Invincible - Chapter 2522

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The experts, who stood behind Jiang Tian, jumped in joy when they saw the appearance of the experts from the Devil Palace.

“Huang Xiaolong, look closely. These are the experts from the Devil Palace. The two leading the way are True Saints from the Devil Palace. Their statuses in the Devil Palace are as high as the clouds in the sky. Even if the Evolving Dragon Holy Emperor comes, he would have to lower his head!”

“Hahaha! Are you afraid now?! Huang XIaolong, so what if you’re a disciple of the Holy Heavens?!” Jiang Tian raised his head to the skies and roared with laughter.

Zeng Yin and the other ladies felt their bodies trembling in fear when the experts of the Devil Palace arrived.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled when he saw Jiang Tian’s arrogant behavior.

However, he felt that it was reasonable for Jiang Tian to act that way. It was truly an honor for a commoner to gain a superpower’s favor.

Jiang Tian probably felt that he was blessed by the heavens for someone like Dou Rui to accept him as an underling.

“Hurry up and welcome the lords with me!” Jiang Tian spoke to the experts behind him and they rushed over to greet the two True Saints.

Soon, the party from the Devil Palace arrived.

“Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji greet lord True Saints!” Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji spoke in unison, and they kneeled respectfully on the ground. They looked to be extremely experienced slaves when they greeted the members of the Devil Palace.

Those behind them didn’t hesitate to copy their actions.

However, the only reason Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji greeted them as ‘Lord True Saints’ was because they didn’t know the True Saints’ names!

When they were waiting for the members of the Devil Palace to acknowledge their existence, the two True Saints shot past them without sparing them a single glance. After ignoring those from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, they rushed over to Huang Xiaolong with cupped fists. “Shan Yufeng and Yu Xiongan greet Your Highness, Huang Xiaolong! We didn’t know about your arrival, and we have failed as hosts. We hope for Your Highness’ forgiveness!”

The experts of the Devil Palace kneeled before Huang Xiaolong in unison.

Jiang Tian and the rest stared at the scene before them with their jaws agape. They had no idea what had just happened.

Zeng Yin and the others felt their eyes popping out of their sockets when they saw the actions of the two True Saints from the Devil Palace.

Did they just address Huang Xiaolong as ‘His Highness’?!

Why would the two True Saints from the Devil Palace address Huang Xiaolong that way?! They even seem a little afraid of him….

Are the True Saints of the Devil Palace afraid of Huang Xiaolong?!

How could they be afraid of a mere disciple of the Holy Heavens?!

Are they mistaken?!

Zeng Yin and the others didn’t know what was happening.

It was no wonder they were confused. After all, existences like the Evolving Dragon Holy Emperor had to lower their heads around the two True Saints of the Devil Palace. Therefore, the two True Saints were like gods in the eyes of Zeng Yin and the others.

They had no idea why existences at their level would kneel in front of Huang Xiaolong!

It was even worse when they noticed the looks of fear on the two True Saints’ faces.

No one from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate could understand the feeling in the hearts of those from the Devil Palace.

Jiang Tian and the others might not have known of Huang Xiaolong’s true status and ability, but as True Saints from the Devil Palace, they were extremely clear about the monstrous existence that was Huang Xiaolong!

It was also the reason why they had rushed over when Jiang Tian had notified them of Huang Xiaolong’s arrival.

As soon as they had received the news that Huang Xiaolong had arrived, they had rushed over without the slightest delay, just so they could welcome the man!

It was true that the Devil Palace was at odds with the Holy Heavens, but not everyone in the Devil Palace had the guts to go against Huang Xiaolong. The reason Xie Bufan and the other devil princes dared to challenge Huang Xiaolong was because of the strength and status they possessed! For people like Shan Yufeng and Yu Xiongan, they were ordinary First Heaven True Saints! They couldn’t even compare themselves to half of Dou Rui’s strength, so why would they challenge Huang Xiaolong?!

Moreover, they had also learned that Huang Xiaolong had obtained the fifth position in the Trial of Blood. As a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint, Huang Xiaolong’s possession of a holy soul had already rocked the entire Holy World.

Even if they joined hands, they wouldn't be able to scratch Huang Xiaolong. Even if that wasn’t the case, and they stood a chance against Huang Xiaolong, they could see that every single expert the other party had brought was in the True Saint Realm!

When Shan Yufeng and Yu Xiongan were in a state of panic, Jiang Tian broke the silence. “Lords, did you make a mistake? He’s my junior brother in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate! He’s the one Lord Dou Rui ordered for you to kill on sight!”

In the past, Dou Rui had indeed passed down such an order.

That was also the reason Jiang Tian had dared to slight Huang Xiaolong even after learning of his identity as a disciple of the Holy Heavens. After all, Dou Rui would support him!

However, Shan Yufeng and Yu Xiongan felt their hearts skipping several beats when they heard what Jiang Tian said.

“Motherf*cker! You’re just a f*cking slave! How dare you disrespect His Highness?! You deserve to die!” Shan Yufeng raised his arm and prepared to kill Jiang Tian in a single strike.

He was afraid Jiang Tian’s tongue would slip and anger Huang Xiaolong even more. If that happened, the two of them wouldn’t be able to leave even if they apologized!

However, a terrifying wave of energy stopped him from killing Jiang Tian.

After looking at the person who had stopped him, Shan Yufeng realized that Di Huai had made a move.

A cold snort rang in everyone’s ears, “His life belongs to His Highness. Without His Highness’ order, how dare you try to kill him?”

Shan Yufeng jumped in fright, and he quickly apologized to Huang Xiaolong. “I was too rash! Your Highness. Please forgive me!”

Jiang Tian and the others felt the world spinning around them as darkness threatened to engulf them.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and pointed at Jiang Tian before anyone could react. In the next instant, Jiang Tian realized that he was no longer able to move as the energy in his body was sealed up.

Grabbing Jiang Tian, Huang Xiaolong stared at him coldly, “You must be very curious right now….”

Fear overwhelmed Jiang Tian when he realized that things were no longer going in the direction he recognized. “Huang… Huang Xiaolong, aren’t you a disciple of the Holy Heavens?!”

At that moment, even a retard would realize that Huang Xiaolong was no ordinary disciple from the Holy Heavens. Otherwise, the two True Saints from the Devil Palace wouldn’t be so afraid of him.

Huang Xiaolong ignored Jiang Tian and asked a question of his own, “I was thinking of a better way to kill you….”

“Huang Xiaolong, I work for Lord Dou Rui! You… You can’t do anything to me!”

“I know that you’re Dou Rui’s dog.” Huang Xiaolong interrupted him and sneered, “However, I forgot to tell you that your ‘lord’ Dou Rui has already died.”

“What?! Lord... Lord Dou Rui died?!” Jiang Tian shook his head in disbelief. “Impossible! Lord Dou Rui is a True Saint! How can he die?! You’re lying!”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered to explain himself, and he pointed at Jiang Tian to destroy his saint attributes. Under Jiang Tian’s desperate gaze, a trace of death qi entered his body. His body started to rot instantly and miserable shrieks rang through the air. After tossing him to the ground, Huang Xiaolong allowed him to writhe in agony.

After turning to look at Jiang Wuji, Huang Xiaolong sent a slap over to end his miserable life.

No longer bothering with the rest, Huang Xiaolong turned to Di Huai and the others. “Kill the rest. Kill those from the Devil Palace too.”

Shan Yufeng and Yu Xiongan looked at Huang Xiaolong as their expressions changed.

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