Invincible - Chapter 2493

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Huang Xiaolong and the others gathered in the main hall as soon as dawn broke.

“Are you ready?” Tyrant Chu swept his gaze across everyone present before pausing on Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone nodded their heads in unison.

“Let’s go then!” Getting to his feet, Tyrant Chu led them out of the Holy Heavens’ branch. The group slowly made their way towards the Ghost Devil City.

When they arrived at the entrance to the Ghost Devil City, they discovered a grand scene. Billions of excited members were gathered around the gates.

The number of disciples who had registered to enter had already broken through the million mark, and it was absolutely terrifying.

However, the number could be explained if one realized the fact that nearly all the ancient races and hidden superpowers had appeared to take part in the trial. Since there were several disciples taking part from each faction, it was reasonable for the number of disciples to surpass the one million mark.

Of course, with the exception of Huang Xiaolong, everyone who signed up was in the high-level half-True Saint Realm or higher.

The moment Tyrant Chu’s group appeared, a path formed, and they sauntered towards the central region of the plaza.

Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the lands and realized that the Clear Snow Palace was on his left. This time, Palace Master Xue Lingyun had personally led the members of the Clear Snow Palace over. The three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace stood obediently behind her.

When Lin Xiaoying noticed Huang Xiaolong’s presence, she pouted and faced the opposite direction. It seemed as though she was still angry at Huang Xiaolong’s actions.

On their right stood the members of the Devil Palace. Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, Xiao Lengxue, and Su Biqing stood resepctfully behind a middle-aged man clad in black robes. 

Cao Nan!

He was one of the Primal Ancestors of the Devil Palace!

If Huang Xiaolong looked a little further, he would notice the members of the Holy Lands Alliance.

The patriarchs of the ten great holy grounds stood behind an oddly handsome young man. The look in his eyes was mesmerizing, and one wouldn’t forget him after laying eyes on him once.

Was this Mo Cangli?!

That would mean that he was Huai Po’s master!

Standing past the Clear Snow Palace were the members of the Holy Race, Vajra Race, and various other races.

The patriarch of the Holy Race, Bai Moyang, was standing tall as Xiao Baili stood behind him. In the Mirage Pavilion, Xiao Baili had revealed his Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead, and his Grand Purity Saint Godhead, shocking the world. 

When Huang Xiaolong was sizing up his opponents, everyone’s gaze landed on him.

Regardless of who it was, they stared at Huang Xiaolong cautiously.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had three saint godheads that could evolve, and he also had the fourth Holy Mandate Imprint to ever appear in the Holy World. It was difficult for him to remain low-key.

It was even harder to remain passive after his bet with the various powers three days ago!

When the members of the Devil Palace and Holy Lands Alliance saw Huang Xiaolong, they started to mock him openly.

The only person who was slightly awkward was Xiao Baili.

Even though he had come, he didn’t plan to take part in the trial. With his strength, he knew that it would be impossible to obtain a position in the top three hundred.

Of course, the other reason he wanted to observe the trial was to see if Huang Xiaolong could enter the top three hundred ranks.

A light flashed in his eyes when he thought about the possibility of Huang Xiaolong passing the trial.

When everyone was lost in their thoughts, a burst of light filled the skies. Other than the Primal Ancestors, everyone was blinded by the flash. 

When they forced their eyes open, a gray-robed old man could be seen standing in the space above the city gates. His robes weren’t the only thing that were gray. His hair and beard were also gray, and he seemed like a dull old man. His skinny figure swayed in the wind, but he gave off a peaceful vibe.

“We greet Fellow Dao Master, Cangqiong!” Tyrant Chu, Cao Nan, and Mo Cangli greeted him. As for Xue Lingyun, she called him her master. Her voice rang through the air, soothing the hearts of everyone present.

The person who had appeared was the strongest individual in the Holy World, the Cangqiong Old Man!

Like everyone else, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but turn to stare at the old man. Even the high-level True Saint Realm experts from the various superpowers didn’t dare to show the slightest disrespect.

A faint smile appeared on the old man’s face. He passed down an order for everyone, who signed up, to step forward, and he directed them into a formation in the middle of the plaza.

“Go,” Tyrant Chu spoke to the members of the Holy Heavens. “Do your best and return alive!”

Huang Xiaolong and the others bowed in unison.

“When you return, I’ll beat your stupid *ss!” Tyrant Chu didn’t forget to threaten Huang Xiaolong before he left.

With a cheeky smile on his face, Huang Xiaolong ignored everything Tyrant Chu said. He wasn’t sure if Tyrant Chu would really whack him after his return, but he was sure that Tyrant Chu would roar with laughter.

As the participants bade their respective masters farewell, they entered the formation.

Even though the formation looked like it could only house several dozen thousand people, it wasn’t cramped even as the million disciples streamed into it. 

Clearly, the Cangqiong Old Man had already done something to the space inside the formation.

As soon as everyone who had signed up had entered, the Cangqiong Old Man waved his hand to activate the formation. Countless rays of light entered the formation and formed a bracelet on the wrists of the participants.

According to the Cangqiong Old Man’s order, they were to drop a single drop of blood essence onto the ring before recording their names and their respective factions.

Their battle records would be recorded in the light ring, and the jade stele in the formation would show their points in real-time to the outside world.

Of course, the light ring also had another function, and it was to save anyone who gave up in the competition. By activating the formation in the light ring, they would be transported back into the formation. However, anyone who activated the formation before the trial ended would be deemed to have quit the trial.

After the participants dripped their blood essence into the light ring, they did everything the Cangqiong Old Man told them.

At the same time, everyone gained a piece of memory with the rules of the Trial of Blood.

After they were done, the Cangqiong Old Man pointed at the formation and the formation was activated once again. As the ghost devil qi surrounding the gates disappeared, the formation in the plaza functioned as a teleportation formation, and everyone inside was transported into the city.

The instant they were transported into the city, names started to appear on the jade stele in the middle of the plaza. Tan Juan, Li Chen, Xie Bufan, and She Nanfeng were ranked in the first to fourth places in that order. Despite Ji Xinyi and Xiao Lengxue’s strength, the Cangqiong Old Man had judged them to be weaker than She Nanfeng, an individual from the Holy Race.

Everyone couldn’t help but read the names in order.