Xiaolong would definitely like it when he sees you.”

“Shall we head over now, it won’t be good to make His Highness Huang Xiaolong wait too long.”

“Yes, Uncle Ceng Ze.” Without further delay, Ceng Ze led Ji Yu towards the Blue Dragon Manor.

“Niece Ji Yu, when you see His Highness Huang Xiaolong, pay attention to your words.” On the way, Ceng Ze was worried Ji Yu would speak without thinking twice that he had to caution her beforehand.

Ji Yu responded, “Rest a.s.sured, Uncle Ceng Ze. Ji Yu knows what to do.”

Ceng Ze went on with a list of things Ji Yu needed to pay attention to when speaking to Huang Xiaolong. When he saw Ji Yu becoming increasingly nervous, he smiled and said, “Frankly, you don’t need to worry too much about it. As far as I know, His Highness Huang Xiaolong is easy to get along with.”

Ceng Ze’s residence was only a stone’s throw away from Huang Xiaolong’s Blue Dragon Manor. In a quick half an hour’s time, Ceng Ze and Ji Yu reached the Blue Dragon Manor’s entrance. A guard appeared to lead them inside, and headed towards the main hall.

As the guard led them to the main hall, they encountered Zhang Wenyue and Ji Cai, talking merrily as they exited a corridor.

Half an hour earlier, according to Huang Xiaolong’s order, Zhang Wenyue had gone to arrange Ji Cai’s accommodation. During that time, Ji Cai had asked a lot of questions about the Holy Heavens City, and the two women had soon become acquainted.

Zhang Wenyue had wanted to give Ji Cai a tour around the manor to familiarize her with the Blue Dragon Manor’s surroundings. It hadn’t occurred to her that the Blue Dragon Manor were expecting other guests.

“Why are you here?!” Ji Yu was the first to discover Ji Cai.

“You!” Hearing Ji Yu’s voice, Ji Cai raised her head and yelled when she saw Ji Yu.

Ceng Ze stood still in surprise.

“Uncle Ceng Ze, she’s that Blood Qilin Race’s sinner, Ji Cai,” Ji Yu quickly explained to Ceng Ze.

“What, she is here?!!” Cheng Ze genuinely had not expected something like this. How come this Ji Cai has appeared here?

Ji Yu went on, “It was said that la.s.sie ran all the way to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds wanting to serve His Highness Huang Xiallong, but why would she be here at this time?!!” Her voice trailed off and her delicate face turned ugly.

Initially, she had a.s.sumed that this la.s.sie had run to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds to pay homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong, and to plead for His Highness’ protection. In Ji Yu’s opinion, Ji Cai’s thoughts were akin to a fool daydreaming. But now, she wondered as to how in the world had this la.s.sie entered the Blue Dragon Manor.

What’s going on?

Did she really get to meet His Highness Huang Xiaolong?


The probability of this was zero!

What was His Highness Huang Xiaolong’s ident.i.ty? Many holy grounds’ patriarchs failed to get an audience with His Highness, so how could one explain Ji Cai’s presence in the Blue Dragon Manor?

Her gaze fell on Zhang Wenyue. Was it this woman who brought Ji Cai in here? When and where did Ji Cai get to know this woman? Who is she exactly?

Ceng Ze’s brows were locked in a deep frown, and a foreboding feeling crept into his heart.

He had thought that something was strange when Huang Xiaolong was willing to see him and Ji Yu, and now, it seemed…?

“Elder Ceng Ze, this way please.” Realizing Ceng Ze and Ji Yu had stopped moving, the guard in front reminded.

Ceng Ze quickly nodded his head in response.

Ji Yu hurried after Ceng Ze as they continued to the main hall. Ji Yu stole a glimpse at Zhang Wenyu before disappearing around the corner, pondering about Zhang Wenyue’s ident.i.ty in the Blue Dragon Manor.

“Younger Sister Ji Cai, that woman is…?” Zhang Wenyue asked.

“She’s Ji Yu. It was her father who started the usurpation, and imprisoned my parents and siblings.” Ji Cai explained.

Zhang Wenyue’s eyes widened in shock when she heard that, and she said seriously, “It looks like they’re going to the main hall. Did the Young Master call them over?” Then a smile curved up at the corners of her mouth as she pulled Ji Cai’s hand, “Come, Younger Sister Ji Cai, we’re going to the main hall.”

Ji Cai was taken aback, and hesitated slightly, “That doesn’t seem appropriate, right?”

“What’s not appropriate about it, come on.” Zhang Wenyue pulled Ji Cai’s hand and hurried to the main hall in quick steps.

In the meantime, the guard had led Ceng Ze and Ji Yu into the main hall.

“Your Highness, Elder Ceng Ze and Miss Ji Yu are here,” the guard respectfully informed Huang Xiaolong, who was sitting on the main seat in the hall.

Ceng Ze walked in with Ji Yu, and saluted respectfully on their knees.

Huang Xiaolong had them stand up.

Ji Yu felt that his voice sounded vaguely familiar, and looked up. When Huang Xiaolong’s face was reflected in her pupils, she was stunned for a second, then the words came out before she could stop herself, “It’s, it’s you! You, you’re…?!!”

Blood drained from her face in an instant. At this moment, she realized why Ji Cai had appeared in the Blue Dragon Manor, and understood why Huang Xiaolong would be willing to see her.

Ceng Ze’s heart sank upon seeing his glamorous niece Ji Yu’s reaction.


In the end, at Huang Xiaolong’s ‘suggestion,’ which Ceng Ze executed with full compliance; Ceng Ze sent a message to Ji Yu’s father, telling him to release Ji Cai’s parents as well as her brothers. Ji Yu’s father’s reply came back quickly, stating he will do as His Highness Huang Xiaolong had ‘suggested.’ He would release Ji Cai’s parents and brothers, and personally escort them to the Holy Heavens City.

After dealing with the Blood Qilin Race’s matter, Huang Xiaolong dove into seclusion, attempting to advance to Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

It was crucial for him to successfully enter the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, and Huang Xiaolong was determined to advance before the Trial of Blood began.

Although his three holy souls gave Huang Xiaolong the confidence that he would be able to enter the top three ranks in the Trial of Blood, he had previously exposed his three complete dao saint G.o.dheads during Mirage Pavilion’s battle stage. He was certain there would be many people who wanted to kill him. Therefore, he needed to successfully achieve his dao heart in the shortest time.

Two decades pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye.

It was still the same All Extinguis.h.i.+ng Holy Ground, at the same valley.

Roiling clouds gathered, and lightning dragons were on a march as thunder rumbled. The valley was locked on by an overwhelming pressure from the tribulation, and the aircurrents within a hundred million miles seemed frozen in time.

In the far distance, the Departing Sword Sage and others watched the figure sitting in the center of the valley without blinking.

“Judging from this tribulation’s momentum, His Highness’ fourth tribulation is scarier than most Holy Princes’ ninth tribulation,” Chen Zhi said as he looked at the rolling lightning dragons in high air with apprehension in his eyes.

Despite having witnessed Huang Xiaolong crossing tribulations thrice, and knowing that Huang Xiaolong’s fourth tribulation would be more powerful than the average, they were still shocked when they looked at the roiling clouds and intimidating lightning dragons that were still growing bigger.

“It really makes me wonder, when His Highness crosses his seventh, eight, and ninth tribulations, how terrifying would it be,” Yu Ming sighed in awe, and his gaze never moved away from the sight in high air. “At this rate, it’s probably going to exceed one thousand two hundred zhang?!”

At the moment, the lightning dragons that had merged into one, exceeded one thousand one hundred zhang and were still getting bigger.

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly darkened, and dark lightning clouds appeared by the giant lightning dragon’s side.

“This, could these be devil lightning clouds?!” After seeing the blossoming dark clouds, the seven True Saints paled.