Invincible - Chapter 2484

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The energy contained in Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul wasn’t little. Even with Huang Xiaolong’s speed of refinement, he took an entire day to refine the energy contained in the soul. Even though Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul was restricted by the lightning bead, and he was tortured by the lightning flames everyday, those were merely wounds that took a short amount of time to recover. His holy soul was practically at its peak state. After refining the entire soul, Huang Xiaolong felt that his three great holy souls had improved by quite a bit.

In the past, if Huang Xiaolong’s three great holy souls were like a balloon that measured one meter wide, it would have doubled in size after absorbing Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul.

In all aspects, Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul doubled in strength!

“Huang Xiaolong, I curse you! I’ll curse you to die a horrible death!” Wan Zhuoyuan screamed when he realized that there was no going back.

However, his scoldings quickly turned into begging as he promised Huang Xiaolong that he would do anything as long as he could live. His pleading soon turned into curses again. As the day pa.s.sed, his screams became weaker as Huang Xiaolong devoured his holy soul.

When the day was finally over, Huang Xiaolong completed the refinement process and Wan Zhuoyuan’s screams disappeared from the world forever.

The instant Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul was devoured, one of the stars in the Holy World dimmed. It was as though something had sucked the life out of the star.

Every single Primal Ancestor in the Holy World stared in the direction of the faded star in the instant it fell. Even those hiding in hidden regions noticed the change, and a stunned expression appeared on their faces.

“A Primal Ancestor made a move!” Lord Long exclaimed in shock.

Every time a True Saint fell, their Saint Fate would return to the world. Even though other True Saints couldn’t feel the change, Primal Ancestor Realm experts were able to clearly feel the disturbance.

Of course, Lord Long wasn’t wrong when he blamed a Primal Ancestor. Only Primal Ancestors had the ability to kill a True Saint Realm expert!

“Who made the move?” Elder Crow asked in suspicion. “Did Qiao Jinyang and the others move out?”

A light flashed in the Heavenly Master’s eyes, and he shook his head slowly. “It shouldn’t be them. They didn’t leave the Black Devil Star Prison.”

Every single Primal Ancestor in the Holy World activated the resources they had available to search for the one who had made a move.

After Huang Xiaolong refined Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul, he could feel that the connection between his holy souls and the Holy World had become clearer.

It wasn’t a feeling he could explain.

However, if he had to make an example, it would feel as though the distance between himself and the Holy World had shortened by a billionth of a fraction. No matter what, the distance was closing.

He also managed to gain a better understanding of the Saint Fate.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong had relied on Wan Zhuoyuan’s memory to understand a little about the Saint Fate. However, that was the most basic of understanding. Right now, it could be said that Huang Xiaolong was starting to comprehend the meaning of the Saint Fate.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong stared at Yu Jizhang’s holy soul.

Feeling the energy leave his body, Yu Jizhang felt his holy soul trembling in fear. Terror filled his eyes as he felt himself creeping towards the gates of h.e.l.l.

In the past, he had refused to submit as he had felt that it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to take his life! He had held onto a trace of hope that someone in the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate would be able to save him!

However, the scene where Huang Xiaolong had refined Wan Zhuoyuan’s holy soul woke him up from his dream.

“Your Highness! Your Highness, Huang Xiaolong, please! Please spare me!” Yu Jizhang cried as he sputtered incoherently. “Please… Please… Please show mercy. I don’t wish to die!”

Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless as another thread of grand dao emerged from his Dao Heart. Turning into a pillar of light, it slashed into Yu Jizhang’s holy soul.

His cries only became stronger when he noticed that Huang Xiaolong was h.e.l.l-bent on killing him.

Ignoring his cries, Huang Xiaolong sucked out the energy contained in his holy soul.

One day later, Yu Jizhang met the same end as Wan Zhuoyuan.

Once again, Huang Xiaolong’s holy souls were strengthened.

Without the slightest hesitation, he turned to stare at Lu Ding.

Faring a little better than the two before him, Lu Ding didn’t cry. He merely stared at Huang Xiaolong with a terrified look in his eyes.

Without begging for his life, he merely raised a condition for Huang Xiaolong to release him. If Huang Xiaolong were to release him, he would reveal the location of Xuankong Holy Gate’s treasury.

In the past, the Xuankong Holy Gate was also one of the superpowers in the Holy World. It was G.o.d knew how many times stronger than the Four Seas Holy Gate, and it was at the level of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.

The treasury of the Xuankong Holy Gate was a tempting condition for many.

“Oh? Do you know the location of the Xuankong Treasury?” Even a rich young master like Huang Xiaolong was tempted.

“That’s right! Lu Ding was overjoyed when he noticed Huang Xiaolong’s interest. A trace of hope ignited in his heart. “Even though I know where it is, there are tons of restrictions protecting it. I can’t enter it alone. With Your Highness’ Dao Heart, it wouldn’t be difficult to enter. You will definitely be able to obtain the treasury!”

Huang Xiaolong eventually decided to let Lu Ding off.

After all, they didn’t hate each other to the bone. It was worth it to spare Lu Ding for the information on the Xuankong Treasury. After all, having another True Saint Realm subordinate wasn’t bad.

Huang Xiaolong planned to tear through Lu Ding’s memories, but he wasn’t a hundred percent sure he could locate the memory of the Xuankong Treasury.

Since he reached a deal with Lu Ding, Song Cheng of the Black Inferno Race was the only one left.

Too bad for Song Cheng, he was of no value to Huang Xiaolong. Like the two before him, he was devoured.

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived back in the Holy Heavens. Other than Lu Ding, the others had their holy souls refined by Huang Xiaolong.

After his refinement, Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls had made significant progress. If his holy souls were comparable to a bucket of water before he devoured them, it could now be cla.s.sified as a giant vat!

Even without the Dao Heart, Huang Xiaolong was confident of sweeping his way across anyone under the Third Heaven True Saint Realm!

When he returned to the Blue Dragon Manor, he noticed Di Huai pointing out the mistakes Feng Tianyu and the others had in their cultivation. Ji Cai and the others were also present.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong had rescued them from Ji Yu, they had moved to the Blue Dragon Manor.

As a high-level True Saint Realm expert, Huang Xiaolong naturally treated Ji Rui well.

“Your Highness!”


Everyone rushed over to welcome him the moment he returned.

A smile appeared on his face as he asked them about the recent matters that happened in the Holy Heavens.

“Xiaolong, Li Chen returned a few days ago!” Di Huai threw out a bomb all of a sudden.


Huang Xiaolong didn’t know where Li Chen had gone after leaving the Mirage Pavilion. He had never expected that Li Chen would return to the Holy Heavens a few days before him.