Invincible - Chapter 2483

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Four undead spirits!

Out of the four, three were at the Third Heaven True Saint Realm. As for the final undead spirit, it was at the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm! After capturing the three undead spirits, Huang Xiaolong made a special trip down to the deepest part of the All Extinguishing Holy Gate and subdued the strongest undead spirit.

When he fought with the strongest undead spirit, Huang Xiaolong used everything in his arsenal. Even with the Dao Heart, he needed to use the full abilities of the Darkness Holy Ring, the Winged Dragon Flying Ship, and the Black Serpent Rope in order to deal with it. They fought for three whole hours before the victor was decided.

Even though the Inextinguishable Dao Heart was extremely powerful, one’s cultivation realm had to be taken into account. Huang Xiaolong was a mere Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint, and he was far from utilizing the Dao Heart to its full potential. That was also the reason he had to use the rest of his treasures in order to suppress the final undead spirit.

Of course, his ability to subdue the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirit was in itself shocking enough.

A True Saint in the Fourth Heaven couldn’t be considered on the same level as a True Saint at the Third Heaven!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that even if the three undead spirits at the Third Heaven True Saint Realm worked together, they wouldn’t be able to do a thing to the final undead spirit!

Yu Ming and the others were utterly dumbfounded and they had no idea how Huang Xiaolong managed to control all four undead spirits. Despite their shock, the fear they had for Huang Xiaolong increased by yet another level.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had to use almost everything he could to take down the final undead spirit, he wasn’t disappointed in himself.

After all, he was only a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint. When he would grow stronger, his Dao Heart would only increase in strength. When he would enter the True Saint Realm, he would probably kill high-level True Saints with his bare hands! The thought of it terrified even himself.

Since he would remain alive as long as the Holy World remained intact, even if Primal Ancestors decided to make a move on him, they would be unable to kill Huang Xiaolong!

The only way to kill him was if the other party managed to control the origin energy of the Holy World. Since that was basically impossible, Huang Xiaolong was at no risk of dying. After all, even high-level Primal Ancestors would only be able to draw upon the pure holy spiritual qi contained in the core of the Holy World.

After subduing all four undead spirits, Huang Xiaolong wanted to dig up the traces of the All Extinguishing Holy Symbol and the rumored dao artifact. It was a pity none of them had memories. Without a holy soul, it was impossible for anyone to retain their memories. As such, Huang Xiaolong failed to start his search for the two items.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong decided to return to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

Even though he didn’t manage to locate either treasure, Huang Xiaolong managed to enter the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm during his adventure. Moreover, he formed the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, and he felt endless joy in his heart. He decided to hold a proper celebration after arriving back in the Holy Heavens.

There were still several years before the Trial of Blood, and there was no need to cultivate like his life depended on it. Huang Xiaolong decided to take a good rest and enjoy his time in the city with Di Huai and the others.

In his previous life on Earth, everyone tried their best to earn as much money as they could. Everything was so that they could live a better life. Right now, the people around him were cultivating as though their lives depended on it in order to better their lives. No matter what it was, one would eventually lose themselves by focusing excessively on something.

Whatever the case, one had to know how to enjoy life.

After all, there was only one chance to live….

Huang Xiaolong sat in the Winged Dragon Flting Ship and stared into the starry space outside. He couldn’t help but think of his previous life on Earth.

He wondered about the current situation back home.

Even though he was also born into one of the large families, he hadn’t stood at the peak of the powers on Earth. It was inevitable that they were suppressed by the stronger families.

With his father’s status in the family, they weren’t able to integrate fully into the upper echelons of the Huang Family, and his days could be said to be barely better than the average man.

“Dad, Mum….” Huang Xiaolong thought about them in his heart.

In that instant, a decision was made in his heart. After obtaining the Saint Fate, Huang Xiaolong would enter the True Saint Realm. When that happened, he would ask his masters about the secrets of the Holy World. No matter how he thought about it, there were definitely worlds outside the one they lived in. There was even a chance for him to locate Earth in the vast universe.

When he thought about his family, his thoughts couldn’t help but drift back to Shi Xiaofei and the others in the Lower Worlds.

After entering the True Saint Realm, Huang Xiaolong also decided to inquire about a way to return to the Lower Worlds.

After keeping the four undead spirits in the Darkness Holy Ring, Huang Xiaolong entered one of the secret rooms in the ship.

Upon retrieving the lightning bead, Huang Xiaolong entered the space in it.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Wan Zhuoyuan screamed the moment he detected Huang Xiaolong’s presence. Killing intent filled his eyes and he roared, “You’re a piece of sh*t! One of these days, I’ll make you suffer a fate a thousand times worse than mine!”

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled when he heard Wan Zhuoyuan’s threats.

“Oh, is that what you think you will be able to do? It’s too bad you won’t have the chance to do it.”

Unable to understand the meaning behind Huang Xiaolong’s words, Wan Zhuoyuan laughed sinisterly. “Do you really think that you will be able to trap me here forever?”

“Why would I need to do that?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly. He no longer hid the presence of his Dao Heart. The space contained in the lightning bead shone with a brilliant light and the lightning bolts rolling about in the air were forced back.

Wan Zhuoyuan’s soul shook when he stared at the Inextinguishable Dao Heart released by Huang Xiaolong. A look of fear appeared on his face, and he screamed, “This… No! Impossible! This is not possible!”

Even though he had never seen an Inextinguishable Dao Heart, he faintly knew of its presence.

No matter how he tried to tell himself that it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to possess an Inextinguishable Dao Heart, he knew that he was lying to himself.

However, it was impossible for anyone who hadn’t entered the Primal Ancestor Realm to possess a Dao Heart! Not to mention the fact that Huang Xiaolong was still a half-True Saint! He wasn’t even supposed to have a holy soul!

Yu Jizhang, Lu Ding, and Song Cheng felt the energy leaving their souls when they noticed the change. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Impossible?” Huang Xiaolong laughed. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nothing is impossible.” Too lazy to explain himself, traces of the grand dao emerged from his Dao Heart. They fused to form a lengthy pillar of light that pierced into Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul.

The holy souls of True Saint Realm experts were said to transcend reincarnation, and they were existences who couldn’t die. Nothing could pierce through their souls, but it was a different story if the grand dao was involved!

As soon as the pillar of light entered his soul, Wan Zhuoyuan shrieked. “No! No! I don’t want to die! Huang Xiaolong, please… Please spare me! I am willing to submit!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered when he stared at Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul. “It’s too late to say this now, don’t you think?”

The energy contained in Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul started to emerge from his body and it flowed straight into Huang Xiaolong’s Dao Heart.

As Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul became specks of light, they entered Huang Xiaolong’s three great holy souls, and resplendent light emerged from them.