Invincible - Chapter 2607

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“You!” Zi Yutong stared at Hei Luo’s hand and a complicated feeling surged through her body. Something she had never felt from Chan Wuwo appeared in her mind.

Tightening his fist, Hei Luo grabbed a lump of flesh on Zi Yutong’s chest,

When those around them saw what happened, gulps could be heard in the air.

Along with a frail scream from Zi Yutong, Hei Luo flung her away.

She suffered the same fate as those who had tried attacking Huang Xiaolong previously. As she shot through the skies, her figure could no longer be seen.


Those standing around finally snapped back to their senses when they realized what had happened. They stared at Hei Luo incredulously. Even though they had no idea how strong he actually was, they were trembling at the fact that he had gotten rid of a Ninth Heaven True Saint so easily.

They had barely gotten over the fact that he had dealt with a group mid-level True Saints when he had grabbed Zi Yutong’s breasts and flung her away.

How strong is he to send a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint flying?!

Not a single person could comprehend the strength Hei Luo possessed, but they were sure of one thing.

Primal Ancestor!

Huang Xiaolong’s bodyguard is a Primal Ancestor!

Even if he isn’t one, his combat strength has already arrived at the Primal Ancestor Realm!

In the past, there were less than five people under the Primal Ancestor Realm who could suppress Zi Yutong.

As for the other True Saints who had come along with Zi Yutong, their faces switched between a shade of purple and green.

“Anyone else?” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across those left, and he asked.

Not a single person dared to step out as everyone retreated in unison.

Seeing as there was nothing else he could do, Huang Xiaolong brought Hei Luo and left.

Only after Huang Xiaolong’s figure could no longer be seen did everyone snap back to their senses.

“That… Could he be a Primal Ancestor?!” someone asked.

“Primal Ancestor? Do you think they are turnips you can find while walking through the market?! Why will a Primal Ancestor be a bodyguard of a Second Heaven True Saint?” Someone else yelled.

Everyone nodded mutely.

“Even if he’s not a Primal Ancestor, his abilities should be comparable to one! Is he someone Zi Dongping sent over to protect Huang Xiaolong? When did an expert of this level appear in the Purple Spider Race?!”

Discussions broke out in the crowd.

As Huang Xiaolong made his way back to the Fallen Yang Peak with Hei Luo, Chan Wuwo was enjoying his time in his palace in the Otherworldly Royal City. There were tens of women serving him, and it was a life any king would dream of having.

Every single one of the ladies had impeccable appearance and even though they couldn’t be compared to Zi Yutong, they weren’t too far off. All of them were Chan Wuwo’s women, and they were only a small part of his harem! As the young patriarch of a royal family, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration for him to have thousands of concubines!

Fondling with the breasts of a beauty with one hand, he tasted a spirit fruit with another. “Shouldn’t Zi Yutong be done with her task soon?”

“Your Highness, you can rest assured that Huang Xiaolong will be more than happy to accept your invitation! He will definitely rush over in order to accept Your Highness’ grace!” One of the ladies giggled.

Since Chan Wuwo was one of the candidates running for the position of the Mansion Master, he was addressed as ‘His Highness’ in the Mansion.

“What if Huang Xiaolong refuses?” Someone else chuckled, “Wouldn’t he be crippled by Sister Yutong?”

Chan Wuwo nodded slowly. “I can rest at ease when I send Yutong out to deal with matters…”

He was extremely confident in her abilities. After all, she was basically invincible in the Otherworldly Mansion.

“Even if Huang Xiaolong has three Saint godheads, he won’t be a threat to Your Highness!” Someone else pouted, “In a hundred years, Lord Chan Yuli will get rid of Zi Dongping. When that happens, we’ll get rid of Huang Xiaolong!”

Chan Wuwo shook his head seriously. “You have no idea how terrifying his talent is. No one has ever been in possession of three Saint godheads since the start of time! Even though his godheads don’t rank in the top ten, he can be said to be the most talented individual in the later generation! If we fail to bring Huang Xiaolong over to our side, we have to cripple him! I will never allow a variable to appear in my path to greatness!”

“No one knows how strong he will become in a hundred years!”

Chan Wuwo’s transmission symbol shook suddenly.

“It seems like it’s Sister Yutong’s good news!” Someone giggled happily.

Chan Wuwo smiled as he retrieved his symbol. It took less than a second for him to scan through the contents, but his expression sank immediately after. Terrifying waves of killing intent shot out from his eyes as the temperature in the palace dropped by a few degrees.

The ladies felt their bodies freezing as they stood right beside him. Not a single person dared to speak.

“Huang Xiaolong, I really underestimated you!” Chan Wuwo growled in rage, “A bodyguard with the strength of a Primal Ancestor?!” Chilly light flashed through his eyes as a bitter taste filled his mouth.

“Fine! If I can’t kill you today, I’ll watch you suffer! At least my life won’t be boring…”

“You shall learn the consequences of offending me, Chan Wuwo!”

As his growl rang through the palace, he waved his arm to dismiss the ladies. When everyone had left the hall, a shadow slowly materialized beside him.

“What do you think of this?” Chan Wuwo asked the shadow.

“Huang Xiaolong probably isn’t someone from the Alien Lands. Neither is that black bodyguard.”

Chan Wuwo narrowed his eyes and a terrifying thought flashed through his mind. “Is he someone from the Holy World? We need evidence if we wish to turn the world against him… Are we still unable to enter the Holy World?!”

The shadow shook his head slowly. “A hundred years ago, the barrier between our worlds nearly broke and the four Primal Ancestors of the Holy Heavens worked together to lay down a terrifying Primal Ancestor-level formation around the ancient battlefield. The only way for us to cross over is to shatter the formation. Of course, we can also choose to send a Primal Ancestor over. Even someone at my level can’t break the formation to enter the Holy World…”

Before Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo returned to the Fallen Yang Peak, the happenings in the mission hall had already spread through the Otherworldly Mansion.

Everyone was shocked at Hei Luo’s strength!

However, no one could think of his origins, or see through his actual strength!

After learning that Huang Xiaolong had three saint godheads, there were plenty of races who were thinking about killing Huang Xiaolong before he could mature. Hei Luo’s strength was enough to convince them to think twice.

“From what I heard, Zi Yutong couldn’t even defend against a single move from Huang Xiaolong’s bodyguard! Her b**bies were grabbed by the guard, and she was flung away!”

“I wonder what it feels like… It has to be soft and springy, right?!”

“Huang Xiaolong humiliated Chan Wuwo openly in the mission hall. How do you think that will end?”

Discussions about Huang Xiaolong rang through the mansion as different versions of the event started to spread.

Even though Chan Wuwo was a candidate to obtain the Mansion Master’s position, he had offended too many people from the other races. There were tons of higher-ups from the other races happy to muddy the waters even more! In fact, they wished that they could throw an entire tank of oil into the fire that was burning!

When Longpeng of the Flying Heaven learned about the matters that happened in the mission hall, he was stunned. “A bodyguard at the level of a Primal Ancestor?!”

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