Invincible - Chapter 2497

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Chapter 2497: Black Corpse Holy Emperor!

Cao Nan vaguely remembered the two disciples, who had died. They were called Zhu Hui and Wang Haotian, and they were considerably talented. Their strengths were ranked above average among the disciples of the Devil Palace, and they were both early-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints.

Since the trial has only lasted for half a day, it is impossible for them to enter deep into the city. With their abilities, they souldn’t have faced any life-threatening dangers. After all, the ghost devils at the outskirts of the Ghost Devil City aren’t too strong.

Even if they had run into a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm ghost devil, they could have escaped if they had worked together.

How could they die on the first day?!

Did they run into True Saint Realm ghost devils?!

Cao Nan shook his head. It was impossible for True Saint Realm ghost devils to appear in the outskirts of the city!

Since he couldn’t understand how they had died, doubts remained in his heart.

As for Tyrant Chu, he didn’t care about how they had died. In fact, he barely noticed their disappearance. His eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong’s rank, and he noticed that it had already climbed to the 486th rank.


If the patriarchs of other factions learned that their disciple had reached the 486th rank, they would be overjoyed! However, Tyrant Chu didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy in his heart.

“This brat definitely bribed several disciples to kill ghost devils for him….” Tyrant Chu guessed in his heart.

No one could blame him for making such a nonsensical guess. After all, Huang Xiaolong’s treasures shocked even the Primal Ancestors of the Holy Heavens.

If he ran into some disciples, who had no hope to qualify, it was entirely possible that he bribed them with his treasures to kill ghost devils for him!

There were many disciples, who knew that they wouldn’t qualify. They would probably be tempted by Huang Xiaolong’s offer, and it was even possible for someone with Huang Xiaolong’s wealth to tempt a True Saint Realm disciple to work with him!

As long as a bunch of them grouped together to slay ghost devils, it was possible for Huang Xiaolong to rise quickly through the ranks.

Otherwise, no one could explain why Huang Xiaolong could kill ghost devils quicker than a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint!

In fact, Huang Xiaolong’s speed of killing ghost devils had already surpassed what a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint was capable of! No Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint would be able to do something like this.

“Wait till this little b*stard comes out! I’m going to beat his *ss!” Tyrant Chu raged, “No… I’m going to whip his *ss till he learns his lesson! A hundred thousand times wouldn’t be enough!”

If Tyrant Chu were to really whip Huang Xiaolong’s butt a hundred thousand times, Huang Xiaolong would really be in trouble.

Half a day passed in the blink of an eye.

As night fell, the first day was over.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s rank on the leaderboard didn’t stop rising, and he only stopped when he arrived at the 297th rank.

Throughout the day, the positions of many disciples changed, and there were even some members, who got kicked out of the 300th rank after the first hour. However the only ranks that remained relatively stable were the top ten.

Tan Juan stood firmly in the first position, but Xie Bufan managed to claw his way up to the second place. Li Chen had fallen to third, and Xiao Lengxue surpassed She Nanfeng to arrive at the fourth place on the leaderboard. Bai Buren, who used to be eighth, reached the sixth rank, while You Lingzi of the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate slipped to the seventh rank. Ji Xinyi was in the eighth place, Sai Qian was ninth, and Dou Rui filled the tenth spot.

As for Xie Yao, who had started at the twenty-second spot, fell to the thirtieth position. Lin Yijia also fell to the thirty-ninth place.

Lin Xiaoying and Huai Po managed to rank in the one hundreds.

Cao Nan swept his gaze across the jade stele and noticed Huang Xiaolong’s place in the 297th position. He turned to Tyrant Chu and laughed, “Old man, congratulations. Your Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm disciple entered the top three hundred. What a joyous occasion! It’s a miracle!”

Everyone could hear the meaning behind his words.

No matter how firm Tyrant Chu’s heart was, he couldn’t help but doubt himself.

However, he sneered in response. “Did you set the rule that a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint can’t enter the top three hundred ranks?”

“Hahaha! What a nice way to put it! No one said that it wasn’t possible, but you have to be shameless to admit that he entered with his own abilities!”

Mo Cangli stood at the side in silence, and surprisingly, Xue Lingyun was the first to speak of her doubts. She turned to the Cangqiong Old Man and said, “Master, you set the rules of the trials. Now that Huang Xiaolong is cheating, you have to enforce the rules! When he comes out, you can’t let him off easily.”

Huang Xiaolong’s actions had already crossed the bottom line. Wouldn’t this mean that the Holy Heavens were disrespecting the Cangqiong Old Man?

The Cangqiong Old Man merely shook his head as a smile formed on his face. He stared at Huang Xiaolong’s ranking on the jade stele, and he sank deep into his thoughts.

Xue Lingyun’s gaze turned to the jade stele when she realized that her master wasn’t going to respond, and she looked at Tan Juan’s name. A contented expression formed on her face. Tan Juan hadn’t let her down.

“Master, Juan’er is definitely going to obtain the first position in the trial.” Xue Lingyun turned to the Cangqiong Old Man and chuckled, “Xue Bufan and Li Chen are destined to rank behind her.”

After the first day, Xie Bufan and Li Chen failed to surpass Tan Juan. In fact, she was leaving them in the dust.

The Cangqiong Old Man snickered softly, “Juan’er managed to obtain the Frozen Snow Imprint which surprised me. However, It’s hard to say if she will manage to retain her spot at the end of the trial.”

“Do you think Xie Bufan and Li Chen can surpass Juan’er?”

The Cangqiong Old Man maintained the mysterious smile on his face as he didn’t reply to her question.

The ghost devil qi in the city became denser the moment night fell. Visibility fell to zero and a murky green light filled the lands.

Huang Xiaolong looked into the skies and decided to stop for the night. Killing ghost devils for the entire day wasn’t the best experience.

Upon sweeping out with his holy soul, Huang Xiaolong was stunned when he discovered something unexpected. However, a sneer formed on his face as he shot through the skies.

In a mountain valley several dozen billion miles away from Huang Xiaolong was a group of disciples from the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate.

“I heard that some sort of ancient treasury surfaced in the Furtive Lands. It’s said that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor left it behind. The Holy Heavens, the Clear Snow Palace, the Holy Lands Alliance, and the various superpowers are making their way there now. I wonder if the rumors are true,” one of the disciples muttered.

“Black Corpse Holy Emperor?” Another disciple yelled in shock, “Isn’t he one of the ten strongest experts in the True Saint Realm?!”