Invincible - Chapter 2647

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Honestly, Huang Xiaolong didn’t have the cheek to ask for Fei Yanzi’s help to ensure that no one disturbed him during his advancement. After all, Fei Yanzi was the prestigious Flying Heaven Race’s matriarch, a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert. Probably, no one crossing his Fourth Heaven True Saint tribulation was qualified to ask of her identity and status, to stand guard for him, even if the person crossing tribulation was Yuan Qianxing.

Fei Yanzi felt her cheeks reddening under Huang Xiaolong’s stare.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong’s line of sight was right below her neck.

“It’s fine if you don’t want me to,” Fei Yanzi muttered in annoyance after getting no response for a long time. She huffed and turned away, but her actions somehow exuded sultriness.

“I want!”

Realizing Fei Yanzi was going to leave, Huang Xiaolong blurted the words out in a hurry.

I want?

This ambiguous sentence…!

Fei Yanzi halted, and her mood lightened inexplicably as she nodded her head.

After seeing that Fei Yanzi had agreed to stay, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly delighted; having a Primal Ancestor like Fei Yanzi guarding from the side was more than he could have hoped for. Crossing the fourth dao tribulation was very important to him, and the dao tribulation this time was the strongest one he would face, and Fei Yanzi’s presence made things foolproof.

Although there was Fei Yanzi, Huang Xiaolong still summoned Hei Luo out.

Through these years of healing, Hei Luo had more or less recovered.

A complex light flickered across Fei Yanzi’s eyes when she saw Hei Luo. Similar to Yuan Qianxing, Long Shengtian, and the others, she too had wondered where the h*ll had Huang Xiaolong found a Primal Ancestor’s corpse. Not to mention, how the heck had a True Saint Realm like Huang Xiaolong managed to control a puppet refined from the corpse of a Primal Ancestor…?

With Hei Luo there, Huang Xiaolong finally walked into the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, and sat cross-legged at the formation’s center.

All this time, he had been suppressing his breakthrough, but now, without his deliberate suppression, all three complete dao saint godheads spun simultaneously, sending holy energy roaring through his body. His momentum soared, rising like a world-destroying flood. The space around him hummed in protest as it threatened to collapse.

The surrounding space could barely maintain its form against Huang Xiaolong’s sudden burst of power.

Fei Yanzi was forced to retreat repeatedly under pressure, leaving a stupefied expression on her beautiful face.

At this moment, it struck her that Huang Xiaolong’s momentum had greatly surpassed the average Fourth Heaven True Saint, even surpassing hers, a mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert!

“This, how is this possible?!” Fei Yanzi was shaken, and her eyes remained fixed on Huang Xiaolong. She was already astonished by Huang Xiaolong’s strength when Feitian Jin’s group had failed to contain him within the Flying Heaven Grand Formation. Has Huang Xiaolong become twice as strong in such a short time?!

“Probably, his strength is already at par with Yuan Qianxing,” Fei Yanzi muttered, a little out of breath.

If Huang Xiaolong successfully crosses his tribulation and advances to Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm, doesn’t that mean?!

At the thought of the possibility, a flush of anticipation crept up Fei Yanzi’s face.

Despite the waves of shock and astonishment she felt, Fei Yanzi still found it unbelievable how Huang Xiaolong, a Third Heaven True Saint, could be so frighteningly strong.

This shattered the universe’s common sense.

A Third Heaven True Saint Realm capable of suppressing a Primal Ancestor expert, this was something Fei Yanzi had never thought possible in the past, yet Huang Xiaolong had done it.

While Fei Yanzi was still swimming in her bewilderment and astonishment, gloomy tribulation clouds took over the sky. Frightening tribulation lightning dragon quickly took shape, and it was growing bigger at an astounding speed.

“Is this, a ninth heaven dao tribulation?” Fei Yanzi’s eyes were about to fall out from their sockets. But she soon rejected the thought. A ninth heaven tribulation was not as scary as this.

The tribulation lightning clouds continued to expand, and streaks of angry lightning weaved through them.

The tribulation clouds continued to brew even after exceeding the normal ninth heaven dao tribulation by twenty times, even thirty times.

The tribulation clouds in the sky were so dense and expansive that it was literally an enormous mainland. Dark tribulation clouds were so dense and dark that it gave the impression that they had risen from the abyss of darkness.

Fei Yanzi’s chest tightened as a feeling of suffocation almost overwhelmed her. At one point, Fei Yanzi had to put up a dao energy protective barrier around herself.

“This is probably the strongest fourth heaven dao tribulation ever…” Fei Yanzi exhaled. Don’t try to convince her otherwise, kill her and she still won’t believe there would be a fourth heaven dao tribulation as powerful as this.

An hour later, the tribulation clouds were still expanding outwards. During this time, the number of tribulation lightning dragons increased from one, to two, then three, four… and each lightning dragon was ten, twenty, forty times more powerful than the average ninth tribulation dao?

Ten tribulation lightning dragons!

When the tenth tribulation lightning dragon formed, Fei Yanzi’s heart skipped a beat.

This really is!

Between heaven and earth, has there been any fourth heaven tribulation stronger than this?

All along, whether it was a fourth heaven tribulation or ninth heaven tribulation, there was always only one tribulation lightning dragon, but there were ten of them in the sky at this time.

Furthermore, there seemed to be an eleventh lightning dragon taking shape.

Seemingly to confirm Fei Yanzi’s thoughts, moments later, the eleventh tribulation lightning dragon successfully condensed, and then began the formation of the twelfth lightning dragon..

There were twelve tribulation lightning dragons high in the air, head to tail, shaking the ninth heavens.

Despite the Flying Heaven Grand Formation concealing most of the movements over there, it couldn’t completely contain the twelve tribulation lightning dragons’ overbearing destructive powers from spreading to every corner of the Flying Heaven City, as well as the nearby cities.

Experts in these cities were alarmed by the powerful destructive powers even though only a fraction of it reached them, yet this was enough to frighten these experts. It felt like the world was crumbling down.

“Is a Primal Ancestor crossing tribulation?”

“Is it the Flying Heaven Race’s Matriarch Fei Yanzi? But isn’t matriarch Fei Yanzi a mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm?”

Questions and doubts popped out from bewildered experts’ mouths as they tried to figure out what was going on.

A True Saint expert has to cross dao tribulation when they advance, whereas a Primal Ancestor’s tribulation was called the immemorial dao tribulation.

Experts within the Flying Heaven City felt the tribulation lightning dragons’ destructive powers, and they had no idea what was going on because the Flying Heaven Grand Formation was blocking their sights. Otherwise, the sight of twelve great tribulation lightning dragons would have scared the pants off them!


While Fei Yanzi and experts within the Flying Heaven City were in shock, the world fell into darkness for a second. The twelve tribulation lightning dragons, head to tail, formed a great circle and released surging waves of lightning energy that struck the ground like a surging waterfall of lightning.

When this waterfall of lightning targeting Huang Xiaolong arrived right above the crown of his head, coruscating light burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s body as his three saint godheads emerged.

As Huang Xiaolong’s three evolved saint godheads flew out, everything in the world seemed frozen in time, and the terrifying lightning waterfall's descending speed also slowed down.

Fei Yanzi stared at Huang Xiaolong’s three saint godheads like she was seeing a ghost with her cherry mouth agape, “Xuanhuang Supreme Dragon! Nefarious Origin! Great Immemorial!”

The second-ranked, third-ranked, and fourth-ranked!

Three great complete dao saint godheads!

Huang Xiaolong alone possesses three of the top ten saint godheads. Moreover, he has the Xuanhuang, Nefarious Origin, and Great Immemorial godheads! But, didn't they say that his complete dao saint godheads were the Primal Dragon, Solitary Darkness, and Chaos Void Saint Godhead?

Great waves of shock hit Fei Yanzi’s heart.

When Feitian Longpeng met Huang Xiaolong at the Golden Buddha Domain, he guessed Huang Xiaolong had three complete dao saint godheads that could evolve, but he wasn’t absolutely certain. Therefore, he hadn’t brought the matter to Fei Yanzi’s attention.

Fei Yanzi watched wide-eyed as a human-faced giant divine dragon flew out with an open jaw and swallowed the lightning waterfall, whole.


The appearance of Huang Xiaolong’s three saint godheads seemed to have provoked the twelve tribulation lightning dragon’s wrath. The lightning around their bodies sizzled and crackled and struck down like a raging flood.

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