Invincible - Chapter 2596

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The look on Zi Dongping’s face became a little more serious when he heard Huang Xiaolong mention Yuan Qianxing. “He’s from the Myriad Origin Race, and he possesses shocking talent. After he entered the Otherworldly Mansion, he took less than a thousand years to enter the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm!”

“What?! Less than a thousand years to enter the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm?” Huang Xiaolong was shocked. Even with his speed of cultivation, he was shocked at Yuan Qianxing’s heaven defying cultivation speed.

Even though he had already entered the Holy Heavens for two hundred years and entered the Second Heaven True Saint Realm, he didn’t dare to claim that he would be able to break into the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm in eight hundred more years!

Zi Dongping finally felt the shock in his heart lessening when he noticed the shocked expression on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “That’s right. Just a few days ago, he entered the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm! Moreover, he was able to injure Primal Ancestors when he was in the Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm!”

“Even though no one was there to witness it, there has to be some truth behind the rumors!”

Huang Xiaolong received yet another blow.

Injuring a Primal Ancestor as a Sixth Heaven True Saint!

Now that he was a Seventh Heaven True Saint, wouldn’t that mean…?

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong heard of someone other than him injuring a Primal Ancestor as a True Saint!

A Primal Ancestor was a whole new level of existence compared to a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint. Huang Xiaolong was extremely clear how terrifying Primal Ancestors were!

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had felt that everyone’s estimation on Yuan Qianxing’s strength was a little over the top, but he couldn’t help but take it seriously now. In the lower realm, he had fought against someone with the Heavenly Dao Godhead, and it had taken some effort for Huang Xiaolong to defeat him. Compared to Yuan Qianxing, someone with the Heavenly Dao Godhead wasn’t worth a fart.

“I wonder what saint godhead Yuan Qianxing has…?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask.

Seemingly expecting the question, Zi Dongping shook his head. “Even though there has been rumors going around, no one has ever uncovered Yuan Qianxing’s true talent. There are some who say that he has the Origin Godhead, and he’s the incarnation of the origin, but there are also some who say that he has two godheads ranked second and third, respectively. There are also some who say that he has three saint godheads ranked in the top ten.”

“No one knows if he is truly the incarnation of the origin or whether he has several saint godheads ranked in the top ten!”

A complicated look appeared on Zi Dongping’s face again as he continued, “Whatever it is, his talent is terrifying. Moreover, he is said to have the Holy Mandate Imprint too!”

Holy Mandate Imprint!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

“What do you think?” Huang Xiaolong turned to ask Zi Dongping. 

Sinking into silence, Zi Dongping only spoke after thinking for some time. “He might be the incarnation of the origin!”

Regardless, he couldn’t be a hundred percent sure.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong changed the topic and spoke about the matters about the Myriad Origin Race. 

Even though Huang Xiaolong knew about the existence of the Otherworldly Mansion and the Myriad Origin Race, he only had a superficial understanding of them. He only knew that the Otherworldly Mansion was created by the alliance of a little more than ten races’ royal families. He also knew that the Myriad Origin Race was one of the strongest royal races, but that was all.

They chatted for a long time, and the topic soon covered the entire Alien Lands.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the Flying Heaven Race and the Suoluo Race.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t hide the reason behind his interest. He asked for Zi Dongping’s opinion on the matter.

When Zi Dongping first heard Huang Xiaolong’s plan on dominating the Alien Race, towering waves were raised in his heart. Even the Primal Ancestors of the various royal families wouldn’t dare to claim that they could unite the Alien Lands, and not a single person would dare to dream of something so preposterous! Yet, a human from the Holy World planned on taking over the Alien Lands!

He wanted to be the king of the Alien Lands!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t continue as he knew that Zi Dongping would need some time to digest the news.

Finally, Zi Dongping processed all the information, and he tutted, “Unifying the Alien Lands is difficult. No, it’s basically impossible!”

He denied the possibility instantly.

The Alien Lands had existed for eternity, and no one has ever managed to unify them. Even though the races’ royal fmailies worked together to establish the Otherworldly Mansion, undercurrents flowed beneath the calm surface. The super royal races were unwilling to listen to anyone else, and there was no way they would agree to serve a human!

“What if I become the Mansion Master?” Huang Xiaolong threw out another bomb.

Zi Dongping felt the world spinning around him.

Otherworldly Mansion Master?! He didn’t even dare to think of the possibility of that happening!

Zi Dongping shook his head and shot the idea down immediately, “Impossible. There is no way for a human to become the master of the Otherworldly Mansion!”

“No matter how slight the chance, it’s always possible for a miracle to happen…,” Huang Xiaolong continued. 

“It’s extremely difficult to even fight for a spot as the Mansion Master! You need to challenge the Dao Gate in the mansion before obtaining the recognition of more than ten races; royal families! That only gets you the ability to fight for a spot as the Mansion Master! It’s impossible for you to get the recognition of a single race, not to mention more than ten royal races!”

“What comes after challenging the Dao Gate and the recognition?” Huang Xiaolong ignored Zi Dongping’s comments and continued.

Zi Dongping stared at him in stunned silence.

“If you manage to do that, then you’ll be qualified to fight for the position as the Mansion Master. You will have to defeat all the other disciples who qualify and there are a total of four of them right now. One of them is Yuan Qianxing. Even though he’s only a Seventh Heaven True Saint, he’s the strongest candidate. Moreover, he has the strongest support in the Alien Race.”

Zi Dongping hesitated for a moment and continued, “Even though your combat prowess is shocking, it’s extremely lacking when compared to Yuan Qianxing.”

He wasn’t putting Huang Xiaolong down on purpose. In fact, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t even have been able to defeat Yuan Qianxing before he broke through to the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm. 

Huang Xiaolong fell silent. Even though he might not be Yuan Qianxing’s opponent right now, things would be different the moment he broke into the mid-level True Saint Realm. 

“Even if you manage to become the successor of the Mansion Master, you will only be able to ascend to the position after entering the Primal Ancestor Realm! That’s the rule of the Mansion anyway.”

“Also, you won’t be able to take over the Alien Lands after becoming the Mansion Master. Taking over the authority of the royal races over their lands will prove to be another extremely troubling matter.”

Zi Dongping shook his head slowly.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled all of a sudden, “When one becomes the successor of the Mansion Master, there’s a special rule that allows him to become the Mansion Master immediately. As long as I defeat the current master, I will be able to ascend to the position immediately!”

Zi Dongping stared at Huang Xiaolong like he was looking at a retard. A weird smile appeared on his face as he spoke, “Even if Yuan Qianxing enters the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm, he won’t be able to defeat the current Mansion Master! The strength the Mansion Master wields is beyond your imagination! Even if he isn’t the strongest person in the Alien Lands right now, he will be ranked in the top five!”

Huang Xiaolong finally sighed when he heard what Zi Dongping said.

No matter what, everything could be dealt with after entering the Otherworldly Mansion.

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