Invincible - Chapter 2644

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If other royal families, or alien race Primal Ancestors got a bit of wind that there were so many dao treasures in the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury, they would risk their lives to smash open the door and grab some of these dao treasures.

But now, all these dao treasures belong to Huang Xiaolong!

With these dao treasures, he wouldn’t need to worry about not advancing to Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm fast enough! Instead, he could be confident about beating Yuan Qianxing to death on the battle stage!

When Fei Yanzi’s gaze landed on the dao treasures at the farthest end, her mind was blown away. Regret sprouted in her chest. She had initially thought that even if there were dao treasures inside the treasury, there would only be a few of them, but now, the amount that she was seeing, was more than ten times her estimation!

Even though she felt regretful, Fei Yanzi was still very much sober to the fact that if it wasn’t for Huang Xiaolong, the Flying Heaven Race would have never been able to open a corner to access these treasures there, and they wouldn’t even have gotten one item that was placed inside there. Thus her thoughts calmed down quickly.

As for the Flying Heaven Race’s Eminent Elders, even though they inwardly felt that it was unfair that all the dao treasures would belong to Huang Xiaolong, none of them dared to utter any dissatisfaction as Feitian Jin and Feitian Cheng’s miserable ends were still fresh in their minds.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Yanzi tacitly swept clean the dao treasures, holy herbs, holy pills, and everything else inside the treasury.

It was an easier task for Fei Yanzi and the Flying Heaven Race’s group to deal with the restrictions around the holy herbs and holy pills as they collected them, whereas, the restrictions on the dao treasures were much stronger, consuming a lot of Huang Xiaolong’s efforts.

Still, Huang Xiaolong’s progress was satisfactory, and by the end of the day, he finally finished collecting all the dao treasures in the treasury.

Amongst the dao treasures, there was a dao artifact, the Flying Heaven Spear!

It was the Flying Heaven Race’s old ancestor Fei Wushuang’s weapon. However, Huang Xiaolong inexplicably felt awkward looking at the Flying Heaven Spear, because the head of the spear was an eye-catching bird’s head!

Fortunately, Fei Wushuang belonged to a bird race, not a tortoise race. If Fei Wushuang had belonged to a tortoise race, wouldn’t he have molded the top of the spear into a big tortoise head?

On the way out after collecting the treasures, Huang Xiaolong returned the Flying Heaven Blood Stele to the Flying Heaven Race. Fei Yanzi accepted the Flying Heaven Blood Stele and flashed Huang Xiaolong a brilliant smile as she said, “Your Highness, our tribe will be offering sacrifices to the heavens in a few days. Would you care to stay and participate?”

“Offering sacrifice…?” Huang Xiaolong was taken by surprise.

He had heard of the Flying Heaven Race’s sacrificial offerings ritual. Feitian Longpeng had returned to the tribe just to attend the ritual ceremony, and it was a very ancient and important ritual of the tribe.

It was a ritual where the core members of the tribe would offer their blood as sacrifice to heaven, and they would be baptized by heavenly energy in return.

It was said that the purer the Flying Heaven disciple’s blood was, the better the return from the heavens would be.

“That’s right,” Feitian Longpeng joined in with chuckles, “In truth, not only our tribe’s core disciples can take part, but other races’ disciples can also participate.”

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised hearing that, and thus, he asked, “Wasn’t it said that only the Flying Heaven Race’s core disciples can take part?”

Fei Yanzi shook her head and explained, “We unitedly maintain this explanation to the outside world, but the sacrificial offering is not exclusive to the bloodline of our tribe.”

Huang Xiaolong understood after listening to Fei Yanzi’s explanation.

Did the Flying Heaven Race deliberately say this because they don’t want outsiders to know this secret? In other words, is the Flying Heaven Race trying to avoid outsiders from coveting something?! Is it related to the sacrificial offerings altar? In a split second, all these thoughts went through Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

As expected, Fei Yanzi went on. “In truth, the most important part of the sacrificial offering ritual is the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar.”

“Our old ancestor got the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar by chance in an immortal cave in the World River. It has a wonderful function, and one of them is offering sacrifice and receiving baptism from heavens in return.”

Fen Yanzhi continued, “The heavenly baptism improves the purity of our bloodline.”

“However, the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar needs to accumulate origin energy until it is full before we can hold the sacrificial offering ritual. It takes several hundred million years, in between, to hold each sacrificial offering.”

“Moreover, each time, the amount of baptism energy returned is limited, which is why we set the rules that only core disciples can take part in the ceremony.”

Huang Xiaolong was clear as he listened to Fei Yanzi’s explanation.

So, it was like that.

“Of course, there is no problem with one more person!” Feitian Longpeng reassured loudly. “Your Highness’s blood purity must be very high. There will surely be unexpected gain when you join us for the sacrificial offering!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, agreeing to Fei Yanzi’s invitation after some thought. After all, he was not in a hurry to enter seclusion, it didn’t matter to wait a few days and then focus on his cultivation after participating in the sacrificial offering. Moreover, like what Feitian Longpeng had said, there could be surprising gains after receiving the baptism.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had always been curious about his innate bloodline.

Logically speaking, he was human, but after experiencing many events after coming to the Alien Lands, they had made Huang Xiaolong doubt his bloodline.

Back at his place, Huang Xiaolong took out the Flying Heaven Spear, and began refining it.

Although he had the Cangqiong Blade, Cangqiong Dao Palace, and the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring, an extra dao artifact was never a bad thing. Not to mention, when battling Yuan Qianxing in the future, he could expose the Cangqiong Blade and Cangqiong Dao Palace while keeping other dao artifacts as trump cards.

The days breezed by.

The day of the sacrificial offering arrived, and Feitian Longpeng personally came to invite Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong could only put away the Flying Heaven Spear for the time being, but through the last few days of refining, he had grasped the preliminary powers of the spear. To truly refine it, it was not a matter that could be done in a day, so he would take his own sweet time.

When they reached the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar, many of the core disciples and higher echelons had arrived, and there were roughly around a hundred plus people.

The Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar was almost as huge as a terrace, and still spacious, even with over a hundred people standing on it.

After spotting that Huang Xiaolong had arrived, Fei Yanzi approached and inquired his opinion before ordering the Flying Heaven Race’s Eminent Elders to activate the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar’s grand dao formation. Immediately, rays of grand dao light rose and filled the entire altar’s space.

Enveloped by the altar’s light, Huang Xiaolong’s body quivered, and he felt as if his entire body’s blood was boiling. To his astonishment, his blood actually ran out of his control as it coursed through his veins like tidal waves!


Resplendent rays shone from his body as the phantom of a giant yellow dragon appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s back.

Huang Xiaolong’s sudden change rendered Fei Yanzhi, Feitian Longpeng, and the rest agape with shock.

This is?

On the sacrificial altar, most of the time, the Flying Heaven Race’s disciples needed to bleed themselves for the ritual, but it seemed like Huang Xiaolong’s blood had triggered the sacrificial offering ritual on its own. And importantly, it was not initiated by Huang Xiaolong, and it was out of his control. They had never come across this kind of situation in the past. For a moment, Fei Yanzi and everyone else were at a loss.

“Matriarch, what do we do now?” one of the Eminent Elders asked.

“We will wait and see,” Fei Yanzi hesitated then said.

Huang Xiaolong’s unexpected changes made her decide to stop the sacrificial offering ritual for now. She wanted to wait until Huang Xiaolong had finished before making further decisions.

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