Invincible - Chapter 2496

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Chapter 2496: What the F***?

Even Huang Xiaolong had to widen his eyes in surprise when he noticed the ghost devil. It was at the peak of the late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. From what he knew, they were transported to the outer regions of the Ghost Devil City. It was basically impossible for a ghost devil at that level to appear!

The two disciples from the Devil Palace seemed to be ordinary Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints, and it was no wonder they would be forced to flee when they met such a terrifying monster.

Very quickly, they discovered Huang Xiaolong’s presence.

“Huang Xiaolong of the Holy Heavens?” The two of them rejoiced.

“Nice! We’ll just lure this beast over and use it to kill Huang XIaolong,” One of them sneered.

The other person started to laugh, “That’s right! He can even stall the ghost devil for a moment while we escape!”

They increased their speed and rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer formed on his lips when he saw their actions. How could he be unaware of what they were thinking of?

Very quickly, they arrived before Huang XIaolong. Just as they were about to fly past him, Huang Xiaolong’s body shook, and he appeared before them.

“I wonder where you’re going?” 

Never would they have thought that Huang Xiaolong would be faster than them. When they felt the ghost devil approaching behind them, endless fear filled their hearts. They couldn’t help but rage at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, a good dog doesn’t stand in the way of others! F*ck off or die!” One of them roared, “Don’t think that we won’t kill you because you’re the disciple of the Primal Ancestor!” As soon as he spoke. He threw a fist towards Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Since he wanted Huang Xiaolong to stall the ghost devil for a moment, he didn’t give it his all. After all, a dead Huang Xiaolong was of no use to them.

In his mind, his punch was enough to push Huang Xiaolong aside. Never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that Huang Xiaolong would catch his punch.

Upon widening his eyes in shock, he stared at Huang Xiaolong’s palm that was wrapped around his fist.

Just like that, both parties were stuck in a deadlock.

However, the other disciple from the Devil Palace reacted quickly. He sent out another punch towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest and screamed, “Evil Devil from the Heavens!” Waves of devil qi rushed at Huang Xiaolong as a massive devil appeared in the skies behind him.

The ‘Evil Devil from the Heavens’ was a holy martial art from the Devil Palace, and with the assistance of the devil qi around them, the strength of the attack was raised to the next level.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t blink as he raised his other hand to deal with the other disciple. He released the Prosperity of the Dragons immediately and countless heavenly dragons swarmed towards the other disciple.


A miserable shriek rang through the air as the other disciple was sent flying. His arms were mangled beyond belief as he slammed into the ground several hundred miles away.


The disciple whose fist was still in Huang Xiaolong’s palm widened his eyes in horror.

“Your turn.” After turning to face him, Huang Xiaolong punched a hole through his chest. He was also sent flying like a dead dog as he landed beside his fellow disciple.

By this time, the ghost devil had finally caught up. With a weird battle cry, murderous light flashed through its eyes as it tried to grab Huang Xiaolong.

Ghost qi filled the lands and it came crashing down on Huang Xiaolong.

When the disciples saw the ghost devil’s attack, they couldn’t help but smile despite their severe injuries. “Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong, we’ll watch you die!”

The ghost devil qi had terrifying corrosive abilities. Even someone like Lin Xiaoying wouldn’t be able to withstand the qi with her body. How could Huang Xiaolong survive with his Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm cultivation base?

Under the joyous gaze of the two disciples of the Devil Palace, the ghost devil qi in the air surrounded Huang XIaolong.

When they thought that Huang Xiaolong had died, a golden phantom shot out from his body as holy light filled the skies. Shocking pressure filled the skies.

The ghost devil qi in the air seemed to have felt the threat coming from Huang Xiaolong as it scattered instantly.

In the face of the holy might coming from Huang Xiaolong, the disciples of the Devil Palace found it hard to breathe.

When they saw the golden figure behind Huang Xiaolong, they felt the world spinning around them. 

“Holy… Holy soul!”

How can Huang Xiaolong possess a holy soul?! 

They had to be dreaming!

However, Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to explain anything to them as the holy soul pressed down on the ghost devil behind Huang Xiaolong, and it exploded and turned into black mist.

The disciples of the Devil Palace didn’t believe their eyes. Could it be that they weren’t dreaming?!


He really has a holy soul!

A Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm cultivator had actually managed to form a holy soul!

When Huang XIaolong had made his move, he had summoned his buddhist attributed holy soul.

Right now, Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul was comparable to a Second Heaven True Saint. Killing a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm ghost devil was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. He could kill it effortlessly.

Since the moment it had appeared, Huang Xiaolong han’t bothered looking at the ghost devil. He stared at the two disciples, and he started to walk towards them.

When they saw him approach, fear filled their minds as their bodies trembled involuntarily.

“Huang… Huang Xiaolong! Lord Huang, we….” They didn’t know what to say.

When their thought veered to the light ring on their wrists, Huang Xiaolong made his move. Waving his hand, two rays of light emerged and entered their bodies. In the next moment, they discovered that they couldn’t circulate their energy no matter how hard they tried.

By dragging them over, Huang Xiaolong started to devour their saint attributes.

Since they were disciples of the Devil Palace who qualified to take part in the Trial of Blood, they were no weaklings. Their saint attributes ranked in the sixties.

When he devoured both of them, Huang Xiaolong could feel an obvious increase in the strength of his saint attributes.

“If I can devour Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, Xiao Lengxue, and Su Biqing, I wonder how strong my three saint godheads will become…?!” Huang Xiaolong laughed in his heart as he continued to go on his killing spree. Pushing his three holy souls to their limit, Huang Xiaolong decided to hunt them down.

When Huang Xiaolong completed his refinement, the names of two members who ranked 663rd and 582nd disappeared from the stele.

When someone’s name disappeared from the stele, it would usually mean that they had met with some sort of unfortunate accident in the city.

The change startled many and Cao Nan couldn’t help but frown when he noticed the names.