Invincible - Chapter 2480

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Devil lightning clouds!

This was not something that appeared even in a ninth tribulation. In general, the devil lightning clouds appeared when cultivators were integrating with a Saint Fate to break through to True Saint Realm!

Devil lightning cloud was also known as the Cloud of the Death G.o.d.

Many peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint experts died in the process of integration, struck off from the reincarnation line, all because of these devil lightning clouds. This was the reason it was coined as Cloud of the Death G.o.d.

Chen Zhi, Yu Ming, the Departing Sword Sage, and four others stared at the ever-growing dark tribulation clouds that appeared in high air, and all of them were shocked, speechless. All of them had integrated with a Saint Fate. Thus each of them had experienced the ordeal brought by the devil lightning clouds. Their backs were dampened by cold sweat when they recalled the time they were resisting against these tribulation clouds’ power.

Generally, devil lightning clouds appear when one successfully integrated with a Saint Fate and breaks through to True Saint Realm, akin to the last ordeal before the destination. Just from this fact, one could understand the terror of these devil lightning clouds.

They really could not understand, nor had they imagined that devil lightning clouds would appear when Huang Xiaolong was crossing his fourth tribulation!


This was heaven’s jealousy!

His Highness’ talent has incurred the wrath of heaven! Otherwise, it is impossible for the devil lightning clouds to appear in a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint’s tribulation crossing. This is unheard of!

“It was said that when Old Man Cangqiong, Mo Cangli, Heavenly Master, and the others had crossed their seventh tribulation, there were devil lightning clouds.” A complicated expression flashed across the Departing Sword Sage’s face as he went on, “That was a time the Holy World entered a new era, and yet, His Highness is only a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint.”

If this matter spreads out, it would shock the entire Holy World twice over.

“Luckily, His Highness has a holy soul. Otherwise, no matter how strong His Highness is, he won’t be able to withstand the devil lightning clouds at his current realm!” Yu Ming chimed in.

Others nodded their heads in agreement.

In this short time, the lightning dragon in the midst of the tribulation clouds had grown to one thousand and two hundred zhang in length, and it was still growing.

Yu Ming and the rest were agape in astonishment.

It’s not going to stop?!

The lightning dragon finally stopped growing bigger when it reached one thousand and four hundred zhang.

A one thousand and four hundred zhang lightning dragon dominated the sky above the valley, with insurmountable pressure boring down from the sky like a million zhang tall giant mountains were pressing down at the same time. Everyone’s chest felt tight, suffocated, and uneasy.

And around the lightning dragon were those dense devil lightning clouds, darker than black ink that it seemed to reflect a purplish-black light that sent chills through everyone’s heart.

The devil lightning clouds roiled, and merged together, while expanding in size, forming a mainland that reached a hundred million miles from end to end.

Upon seeing the huge dark cloud, the Departing Sword Sage ashened. At the time he had integrated with the Saint Fate, the devil lightning cloud mainland he had experienced was merely spanned over several hundred thousand miles radius, but Huang Xiaolong’s was spanned over a hundred million miles radius!

A hundred million miles radius ah, and this was when Huang Xiaolong was crossing the fourth tribulation!


A sudden lightning bolt lit up the entire dark sky, and in the same instant, the one thousand and four hundred zhang lightning dragon shot towards Huang Xiaolong with heart-palpitating ferocity.

The moment Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, Yu Ming and the others suddenly had the illusion that the world seemed a lot brighter.

As he looked at the lightning dragon coming at him like a lightning arrow, Huang Xiaolong’s three complete dao saint G.o.dheads flew out, garbed in splendiferous rays as their power was pushed to the limit, and it collided head-on with the lightning dragon.


The four corners of the valley quaked violently for a moment as if the entire valley was going to be uprooted from the land.

Yu Ming and the other six watched Huang Xiaolong’s three complete dao saint G.o.dheads slamming against the lightning dragon, yet the lightning dragon did not scatter!

Its body merely dimmed but it continued to pounce on Huang Xiaolong with hostility.

The seven True Saints could not believe what they were seeing.

His Highness’ three complete dao saint G.o.dheads’ combined powers actually failed to disperse the lightning dragon? How strong was the condensation of this lightning dragon to reach this level?

At the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, Huang Xiaolong’s three complete dao saint G.o.dheads could shatter the tribulation lightning dragon in one move. Huang Xiaolong’s current three complete dao saint G.o.dheads were definitely more powerful than the time he was at the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

The three complete dao saint G.o.dheads were sent tumbling backward after the collision.

Huang Xiaolong once again directed his three complete dao saint G.o.dheads to ram against the lightning dragon that was coming at him.

Finally, after four world-shaking bombardments, cracks began to appear along the lightning dragon’s body, but it was still intact. The surroundings’ lightning bolts zapped madly towards it. Is the lightning dragon trying to heal itself? Seeing this, the Four Seas Holy Symbol appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, and he attacked.

Speckles of icy lights spread and rose into the sky like a net of stars, where each light weighed as much as an ancient star.

‘Speckles of Cold Stars’ was one of the Holy Heavens organisation’s holy martial arts.These speckles of light slammed onto the lightning dragon’s body, immediately shattering it to pieces. Its body broke into pieces and transformed into pure energy and grand daos.

Before Huang Xiaolong had time to absorb these pure energy and grand daos, a thunderous rumble from the sky got his attention. In the next second, black bolts of lightning rained down on Huang Xiaolong like a thunderstorm.

There were at least several hundred thousand bolts of lightning, all aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

The power of a single black lightning bolt wasn’t more powerful than the lightning dragon, but they won in quant.i.ty; the power of several hundred thousand black lightning bolts was definitely scarier than a lone lightning dragon’s attack.

Huang Xiaolong snorted. He activated the Four Seas Holy Armor instead of choosing to reveal his three holy souls, then he struck out again with the Four Seas Holy Symbol in his hand.

This time, the burning flames from Huang Xiaolong’s attack lit up the entire dark sky. Streaks of flames expanded as they shot upwards, turning into rolling fireb.a.l.l.s that entangled the bolts of black lightning.

“Fire Lighting up the Holy World!”

This was another one of Holy Heavens’ holy martial arts.

Although Huang Xiaolong hadn’t spent much effort practicing holy martial arts in recent years, he had an almost completely inextinguishable dao heart now. Therefore, he could easily replicate any holy martial art with more than adequate power as long as he had seen it before.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Countless fireb.a.l.l.s resisted the storm of black lightning.

But this was not the end of it. Huang Xiaolong had just succeeded in fending off the first wave of black lightning, when another loud rumble sounded through the dark tribulation clouds as it dropped another angry storm of black lightning. This time, the bolts of black lightning were thicker and more powerful. At the same time, there were more in number. The first wave of black lightning was as thick as an adult’s thumb. Whereas in the second wave, the black lightning was as thick as a person’s arm!

Ten consecutive waves later, Yu Ming and the others thought it would be the end of it, but another loud rumble rang high in the air, as the eleventh wave of black lightning struck down!

“I must be dreaming, right? Eleven waves? And this is not the end yet?!” The Departing Sword Sage yelled.

When they were experiencing the devil lightning clouds’ attack, there were only ten waves. In general, one only needed to survive the ten waves to step into True Saint Realm.

“If this continues, His Highness might not be able to resist anymore in the end!” Yu Ming frowned as he pointed out.

Though Huang Xiaolong had seemingly resisted all ten waves of black lightning without much difficulty, there was no doubt that it consumed a lot of his strength to resist each wave.

Soon, the twentieth wave of black lightning struck down with a vengeance.

The twentieth wave!

A chill rose from the bottom of their soles to their hearts as they stared at the sky filled with black lightning that could reap the life of a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint in the blink of an eye.