Invincible - Chapter 2537

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After more than an hour passed, Huang Xiaolong approached the edge of the plains and noticed a mini Cangqiong Holy Mountain.

As soon as he arrived at the mountain peak, he noticed a miniature Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Even though the door was sealed, Huang Xiaolong pushed it open quickly, and he entered the main hall of the palace. Above him was the ceiling that portrayed the starry universe, and a statue of the Cangqiong Old Man was erected in the middle of the hall. The statue was several tens of thousands of feet tall, and Huang Xiaolong failed to observe the facial features even after staring closely at its face.

The statue was crafted out of dao crystals, and the crystals themselves came from the heart of the Holy World. It was god knew how many times more precious than the transparent holy spiritual stone.

Runes lined the statue from head to toe, and Huang Xiaolong’s heart shook when he realized what was standing before him.

That was the Cangqiong Old Man’s inheritance everyone longed for!

After accepting the inheritance, he would be considered the old man’s one and only direct disciple. When that happened, he would become Xue Lingyun’s junior brother. With the Holy Heavens and the Clear Snow Palace standing behind him, no one in the Holy World could stand against him! Of course, he hadn’t been afraid of anything since forming his Inextinguishable Dao Heart.

Without searching for the Cangqiong Blade, Cangqiong Seed, or the Cangqiong Holy Pill, Huang Xiaolong approached the statue respectfully and got to his knees. After bowing, he rose into the air and arrived at the midway point of the statue.

He crossed his legs as he sat down in the air and started to comprehend the runes carved onto the statue. The runes contained the meaning of existence, and it contained endless wisdom from the grand dao!

Only after comprehending the runes could he accept the inheritance.

Of course, others might need several hundred to several dozen thousand years to comprehend the runes, but they were no Huang Xiaolong! For someone with a Dao Heart, he would probably only need several years to accomplish the task!

Very quickly, several months passed.

It was the one year mark after the disciples entered the Cangqiong Holy Manor, and most of the disciples were scattered throughout the manor. There were some weaker ones who hadn’t even cleared the third floor, and they were all sent out of the manor by the restriction left behind by the Cangqiong Old Man.

There was only one rule when entering the Cangqiong Holy Manor. One had to enter the seventh floor in a year. If they didn’t, then they would be sent out of the holy manor!

The disciples on the third floor were sent out instantly, followed by those on the fourth and fifth floor.

As the disciples emerged, patriarchs of their respective organizations were overwhelmed with different feelings. Some were disappointed, while others were overjoyed.

Some were happy that their disciples managed to obtain some previous holy herbs, and there were others who celebrated the collection of a holy art. There were also some who raged at their disciples for being unable to pass the third floor. Of course, there were also several patriarchs who scolded their disciples for only grabbing some low-grade origin spiritual herbs in the fourth floor of the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

Soon, everyone on the fifth floor emerged.

Only those who remained on the sixth floor were sent out in the last batch.

The first to emerge was Huai Po, and everyone was stunned by his achievement. After all, he was only a peak-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint.

“Master!” He jumped in excitement before greeting Mo Cangli. This time, he had managed to obtain two stalks of holy herbs from the sixth floor and a high-grade holy art. His master was the reason he was able to go so far in the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

A smile formed on Mo Cangli’s face. “Pretty good. You didn’t disappoint me.”

If Huai Po wasn’t exceptionally talented, there was no way he could enter the sixth floor even with Mo Cangli’s help.

“Master, you’re too kind,” Huai Po chuckled. However, he quickly followed up with a question. “Master, Huang Xiaolong should have already been sent out, right?”

He looked at the Holy Heavens’ camp and shickered.

From what he knew, Huang Xiaolong would be unable to pass the fourth floor even with his holy soul. After all, Huang Xiaolong had cultivated for short time. He wouldn’t have been able to comprehend the grand dao so quickly, and it would be an achievement for him to enter the fifth floor of the manor!

Too bad for him, Mo Cangli shook his head slowly. “He isn’t out yet.”


Huai Po was shocked. He realized that Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen, Xie Yao, and Lin Yijia of the Holy Heavens were still absent. The only person who emerged was Chen Kaiping, Chen Yi, and several other weaker disciples.

“Who could have expected that Huang Xiaolong would be strong enough to enter the sixth floor… It seems like the Primal Ancestors lent him a dao artifact.”

Lin Xiaoying was the next to emerge. It was clear that someone with her abilities managed to make her way to the sixth floor.

Everyone who entered the sixth floor managed to harvest great rewards, and Lin Xiaoying’s smile was extremely eye-catching when she came out.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong wasn’t out yet, Lin Xiaoying gasped in surprise, “Thirteen isn’t out yet?”

Cao Nan turned to Tyrant Chu and sneered, “It looks like your disciple stepped in dog sh*t luck and managed to enter the sixth floor…”

“Hehe, my disciple might have stepped in dog sh*t luck, but your disciple seems to have dunked in cow dung…”

Chen Yi and the other disciples of the Holy Heavens failed to hold back their laughter when they heard what Tyrant Chu said.

As the disciples on the sixth floor were sent out one by one, everyone stared intently at those who emerged. Tyrant Chu, Cao Nan, and Xue Lingyun were extremely nervous.

When Xie Yao and the others came out, there were only five people left in the Cangqiong Holy Manor. They were Tan Juan, Li Chen, Xie Bufan, Ji Xinyi, and Huang Xiaolong!

“How is he not out yet?! Could Huang Xiaolong be the fifth person to enter the sixth floor?”

The earlier one entered the sixth floor, the later they would be transported out.

As such, everyone was sure that Huang Xiaolong was definitely part of the first five to enter the sixth floor.

Not a single person could believe the fact that Huang Xiaolong was actually strong enough to be part of the top five.

Even existences at the floor of Cao Nan and Xue Lingyun were shocked.

As for Tyrant Chu, he had a sh*t eating grin on his face when he looked at Cao Nan.

The only person whose expression remained constant throughout the entire event was the Cangqiong Old Man.

In the next instant, a ray of light emerged from the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

“Huang Xiaolong?! Is that Huang Xiaolong?!” Someone in the crowd screamed.

A figure appeared, and everyone recognized Ji Xinyi instantly.

“It’s not Huang Xiaolong!”

As everyone started to clamor, another figure emerged from the manor.

“This has to be him! There’s no way for Huang Xiaolong to still be in the manor! If the person who emerged isn’t Huang Xiaolong, I’ll change my surname!” A patriarch who had mocked Huang Xiaolong previously snarled as Tan Juan entered their sights.

“It’s Tan Juan from the Clear Snow Palace!”

The crowd erupted when they noticed her appearance. No one would have thought that Tan Juan would emerge earlier than Li Chen, Huang Xiaolong, or Xie Bufan. Even Xue Lingyun didn't believe her eyes.

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